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  1. Skins Malone

    Allen's play today

    I couldn't believe he got the ball off when I saw the play. He looked like he was swallowed up then the ball launched out. Good play not just by him but also by foster.
  2. I agree. I really liked Mcdermott's reaction to this.
  3. No one was going after people. We were talking about his accuracy. That's why I said honest question but ok.
  4. Skins Malone

    Ramsey eats crow

    Pre draft we heard alot about Mayfield having the IT factor. And hes definitely number one so far from that draft but...To me Allen also has the IT factor. This guy gets so fired up and shows so much passion and is literally fearless on the field. I would like him to be more careful but man he will try to do anything. Idk I'm just rambling but something about Allen just makes you like him.
  5. I hear yeah. And I'm agreeing with you on reciever errors...that was the only one I saw.
  6. To that I can only think of the Thompson dropped pass.
  7. Its unconventional. And just stop man. Josh Allen is Josh Allen...simple as that hes not a bunch of players put together. And can u address how after one good game by Barkley you said Allen would never be good...and Alken has a good game and you are on the Allen train all the sudden.
  8. Absolve him from what? Missing a screen pass?
  9. This. Not only that but the Defense was struggling early in the game and penalties were killing us. Josh Allen to me was the bright spot early in the game..then after the ejections things seem to change. I dont why so many people are negative after a win.
  10. The screen was the only one I could think of. I'm not saying Allen set the world on fire today but I thought his accuracy and decision making were good.
  11. What passes showed u his accuracy is awful? Honest question. Obviously Allen didnt throw for 300 yards with 4 TDs but I thought he was actually pretty accurate today
  12. Coming from a guy who wouldnt stop talking about how Barkley needs to start. Then Allen plays a good game now you are all about Allen lol. Your post shows your a hypocrite. Allen will probably never be good...u said that...now after one game you are all about Allen. And Allen and Fitz are nothing alike...Allen is way more of an athlete.
  13. Skins Malone

    Easily the best moment of the game right here

    Lol totally missed that. This guy is amazing on so many levels not just football.