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  1. 46 minutes ago, Zebrastripes said:

    Well there are plenty of reports out there saying they are willing to move that pick.

    There are quotes from Dorsey who has said they are willing to listen.  It's his job to at least listen, but he can't pass on another franchise QB. If he trades out of 1 and ends up with the 4th QB, people will be calling for his job that day. 


    Cleveland has been looking for the franchise guy since Kosar. They have the chance to get him this year.

  2. 10 hours ago, Chuck Wagon said:

    Jump in this Beane.  We get #4, the Browns get ODB, the Giants get a ton of picks.

    No way you straight up trade #4 for Beckham and then have to pay him $18 million. Cleveland would be dumb. They traded a 4th and 7th for Landry.  He is worth more than that, but he is also due a new contract so the trade price goes down.


    Beckham is a major headache, and he's hurt a lot.

  3. 1 hour ago, dbflaBill said:

    its just a confusing signing. Kessler or Hogan could easily be the number 2. I agree itd be crazy for them to pass on a qb. But they have passed on wentz and watson two years in a row. Anything is possible. 

    Have you seen Kessler or Hogan play?

  4. 2 hours ago, billsbackto81 said:

    No they don't, they have quite a few. 1, 4, 33, 35, 114, 150, 175.


    Has anyone looked at their roster lately? Allow me.


    Taylor and Darnold at QB. Coleman, Landry, Gordon WRs. Crowell, Johnson and quite possibly Barkley at RB. Ogbah, Garrett, Nassib, Peppers, Gaines on Defense. Njoku at TE and Bitonio on the OL. I'm sure I'm missing some decent players.  By the time its said and done they will be LOADED!! for the upcoming season. Will they do anything? Well they are the Browns.  


    They may have a similar turnaround like the Jags last season, maybe not as deep a run but I can see 7-8 wins.

    Cleveland has #64 from Philadelphia too.


    Crowell is gone but we signed Carlos Hyde.

  5. 3 minutes ago, BadLandsMeanie said:

    My recollection is that before the draft. Rodgers was expected to go very high. And I think I remember cameras on him watching him squirm as he "fell" down the board.


    Do I have that wrong? It could be.

    The debate that year was Rodgers or Smith at #1. When the 49ers took Smith, Rodgers fell. You are right, he wasn't expected to get out of the top 5 though. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Bobby Hooks said:

    I agree with you 100%


    but really now that I think of it if one team was dumb enough to screw it all up and make the worst choice for their franchise it would be the Browns, right? 


    If if I was a fan, and they didn’t take their guy I’d never watch another game. 

    Believe me, I've suffered through the last couple years.  Take a QB at one, and be open at 4.

    1 minute ago, Lfod said:

    Do you have a link to that quote? I never seen it. I believe you, just would like the link. 


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  7. 8 minutes ago, Lfod said:

    I've been saying it since they traded Tyrod to the Browns and the Browns GM said he would listen to offers for the pick. I'm convinced #1 is in the bag. 


    The argument the Browns have to take a QB at #1 is weak. History is on my side. Browns have been trading out in the past. The Browns are good at losing and getting high picks and that's all they proven. They didn't win a single game last year and people think it's a well run football team just because they have #1 and #4. 

    You do know they swapped out the entire FO right?  The previous FO probably would have a price to trade down from 1 because analytics say that is the best option, but football sense says without a QB it doesn't mean much.  


    I think they would be open at 4, but not at 1.

  8. 7 hours ago, Reed83HOF said:

    Buffalo Rumbling actually did a very nice job on this....



    Projected trade 1

    • Buffalo gets 4th overall pick
    • Cleveland gets 12th overall, 53rd overall, 2019 first round pick

    This represents the premium the New York Jets paid to get up to the 3rd spot and locks in with the Browns’ recent strategy of picking up an extra first rounder each year. It also leaves Buffalo with picks remaining for their next blockbuster trade.

    Projected trade 2

    • Buffalo gets 2nd overall pick
    • Giants get 4th overall and 22 overall

    Once again, this represents an overpayment and a premium price. The Giants get the player they covet anyway at 4th overall while picking up an extra first round pick. This is the easier of the two deals to pull off as the Giants are guaranteed one of the two players they were attempting to select.


    No chance Cleveland drops out of contention for Barkley or Chubb for essentially 2 2nd rounders.  The drop from 4 to 12 takes more than that, especially given the QB premium. The Jets gave up more to move up 2 spots.

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