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  1. 7 minutes ago, sherpa said:


    I really don't think you guys get this.


    Chevron and Exxon reported this week.


    Both CEO's were interviewed extensively on CNBC.


    The business they are in takes years from exploration to drilling to refining to sales. Five years at least.


    The companies that continued to produce, in spite of the Biden nonsense, benefitted from him participating in making their already existing investments and ultimate production worth much more money than otherwise, coincident with western Europe making itself, through stupid decisions, more reliant on now unreliable Russian sources.


    It has been quite apparent over the years that you have no idea about this stuff, so it's all a surprise.


    Western Europe is stupid for helping Ukraine?


    Also, the CEO of major oil companies are going to report whatever makes those major oil companies look the best, and whatever makes them the most money.  They're making record profits.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Tiberius said:

    Are you actually saying there has been no new drilling under the Biden administration? 




    Economies are always in flux, new jobs always replace "old" jobs. 


    Yes, they are always in flux, but not to the extent they were in the past few years.  Obviously more jobs is better, but that isn't something Biden should be taking credit for.

  3. 5 hours ago, TSOL said:



    You know the plan is to deplete our weapons and fuel in Ukraine before China hits Taiwan, right? 


    Do you know how much fuel those tanks take? Now, are we giving them the fuel too? Or just the tanks? 


    China can't take Taiwan without killing themselves.  If the world sanctions China like they did Russia, hundreds of millions of people will die in China.  And the Chinese know it.  They can't feed themselves, and they can't create anywhere near enough energy on their own.


    How do you know all these world secrets anyway?

  4. 4 hours ago, Big Blitz said:


    Amazon, Silicon Valley and large corporations announcing mass layoffs - but yea sure - 500,000 jobs.  

    I guess mom and pops businesses are thriving in this economy.  Costs are low.  Prices are low.  Energy is low.  

    Makes total sense.  

    State run BLS.  

    Oh yea - this indicator totally makes the jobs report makes sense.  





    That has a ton to do with interest rates though, which would have climbed no matter what.  Homes sell insanely quick when the rates are 2-3%.  They are now sitting longer with rates being at 6-7%.  Inventory increases when the homes aren't selling as quickly.  I bought a newer home at the end of 2020 simply because it wouldn't have made sense not to.  We got twice the size of our previous house, it was 100 years newer, and was in a better neighborhood.  The house is worth twice as much as our previous one, and our payment went up $150 a month.  We sold ours in 3 days with no realtor.  All because the rates were so low it made home buying much more feasible for so many more people. 

    10 minutes ago, Tiberius said:



    This isn't entirely true either.  We are replacing COVID jobs in there too, not just creating jobs.  There is a difference.

  5. 17 minutes ago, Chris farley said:


    "The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports that teachers have been instructed to remove all books from their classroom libraries that have not yet been approved by a certified media specialist." and is being reported by Alejandra Caraballo on twitter 


    The message that the district sent out states that the material must be, “free of pornography” and “appropriate for the age level and group.”  that sounds horrible. 




    It all sounds like some administrators and teachers creating story for political reasons.









    I think we can all agree that students at younger ages should not be exposed to certain levels of more mature content.  I don't know the exact deadline of when you can start introducing educational material ( I hope we can all agree that school age students should never be exposed to random sexually explicit things).  The issue here is now an appointed "expert"  is the one determining these things.  Showing nude anatomy for educational purposes at the appropriate age should be taught and encouraged, not banned.  Appointing an "expert" that simply agrees with your party on all the issues in and of itself makes this political.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    I think they save about $6 million in cap space. You can sign 2 quality interior OL for that cap hit.


    Which "quality" O line are you signing for $3M each?  Rookies you can get less than that, but you aren't signing a quality veteran for $3M.  The 28th highest paid veteran guard is the 1st to go under $4M per year, and none of them are starters.

  7. 2 hours ago, Chris farley said:

    So you dont know of any, outside of the ones you do know about.

    its almost like you are passively supporting MAPS. as long as the action hasn't happened.




    If that is at all what you got out of my post, you have reading comprehension problems.   Please, show me any LGBTQ groups outside of the fringe that supports pedophiles.  


    Pedophiles are sick, and need to be institutionalized or imprisoned if they commit any act against a minor.  If they haven't acted, then obviously just like any other crime, you can't arrest someone just because.  Hell, if they haven't acted, then most people probably wouldn't know who was who in that regards.  I wasn't supporting MAPs or anyone else trying to harm a minor.  I was showing that anything happening between consenting adults (LGBTQ) is fine in my eyes, as opposed to MAPs and pedophiles because minors, who are their targets, cannot consent, therefore, it IS harming someone, and especially a child.  That is definitely not OK.  And MAPs, trying to lump themselves into the LGBTQ community of consenting adults is also not ok.  


    Trying to imply that I said ANYTHING else of the sort is also not ok.  Nice try though.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Chris farley said:

    More the fact that biden is a huge disaster so I understand why people that voted for him would be so quiet right now. Not much to highlight. 





    If that's what you want to tell yourself.  Trump's following is unlike any other in the US history.  It's not the norm, and most people don't behave that way for politicians.  It was like a sports team fanaticism.  I would say Obama has some of it, but never to the extent that Trump did.  


    I still see Trump flags all over my area (rural Ohio) and the guy has been out of office for over 2 years.

  9. 2 hours ago, leh-nerd skin-erd said:

    I don’t think so, generally speaking.  The question in my opinion is whether or not the duty to exercise care can be delegated to another individual, and whether or not his actions violated the standards expected. 

    So, someone hands him a gun, he points it away from people in the area to test fire, something jams and shrapnel hits the person next to him.  In that case, I see the application of your logic. 

    In this case, knowing there was live ammunition on set, knowing there were safety concerns, and pointing the guy at two individuals, pulling the trigger and subsequently saying he didn’t…seems reasonable to charge.  

    These rules are well established generally, and on a movie set, I would think the standard would be higher still.  



    I think the #1 thing here is, WHY was there any live ammunition on set?  I think the investigation has to start there.  

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Chris farley said:

    Fact. But its interesting how quiet those 81 million became.




    Just because people don't feel the need to scream it from the rooftops, or have MAGA hats, or have TRUMP/BIDEN flags everywhere doesn't mean they don't support their candidate.  I didn't vote for Trump or the Democratic nominees in either of the last 2 elections, but if I had, no one would know either way as I don't feel the need to tell everyone I see.

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  11. 3 hours ago, LOVEMESOMEBILLS said:


     You try and secure a deal, in principle, before the tag deadline comes and goes? If not don't tag him. Just would suck to let him leave with nothing to show for it after spending a 1st rounder & the 1st pick of the 3rd to trade for him.




    In that scenario, you have very little leverage because he will command a huge salary and draft picks to get.  Teams know Buffalo can't pay him $20+ million a year, so they really can't risk him being on the tag.  He's not top tier elite where people are willing to drop money and picks.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Boatdrinks said:

    No, Allen’s not twice as good as Joe Burrow. I like what he can do better than Burrow, but others opinions will vary. It’s pretty close between Allen, Mahomes and Burrow although I’d put Burrow third in that group. Anyone who thinks one of those three is far ahead of the others is simply a fanboy. 


    You said that given the same circumstances Allen would have put up 55 points and Burrow put up 27.  Do you truly believe that Allen is 28 points better? 


    I think Allen and Mahomes probably have the highest ceiling with Burrow being very close behind them but Allen has by far the lowest floor because he turns the ball over a lot.

  13. 38 minutes ago, RyanC883 said:


    Um, Burrow may have had a hobbled OL, but he had little pressure on him from our Defense.  (and I like Burrow).  Put Allen on that offense with those receivers, RB, and against a team that can't pressure you and he scores 55 against our pathetic sit-back D.  


    You're greatly overestimating Allen. He's not better than Burrow. Especially not twice as good. 

  14. 18 minutes ago, RyanC883 said:


    This is 100% correct.  I agree JA may have "regressed" in terms of being our super-man, but switch Burrow and Allen and the score would have been 55-3.  


    Come on now. There's a pretty good argument for Burrow over Allen. Allen is great, but don't act like Burrow is a bum. Burrow had a hobbled center and was missing 3 other starting Olineman. He has better WRs for sure. But Allen is much more mistake prone.

  15. 4 minutes ago, Maine-iac said:

    Hindsight is 20/20.  Pretty sure Jones would have been the most useful DT we could have put out there today.  Bengals OL is just moving guys around.  Probably thought Phillips and Oliver were the pass rushers but so far no one is getting there would have rather had a guy who could hold his ground.


    Jones is hurt. He wasn't a healthy scratch.

  16. 1 minute ago, Dr.Sack said:

    Purdy didn’t look great when the elements were more challenging. Don’t know if he had jitters or small hands, but in the end his stat line is inflated from the huge 2nd half where the weather was sunny and dry. 


    Yes,  most QBs struggle in really bad weather.  


    Purdy hasn't just been "good." He's been sensational.  The highest rated QB in the league since week 11 when he began starting.   That's insane. 


    Do I think he's the best QB in the league based on that? Absolutely not.  But it's not just "lack of tape" either.  

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  17. 17 hours ago, Special K said:

    On PTI, Kornheiser half-jokingly suggested to Wilbon that his Bears should trade Fields and the #1 pick to the Ravens for Lamar....not a fan of LJ, but I think the Ravens would have to consider it at this point.


    Would contract consider that though? Fields plus a boatload of picks > Jackson and a huge conteact.

  18. 4 minutes ago, B-Man said:

    Your assumptions are quite telling 


    I am well aware of what “my own” article says. NO ONE on the right says that the Russians didn’t try to interfere in the 2016 election, in fact it was our stand that they have for decades 


    Today the Washington Post admitted that they had no influence on the outcome. Surely you have read the almost daily posts from the usual suspects here that Russia stole the election from Hillary because Trump was a Putin stooge ?


    That nonsense needs to be laughed at as often as possible. 





    It says NOWHERE that the Russians had no impact entirely.  It says that the Russian troll accounts on TWITTER had no impact.  Those are 2 different things entirely. 


    You are stating they had no impact at all.  The articles you posted says the Twitter accounts had no impact on the election.  Twitter is obviously not the only avenue to take in this situation.  So either you didn't read/understand fully what it said, or you are trying to mislead people.

  19. 1 hour ago, B-Man said:



    There were links to three different news articles.


    and the twitter dodge is the best you can deflect with.


    So weak.





    Your own article says that there was no impact made by the Russian accounts on Twitter.  Not that there wasn't Russian interference, but that the Russian troll accounts on Twitter did not impact the elections.  


    From your own article:


    "Citing a new study, the Post reports that there was no appreciable impact made by Russian “trolls” operating on Twitter during the 2016 election."


    The "trolls operating on Twitter" had no impact.  I am not arguing that there was a bunch of Russian interference because I haven't seen enough evidence one way or the other, but your post is really misleading too.

  20. 5 hours ago, Ethan in Cleveland said:

    Joe Wood DC in Cleveland fired at 6:30 AM. Media here are saying he is just a scapegoat for a dysfunctional organization. They are still piling on Stefanski but he may yet survive. 


    3 years in a row Joe Woods would play zone coverage nonstop while Cleveland's corners excel in man to man.  He always would switch with like 5 games left and the defense would improve tremendously.  I don't fully blame him for the run defense though because he was saddled with crap DTs.

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