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  1. PetermanThrew5Picks

    [Incomplete Title] As an admitted McDermott detractor

    Great post. As far as I'm concerned we have Josh Allen as our best capital in a long time and if we don't do our damndest to make it work with him then we're shooting ourselves in the foot. It's great this Regime brought a prospect like this but we have the dumbest HC concerning managing/evaluating QB we can ask for. Either he stays hands off or he goes but I certainly don't want to squander what I think we have going for us.
  2. PetermanThrew5Picks

    [Incomplete Title] As an admitted McDermott detractor

    Nah he bought time garnering "trust". Total moron for the Peterman debacle, but he has his merits.. and his flaws need to be fixed QUICK. But I think he's won over trust at OBD. Anyways Teef ain't a paid media intern.
  3. PetermanThrew5Picks

    [Incomplete Title] As an admitted McDermott detractor

    Lol I gotta admit Joe the paranoid side of me does think some paid media interns are running rampant round here. It's complete paranoia but there have been a lot of process missionaries this season. All hail the process. This season sucked donkey.. it's silly to say otherwise. I'm optimistic but I ain't trusting the process brutha. Just pulling for the Bills to get better. Not "trusting" they do. I don't trust people that feel compelled to ask me to trust them lol.
  4. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    I exaggerated our feelings on the play. It's a solid play. The whole point I and I think the guy I replied to was making was this should happen every game such that it's a blip in our memory. We can say "oh yeah.. which Foster grab are you talking about?" Instead we're talking about THE Foster catch of the year.
  5. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    That Foster catch was so routine. Any WR worth his salt should make that without us freaking out about how glorious it is he caught it. It's called being aggressive to the ball.. EVERY WR should grab the ball when the DB isn't paying attention.
  6. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Jim Kelly vs. Dan Marino In The Snow

    I know. It's crazy watching old games like that and thinking their bells have to be getting rung every other play. I caught the Packers Broncos SB highlights and the trenches were.. a nightmare for the knees. Never seen so many cut blocks in my life before I watched those SB Broncos teams. Actually looked like dirty play given the Packers and other opponents of the day didn't do it so exclusively like the Broncos did.. to great advantage.
  7. PetermanThrew5Picks

    The Ringer calls Josh Allen "America's Most Mobile Mountain"

    It's Bill Simmons' company dude. Invented the 30 for 30 series. Super popular former ESPN writer. Huge staff with writers working at tons of places. Has a ton of credentials.. smoking hot take.
  8. PetermanThrew5Picks

    win the next 3 games ?

    We literally ask this same question every week. The only difference to the OP is the number of games left. "Is it better to win X meaningless games left on our schedule or have some sweet sweet losses for that next best player ever?" I don't know or care. The lockerroom and coach play to win.. maybe the GM prefers a loss. We can simply watch and hope to have fun on Sunday.
  9. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    Idk who Chucky is.. thought we were calling the Al Davis son Chucky for some weird reason
  10. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Has the light finally gone on for Zay Jones?

    He should definitely catch that ball. And we shouldn't measure WRs by TSW posters' ability to catch balls.
  11. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    Chucky can't afford to pay someone he and Gruden/Davis (WHO IS CHUCKY??) are going to constantly overrule anyway. He is a really bad owner..
  12. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    We'd be a pretty damn good team if we had 6 Josh Allen's playing every skill position on the field.. kinda cool and sad at the same time.
  13. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Question about the plays where Allen runs for big gains

    He usually has a good chance at deking and stiff arming his first tackle lol, it's the tackles from behind that he doesn't see catching up to him.
  14. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Bills defense is overrated.

    As good as LorSax is.. he CANNOT be our best front 7 player if we want to dominate the trenches I'd give our best front 7 to Milano but he's more of a ballhawk than a trench guy.
  15. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Bills defense is overrated.

    Edmunds is overrated (right now. I'll accept his potential when it materializes). Some of these guys are the real deal though. Outside of Milano we have a lot of work to do on the front 7.. but Hyde, Poyer, and White are still my favorite defenders. But I'm not pinning yesterday's loss on the defense. If we didn't give them a short field all game I seriously doubt the Jets offense would have moved itself. Outside of that last drive.. what else can you ask a defense to do?? Allowed just one full field TD drive. The rest was garbage play from ST to let them get there. And our strength at secondary isn't going to be utilized when they have multiple short field opportunites to run it in.