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  1. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Tank.....just tank.....

    Maybe I'm misinformed but Beane is THE GM calling the bogus shot while McD is trying his damndest to win and doesn't want to throw his players ( and GM under that implication) under the bus. He never strikes me as a tanker just makes very stupid decisions. Unleash McD's talents with a good GM. Let's separate the McBeane Ionic bond!
  2. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Why Derek Anderson should start the rest of the season...

    Let's NEVER play him cause he might get hurt... Wtf this is football, anybody could get hurt on any play. Bad OL or Bernard Pollard rolling into Brady's knee, or Teddy Bridgewater literally just trying to drop back. He's a big boy and needs experience
  3. PetermanThrew5Picks

    The ownership has no respect for us

    It's a metaphor for anything anybody wants their agenda to be. Android voice text recognition. It's how you drive and TBD son
  4. It's honestly hard to fact check. It's just very believable
  5. PetermanThrew5Picks

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    No because my family and work aren't entertainment. I'm annoyed we suck literally my only off day to unwind. And i'll be EXTREMELY annoyed if Beane is going nowhere with this. But I have no control over it, so until then I root for winning the Superbowl because I'm watching my favorite team in my favorite sport. I have control over my family and work front, I don't over a commercia league run by billionaires and star athletes and millionaire GMS.
  6. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Peterman Pick 6

    I'm sorry man, i'm going to show this to everybody I know and take credit. That's good hustle. Does thinking you're the man against a vanilla defense translate to the Peterman that never found success otherwise? It's like doing something and learning from all the wrong reasons. "Heh, fooled that corner again on an out to win the game. Week 1 is gonna be.. EASY".
  7. So I heard Edmunds is the youngest starting MLB (let alone delivering the plays) since the NFL merger.... Is this tru? The announcers are very uniformed about the Bills. Usually bring up the music City miracle and some "fun facts" an intern posts about Bills players Mind you I only catch the Nationally televised Bills game from Texas. They've played quite a few!
  8. PetermanThrew5Picks

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    Listen I just fundamentally don't give a crap about the big picture. I care about enjoying Sundays, and let the big picture be Beane's job. I love the Bills and a good hard fought win. And we're clearly going places because we are already capable of it with at least a rudimentary offense. And we're in a position to have a better than rudimentary offense. And i'm looking forward fast forwarding 8 months. I'm just impatient.
  9. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Peterman Pick 6

    Also dumb play. whatever he scored on the wonderlic should have serious impact on football IQ or Wonderlic IQ. He's has the worst Quarterback IQ I've ever seen. Does the worst possible decision every time. I can't say he's not the definition of a gunslinger though, just no arm but all the guts.
  10. PetermanThrew5Picks

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    I already had my mental breakdown last year's Chargers game. Just numb to Peterman, still surprised we're not still saying "WE JUST DON'T KNOW HE COULD BE GREAT"
  11. PetermanThrew5Picks

    On the positive side at least we aren’t the Raiders

    Hey we tried! McD is too good of a coach to let his roster tank. Those dudes are giving up, our guys are playing their ***es off Sunday. And then he turns around and plays Peterman. Don't let him and Beane ruin your career McD 😞. You're letting enablers ruin your talent to lead trash to the playoffs. He's like a talented person that keeps relapsing. Take control! And get the best OC you can get and don't think about offense ever. Be the Sean McVay of defense and find your Son of Bum
  12. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Woods, Watkins, Hogan and Goodwin

    Well put haha!
  13. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Despairing Fans

    "to all da hatas: I have this to say..."
  14. That's my point.
  15. PetermanThrew5Picks

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    It's a written note to Mr. Peterman, not you. Think of it as a creative letter for our entertainment and not a shot at you. And it was funny and truthful. Why should I feel bad about a guy making 100s of thousands being god awful at his job? I'm envious of Nate. I don't. Annoyed he makes an insane amount of money for being so ungodly incompetent. Envious actually. Otherwise Totally agree with your post. It's almost as if McD trots him out there as an inside joke to himself. "Well game's over, y'all wanna see something funny?" Or he's tormented him for no reason by not releasing him. This will be front page ESPN crap. Again.