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  1. Unless there's verbiage on the contract about per game money I assume they get paid for the extra game the same way anyone gets paid on a salary when they work an extra day of the week. They don't I have no idea. It's a good question. Probably something the actual powers that be are crunching through right now
  2. That's a good one. My man won me a chip his first season. And pretty much tanked my team the next.
  3. MCM, but if I'm being honest I was just kind of watching people around me freak out. Wasn't very memorable. My first memory of being an invested Bills fan was vivid. It was something like watching JP Losman run a screen play, 4th and 10, en route to a 6-8 loss to the Browns.. at the time needing a win and like 3 other teams to lose to make the playoffs at 8-8. It was miserable looking back. But it was the best fan experience I had ever had at the time. I was hooked. So something like 2004 I guess.
  4. Usually that team atmosphere and having a clear purpose in season does wonders for these guys. Preferably they work their demons out before leaving the game. Although Brett Favre's story of checking into rehab after his Superbowl win and 2nd consecutive MVP never ceases to amaze me.
  5. I may be wrong on what players normally get guaranteed but looks to me like this must have been a very attractive offer.. anywhere right?
  6. he did what anybody should do and asked for as much money as possible. Whether that actually is part of his decision making in staying with a contender that drafted him is unknown. I assume, like anybody, he'd like to do that at a bit higher salary than what may have been at the table had he just rolled over. It'd be great to keep him. Milano may end up taking marginally more money to go to the highest bidder.. but I don't think his statements going to FA indicate either way. I want him back now just as much as I did midseason. And I trust McBeane's judgement either way.
  7. Keep him. He really won't cost much. It'd only be marginally more if it ends up higher than what "Bills value him" at. The way the poll is phrased I'm curious if the vast majority of votes goes to the middle option for anybody.
  8. His career is fascinating. A career backup who has started the vast majority of games. With his luck, JA starts 0-3 goes down injured through no fault of his own, Fitz wins the next 5 games, winning the job only to fizzle out spectacularly and go on the replace Pat Mahomes in KC. I'm a superstitous man, I do not want to bet against Fitz winning a starting job anywhere he goes.
  9. I've heard most NFL TEs and LBs described as athletic freaks some way or another. It's because they see these guys crushing the weight room while running as fast skill position players.. making some acrobatic plays along the way. Knox and Edmunds, almost every team has 2 guys just like this. And ofc they are athletic freaks. The better ones are good at football as well. I like the video, I love hearing from players. Teammates aren't really supposed to be a source of objectivity.
  10. He also attacks the ball and looks like he could make a great contested catch, then those hands fail him
  11. I don't like them either, but Nets would certainly be very entertaining. I'm sure the NBA would have loved a Celtics Lakers matchup last year.
  12. Lol, NBA has been the fastest growing professional league over the last 10 years. Obviously ratings are going to be down when the finals are played through week 1 or 2 of the NFL season, during Sunday Night Football. No it doesn't 🤔
  13. Absolutely. I know it's a personal preference but I can't imagine preferring college basketball.. I'd be saying I like bad basketball. Could be cause I like Syracuse.. and their zone calls for some ugly low score games. The fact that NBA teams can shoot their way out of zones while I'm watching Syracuse and the opposing team constantly bricking it settles the debate for me. As far as contracts, for me NBA is fun. I don't need to understand everything possible for a team's cap moves. But I like that it's so flexible leading to so much midseason and off-season blockbuste
  14. I hear Phins like Lawson. Same as when he was here, productiob doesn't show up on the stat sheet, but teammates and fans get what he's doing. Not that he was a game changer for us or the Fins. He simply ain't bad.
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