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  1. He also attacks the ball and looks like he could make a great contested catch, then those hands fail him
  2. I don't like them either, but Nets would certainly be very entertaining. I'm sure the NBA would have loved a Celtics Lakers matchup last year.
  3. Lol, NBA has been the fastest growing professional league over the last 10 years. Obviously ratings are going to be down when the finals are played through week 1 or 2 of the NFL season, during Sunday Night Football. No it doesn't 🤔
  4. Absolutely. I know it's a personal preference but I can't imagine preferring college basketball.. I'd be saying I like bad basketball. Could be cause I like Syracuse.. and their zone calls for some ugly low score games. The fact that NBA teams can shoot their way out of zones while I'm watching Syracuse and the opposing team constantly bricking it settles the debate for me. As far as contracts, for me NBA is fun. I don't need to understand everything possible for a team's cap moves. But I like that it's so flexible leading to so much midseason and off-season blockbuste
  5. I hear Phins like Lawson. Same as when he was here, productiob doesn't show up on the stat sheet, but teammates and fans get what he's doing. Not that he was a game changer for us or the Fins. He simply ain't bad.
  6. Except Todd Bowles' game plan worked for his personnel. Part of having a good game plan is coming up with the right matchups per your team's and the opposing team's limitations. I sincerely hope Frazier wasn't banking on getting a record number of QB hurries rushing 4. I ain't calling for anybody's head. Virtually all the brilliant DC's have struggled against this Chiefs offense trying every which way. Andy Reid for his part got owned not running the ball more to keep Bowles' safeties honest. But Frazier shouldn't get credit for running a defense that got
  7. Hot take. Heinecki balled out. Doubt the Alex Smith would have been nearly as good
  8. Mahomes had more of it. JA's was less pass rush. Better opposing secondary. Most of his pressure was because he had to hold the ball so long for his WRs
  9. Any franchise would love to have a 2007 Giants, 2015 Broncos, or 2020 Buccaneers D Line playoff performance
  10. How quick we forget Broncos Seahawks disaster. This one was up there though
  11. So did Rodgers. No qb woulda stood a chance against pass rushing performances like that
  12. 49ers had a great defense last year. Buccaneers last couple of games is damn near transcendent. The Buccaneers defensive line performance through the playoffs could win any Superbowl. Last time I saw a D-Line this dominant throughout the playoffs was the 2007 Giants. I agree about defense but.. this specific defense is not something I can see be replicated
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