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  1. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    With expectations higher, is anyone else calm?

    He loves his team so much he doesn't want management to break his heart for the umpteenth time and he's a cautious lover. We all love/hate in different ways.
  2. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    With expectations higher, is anyone else calm?

    Good post Virgil. I've turned the corner as well. Although I'm more in between you and Ol Dirty B ^ up here at this point. We had a promising second half to the year and, given virtually everybody from the top down is a rookie at their respective jobs, noticable improvement year to year is all I'm looking for. But the 1st half of the the season still happened. Never forget lol. That was a joke and I need a full season with all that nonsense gone. So i'm not too far from the corner if I get PTSD flashbacks from that horrible horrible first 8 games. I still remember those games like it was yesterday. The horror.
  3. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    Best/Worst QB - Kelly/Van Pelt?

    AVP was my hero. If I could have been any Quarterback growing up it would have been the 3rd string quarterback behind a contraversy over the 1 and 2. The American dream. He had a loong career at backup. Was probably pounding brews before gameday at the end of his career. Legendary
  4. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    BREAKING: NFL, Kap, and Reid settle Grievance Case about Collusion

    It's money in the bag for Kaep and he has no reason to push the arbitration process any longer. Most organizations have some kind of arbitration clause where disputes are first taken up with it before civil courts have jurisdiction.. If he hadn't got what he wanted in the trial, i'm sure he would have then brought a civil suit. it's just cheaper, particularly for smaller cases, for everyone obviously but clearly Kaep, the plaintiff, has less resources to drag this on if he has enough dirt than the NFL does.
  5. Aight we good then. He was never a hero in this case. Personally I'm not celebrating but it's nice to see since I suspected he had a case this whole time. But it's just a settlement so whatever.. doesn't mean much other than we know the NFL probably had some dumb emails floating around lol.
  6. No he's not playing the martyr here. And that's exactly my point he cared more about his protests/activism for specific causes. Not the injustice of the NFL not employing him. That was monetary injustice. Like.. he's not fighting all social injustice to ever occur. He's not some labor rights champion. I doubt he ever particularly cared about fighting for NFL players being blackballed. Until he felt he got it. And now that he's compensated he's probably over it. His beef with society ain't about the NFL. His beef with not playing and getting paid in the NFL was a separate issue.. about getting compensated. If you're saying he sold out on that particular issue we 100% agree haha. This case was all about him getting money. He was not being a hero here. Just a regular dude.. wanting money haha.
  7. HE'S NOT. haha not trying to sound like an *** but getting compensated for what he believes was collusion from his employer has nothing to do with his initial prerogative of police brutality. This was absolutely about money but it also had absolutely nothing to do with exposing the NFL.. that had nothing to do with what he actually cared about to begin with. That's all I'm trying to say. Feels like we're mixing up two completely different things. He wasn't protesting the NFL and never wanted to until he felt he had a case for collusion from his employer which never really had anything to do with what he was trying to protest in the first place. He can donate some of that money for what he really cares about (I'd assume) Employment civil suit =/= protesting police brutality Different agendas
  8. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    BREAKING: NFL, Kap, and Reid settle Grievance Case about Collusion

    NFL could pay more than the arbitration would have so the case doesn't become public. It's chump change to the NFL more or less, and the arbitration would have been worth one 5 year decent quarterback salary.. $15-20M. He doesn't win infinite amounts of money.. they more or less know what arbitration gives if he wins. If the NFL wants to keep it private then Kaep tells them the price. So Kaep gets more with the settlement so it's confidential.. which is exactly what happened.
  9. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    BREAKING: NFL, Kap, and Reid settle Grievance Case about Collusion

    Kaepernick was never protesting for all players in the league getting blackballed by the NFL. Wasn't kneeling for all laborers in the world.. being a champion of workers comp. He settled a civil suit about employment. He won. Of course that suit over EMPLOYMENT was always about the benjamins lol. He was protesting police brutality.. which has nothing to do with NFL players being blackballed. Not all social issues civil cases are the same dude.
  10. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    BREAKING: NFL, Kap, and Reid settle Grievance Case about Collusion

    The NFL could have won and have some nasty evidence emails come to the public regardless. Take a huge PR hit. Alternatively, and my lawyer friend is telling me more likely from a settlement at this time, Kaep could have had them by the balls.. NFL didn't want the case to go public and offered to settle with Kaep for more than what the arbitration would have decided. Hence why many are reporting a settlement higher than a contract you'd except Kaep to have received if he stayed employed in the league. But these are all just guesses. We don't know how much he settled for which is really the whole crux of the matter. Depends on if it's more or less than what Kaep would have gotten if he got some wacky John Elway contract.
  11. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    BREAKING: NFL, Kap, and Reid settle Grievance Case about Collusion

    And you never will, that's why he settled and got money. The NFL thought it was worth giving him money so the details and legality of whatever happened isn't public.
  12. NFL had a lot more to lose so this was the likely outcome. The amount of money is really what we need to determine the winner haha but FWIW Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report has heard "speculation" that Kaepernick's settlement is between $60-80M $$$$$$ That's a win for Kaep if true... good god. I should move to the other thread with this I suppose.
  13. Neither side wants to leave it to the arbitrator.. it's like playing chicken. Nobody wants to take it to arbitration but they're going to make each other sweat like they will up to the last possible moment. Very rarely does anybody actually think they got the other party by the balls. You settle or risk whatever small chance you think you might have at losing... a lot.
  14. he's the plaintiff lol he wants to settle.
  15. I agree Kaep absolutely isn't committed to keep playing football by now, which owners are absolutely entitled to balk at in the NFL. I think the story ends there and it's so much more simple than we're making it. People are spinning some web of non-football fiction about Kaep's personal life that they know nothing about. He craves attention, he feels entitled to the NFL, he was never genuinely into his cause, he cynically intended to profit from a social cause all along, he's desperately trying to advance a social message as we speak... Good god that's a cynical way to look at things. We're literally filling in gaps of our knowledge into his personality when all we know is his football career, and camera people obsessing over him kneeling in the pre-season for 4 weeks. SO MUCH IS PSUEDO-KNOWLEDGE of a former NFL quarterback that showed a ton of promise as a young player on a SB 49ers team.. sucked after that, kneeled, played some mediocre NFL-worthy quarterback play, then got cut. He doesn't want to play anymore.. maybe he used to, but it's over. I don't see a need to paint him as a villain or a saint nor a reason to do project who he is as a person on a football forum. The headline here is: 2 quarterbacks you've heard of don't want to play in the AAF.