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  1. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    Out Of Divison Rivals

    Definitely the jaguars
  2. No kidding. That takes some balls. I wouldn't think less of a player that keeps this to himself with head down knowing he needs to do better without having to go public unsolicited about that. So weird. The cynical part of me sees a PR move so everybody can say "wow, what a mature self aware man" lol Kind of like Rodgers talking about his role in McCarthy's firing haha. So phony. Totally different players/situations/visibility, but that's what it reminds me of is all.
  3. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    The more I look at this...we could end up keeping McCoy and clay!

    Oh yeah **** these FA's. I'm looking for short contracts, stopgaps, front loaded contracts, or contracts we can release with little penalty. I don't think any guy I'm really into re-signing comes up for like 3 years.. strange contract situation. But I'm all about re-signing our guys for once.. let's try doing what the Packers and other likewise teams and phase to a team we've acquired 80% through draft (plus Hyde and Poyer ) i just want these FA's to make us fun to watch now haha. And give JA some lessons on winning in his 2nd and 3rd year
  4. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    Cowboys AND BEARS just showed why I keep saying Defense MATTERS still

    Yeah ya gotta be good at both it's a 2 way sport. I don't know what we're getting at here as it relates to our building as we clearly got to get better at both ourselves (and just so happen to be much further away from offense) We were horrible this year. We're talking like we had some juggernaut defense and went 6-10 because we philosophically built our team backwards. If we have a season like the Jags did last year we can opine on the merits of this defense only philosophy we're so worried about lol. Until then we're 6-10 because we're so far behind on talent both sides of the ball. Just happens to be offense moreso than defense.
  5. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    The more I look at this...we could end up keeping McCoy and clay!

    Yeah I have a hard time guaging exactly how much FA dough we really have. I kind of see it at this point.. given the money everybody else has in the market as well, and relative lack of bank breaking FAs, that we'll really be in a position to throw money pretty indiscriminately at every position for any player willing to play in Buffalo. Can't imagine how much a dent even like 5 OL signings would do to our cap. Maybe I'm wrong there. Anyways I can't imagine Eifert would command a ton either ($8M per max?? One good year of production with a TE happy QB and injury prone, just not seeing an expensive player really) so I'm lumping him in that.. another pass catcher to throw money at indiscriminately group. I think we can pretty much throw as much as we want towards all OL and pass catchers
  6. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    Cowboys AND BEARS just showed why I keep saying Defense MATTERS still

    We got to get good at both obviously. And yes we need a killer offense if we want to win a SB. But where we are now.. having ostensibly a solid defense, is just as good a starting point as any (well not so much given our offense is godawful and has so much work to do.) But defense is important. Obviously haha. Criticism that McDermott is a defensive coach and our defense is... Too good or something?? (I don't really get it) is so silly. Our defense isn't elite by any means. It's pretty good, as are all the playoff defenses as well. What we have at defense required is pretty much the bare minimum to be really good in this league. But ignoring the offense that lead to the dog**** offense we saw to this point this season is scary. We're so far behind the prerequisite offense. But we're not so great at defense either as we think we are.. just good enough. So however we want our team to look, the defense is fine, not some stupid way to build. We just have to not be some ugly lopsided freak of a no offense / passable defense team lol
  7. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    The more I look at this...we could end up keeping McCoy and clay!

    Yeah Eifert's a top 10 TE talent but as injury prone as they get. Again we have all this money to spend on FA though getting depth on these types of players doesn't hurt on short term flyer contracts. Mind you I don't want a ton of these types, but I'd do it. Eifert and a drafted TE, or another younger healthy FA type for more reliability next to a clear talent is fine by me. I just want to see depth. Get these guys wherever, whenever. There's really no position on this roster outside QB I wouldn't fill up with best FA value possible. Just load up the roster with good vet depth. Everywhere. Would be a very good compliment to the younguns. We're sorely lacking in veteran depth, which is why I don't mind keeping these guys if money is not an issue. I'd prefer quantity over a handful of marquee FAs (although I'd love some at certain positions). Their deals will keep us flexible come time to re-sign our guys. And really I just see a need for vets to add depth, a healthy mix of experience for the youth movement, and getting us back to an NFL quality roster that has no reason not going 8-8. We severely lack in depth and this money should be a quick fix to go into next year without just some horrible positional talent on paper next year. Easy fix to end the blowouts and get the younguns to see themselves competing in every game. Totally fine with say 8 games of Eifert. I just don't want a ton of Eiferts
  8. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    The more I look at this...we could end up keeping McCoy and clay!

    I don't see why not if we don't have money to spend elsewhere. I don't think Clay is so bad he shouldn't be on the roster. I mean damn. Some of y'all have way overreacted about the dude since the Miami game. But he's not bad as a backup TE for us one bit. He's way overpaid, but if we're simply ending up with too much money for anyone else why not keep him. He's slow. He can still block. Really solid route runner (that's way too often overlooked in receivers. Yes. He can catch. Probably still has better hands than some of our lower depth receivers. He's had decent to good hands since he's been here. Apparently blowing a potential miracle play for Josh Allen is punishable by death. He looked terrible that play I get it. But our players' value to the team is their competence within the role they are reasonably expected contribute to the team. That doesn't always involve being part of a meaningless game completely unexpected miracle throw from your rookie Quarterback to your backup TE so you can puff your chest up about how great JA is. JA made a fantastic play. Clay dropping it and it not buffing his stats doesn't mean JA didn't do something truly amazing that play. He's absolutely better than nothing and better than many backup TEs in this league, let alone 3rd stringers. And Shady is as good as an RB2 you can ask for. Would be great to see him in a change of pace role with a young talented RB and beefed up roster. 3rd down back. Again these guys are no doubt better than nothing. If money isn't the issue. I don't get why we don't keep em. Not married to Clay or would be sad to see him go. But our evaluation of players solely to how they affect JA's box score and league perception is aggravating lol. We know what JA has shown he can do. Let's just evaluate players with JA blinders on pleeaaaase. Evaluate them for how good they are! We're talking about depth. Which is the worst part of our roster. If we can't spend all this money than for the love of God just maintain depth going forward.
  9. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    Should The Day After The Super Bowl Be A National Holiday?

    You've upped your game DCT. Keep it up. Various levels of idiot.
  10. There's no infrastructure in the South to properly maintain the roads since it happens like.. twice a year at best, and it's super dangerous to drive that way if nobody is prepared for icy roads. Shut it down! 1 inch snow day for kids that have seen snow 3 times in their lives! Scumbag truants trying to enjoy snow...
  11. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    NFL preparing for another work disruption in 2021??

    The current refs are infinitely better than the scabs. 5 horrible weeks expedited getting the pro refs everything they wanted. It can always be worse. It was worse.
  12. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    What Magic Doth Nick Foles Possess?

    I don't know what y'all want out of Nick Foles. He's already been a superb NFL story at worst going down with the likes of Doug Williams and Hostetler. He's Frank Reich with more success, Bizarre Fitzpatrick (clutch) on better teams. He'll go somewhere and be a middling starter or be the league's most coveted backup. He's always been inconsistent but seems to come up large when he's in a knockout game more often than not. Pretty cool story. Pretty good QB if his career were to end now. And he's got magic baby! Big **** Nick. That's where the magic lies.
  13. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    Yeah not to mention the Cheifs defense played out of their minds v the colts. Their great OL got shredded, Andrew Luck shut down. Chiefs defense really turned on the jets in their on playoff game so far. Also statwise. I'd hazard an offense that good led to meaningless garbagetime points given up, and the sorta extended drives they allow another team to waste time as they're down by 14+ points all game.
  14. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    I'll wait until defenses have more than an off-season to adjust. The top 4 offenses this year have been especially great. But I'm sure it will regress to teams that just have a better competitive advantage on either side.. which is always the case in a two sides sport. This year these offenses were better than the best defenses. And these 4 complimentary defenses were better relatively than the Ravens or Cowboys offenses.. they were just better teams. Good defenses. Top 4 offenses.
  15. BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    Hey man no need to explain your hate for an NFL team. We all have irrational hatred for.. bad jersies in football sometimes is all it takes