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  1. Man this sucks i'm in Dallas but I really need to go and be with the fam. Don't think I can get out of this one. Bills at Dallas only happens once in 4 years, I went last time. Thanksgiving football is the best time to watch football I look forward to watching the Bills on a holiday in a lazy food coma if I don't end up going to the game.
  2. I'm annoyed at the complete lack of primetime games. But I admit having a Thanksgiving game is awesome. Looking forward to it
  3. We got a stud center and filled in a LOT of proven high floor veteran depth. Exactly what I wanted. Find our talent with guys we pick in the draft but plug the numerous gaps with some veterans for once to make us competitive every year going forward while we groom the home growns in a winning culture. But the main story for me so for is Mitch Morse. Excited to see the immediate impact he presumably brings to the table. I like fostering a relationship between a franchise QB and a high caliber C. Josh Allen stands to learn a lot from a vet like that calling protections. Not so bad contracts either. We kept it flexible. I want to see some home grown talent kept around here for the next contract if they perform. Best regards. I know co-workers that have had the same diagnosis and gone on to live productive happy lives with the right life style changes.
  4. No doubt sounds like in this case scenario we just get an elite OT easy peesy. I see Jonah Williams graded a tad higher in mocks. Get him if that's who we like. We get to pick between to top 2 OL in the draft.
  5. He's always has bricklike hands! He didn't suddenly get them!
  6. Johnny Football said exactly not to ****ing do this! Listen to the new voice of AAF reason
  7. Bills market for Josh Allen is rock "hard"
  8. We'll take Rodgers off your hands if he's bringing too much media heat to Green Bay. One great lake City doing a solid to another.
  9. Michigan State looked bad. I got Virginia winning the ship for sure.
  10. No lie I'm pretty sure he purposefully violated his conditions with the CFL to get in on AAF and then it folds haha. Story of Johnny's life. Sucks. He's absolutely going to be the catch for Vince's XFL tho so we'll see if that doesn't get screwed up either
  11. Tyler Ennis might be my favorite player from the last decade for that reason. True floor general, dictated the pace of the game.
  12. Johnny "the voice of cautious reflection and sober reason" Football sent out a very helpful tweet to his fellow AAF colleagues: “If you’re an AAF player and the league does dissolve. The last check you got will be the last one that you get,” Manziel tweeted. “No lawsuit or anything else will get you your bread. Save your money and keep your head up. It’s the only choice at this point unless something drastic happens. “Just the reality of this unfortunate situation.. great concept, good football on the field and fun for fans to watch. Just not enough money to go around which has been the main problem with ‘other’ leagues for a long time.”
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