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  1. No I'm not saying that. I'm saying accuracy has diminishing returns. If Josh Allen is as inaccurate as Tim Tebow he won't cut it in this league. The difference in accuracy between Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers with a cannon isn't so bad as the difference between Tim Tebow and Cam Newton. Cam is accurate enough with complimentary skills to excel. And he's not Tim Tebow good lord, Tim couldn't hit the simplest routes throwing outs 4 yards out of bounds. He's accurate enough to make big plays and has tons of other quarterback skills going for him to make him special in his own right. Brett Favre had a cannon, great instincts, and other attributes to make him much more successful than more accurate quarterbacks. As to Josh Allen not being able to magically transform into an accurate passer late in the game, sure he won't.. but he has late game intangibles and an arm to hit routes other quarterbacks can't. I don't care if he's relatively inaccurate to other quarterbacks in the league so long as he can throw a bullet to Foster when it counts. He can go incompletion, incompletion, incompletion, AMAZING TD on a game winning drive. 25% completion oh my! He didn't get magically accurate in that scenario but he's good enough to make the play and get the win. I don't care so long as accuracy isn't an Achilles hill for him. It doesn't limit him from using the hundreds of other quarterback traits that could make him great. I hate talking about Josh Allen by this point, beating every topic to death. Very little has happened to change his NFL accomplishments since his last down, which was several months ago. I liked what I saw last year, and am excited and anxious to see him next year. I think he still is a lot like how he viewed him his rookie year, except he proved his floor is much higher than draft day and his exceptionally high ceiling remains the same.
  2. I want to give him a 3rd year. I could have seen it going down had we targeted WRs in the draft after picking up a lot of FAs but I'm glad we went trenches and potential playmakers at the RB and TE position. Zay's clearly had enough production to merit keeping him on the roster and see improvement. More consistency on the flashes he's shown us so far of what he's capable of, and less mental errors. That all inevitably gets better as a WR matures. Years 3 or 4 we'll truly have a proper evaluation of his abilities in the NFL. Granted we're weak at the position on paper, it's contingent on Foster maintaining how he finished last year and Zay improving. We absolutely needed depth in veterans John Brown and Cole Beasley which is what I wanted to address first and foremost. Don't want to trot out WRs that don't belong on the field like these last 3 years: put a floor on our worst WR, so that Josh Allen can spread the ball around better. JA doesn't have an established weapon which he needs desperately. But we've otherwise adequately addressed many offensive problems we had last year. Maybe the offense still won't be good enough next year, but it won't be as big a liability to go 6-10. Next year I want to see an above average offense and a winning formula based on the defense or offense. It depends on how much Zay improves, which he will to some degree undoubtedly, Foster, and JA. And having proper knowledge of Zay's place in the NFL will give us a good opportunity next offseason to truly beef up the WR corps if needed. I wanted to see him with the Bills in his 3rd year. It would have been disappointing getting rid of him for anything other than a top tier WR like DHop or Julio. I'd rather see Zay's jump in performance next year, than bet on a 2nd round or later rookie's jump into the NFL. Zay's done enough to earn that.
  3. I was gonna post this. Shady really dropped the ball on this one. He's on a short leash. I'll bet McDermott was psyched to see the movie and saw the spoiler from his RB. "Shady. You ruined my weekend. Enjoy these 3rd string reps all off-season" Oh man. Didn't think about Goodell. Hope he saw the premier!
  4. Sure. I mean I'll admit I don't know Jack and am judging on simple probabilities I've formed in my head. We should all know it's a crapshoot for everyone involved. I'm all for rooting for the guy when he gets drafted. However I just dislike the feeling some want to take the moral high ground because they feel great about what the Bills pick ya know? I have my opinion and move on. Now I understand the annoyance when those desperately want to be right are in fact actively rooting against someone just to look smart. But that's not the case for those of us that want to come out with a good draft lol. Post draft opinions are pretty much a clean slate come week 5. Go Bills!
  5. They were bad! I just watch Big12 I know. I'm more unsure about this guy than most.. what do you want from me lol.
  6. It's fun to speculate. That's all it is. Now I know some of y'all went nuts with the wrong Josh right Josh nonsense but this is just armchair GMing. It's fun. Harmless. At the end of the day I'm obviously pulling for these guys. Every year GMs are proven wrong and wrong as well it's a crapshoot. That's what makes it fun to speculate on.
  7. Ok lol you weren't clear. You just asked "such as" when I referred in the past tense to 7th rounders with good production. Idk who's a 7th rounder man it hasn't happened yet. There's like 100+ TEs with more yards. How about Kaden Smith idk. I DON'T CARE we made the pick. I understand why. I see his upside. It would be nice if he had more to make me more sure about the pick that's all. I'm unsure. I don't like being unsure.. at least as unsure as you can possibly be with his production.
  8. Good point. He was a risky pick / high reward in my book that paid off. I wasn't particularly as down on him since the Quarterback position necessitates the highest possible ceiling. Go Dawson Knox. Hitcha ceiling.
  9. He asked me to name a 7th rounder with better production than Dawson Knox. I picked the best one haha. He put up monster numbers. You're damned sure I'd be happy if we drafted that production. I'm just playing the odds.
  10. Haha what. He put up monster numbers. It's a safer bet than projecting out workout warriors. Listen I understand why we like him and why we picked him. I understand why Barkevious Mingo was getting drooled over. It's high risk high return. Hope he works out.
  11. Yeah I'm sure TE is certainly a position you have to project more than most due to circumstance. Jimmy Graham was a special case being a basketball player switching late like Antonio Gates. Heck i'd draft undersized centers on the NBA bubble with zero football numbers. Those guys have the skills. He is similar to George Kittle tho I see that. Another part of the reason is exactly because the TE routes are so dependent on QB preference we don't know if JA gives a stud TE Jimmy Graham at NO numbers or Jimmy Graham at GB numbers. Of course we won't know until we know eh?
  12. Why does this matter? They had poor production. I want production. 7th round TEs have had better production. I don't care. I want him to be good. Really pulling for him. I'd have preferred picking someone else.
  13. What? But no I'm not going to watch Ole Miss for a TE that catches 3 balls a game. Hard pass. Ole Miss was awful. I don't watch 5-7 college teams I don't care about. That's painfully bad. Idc maybe he'll be good. Not a fan of the pick because I want to see production. You're allowed to like it. I gave you my reasons for my opinion. Mostly for a Maybin joke.
  14. What's the point in where they were picked. Maybin would have been bad in the 3rd round. Therefore the point is they have poor college production.
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