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  1. Whatever gets him playing well on game day. Some guys think they have to appear and act ultra pumped up for other people. This just shows confidence taking his own approach to things. It's a big game haha. Maybe playing it down keeps you in the right head space. Some dudes psych themselves out.
  2. Yeah in competition us fans seem to have this odd reaction to winning and success.. We don't really have anything else to go off of right now other than 10-2 teams tend to be better than others. And most don't just belly flop the next year like Chip Kelly or RG3. They might? If McVay or Kaep make one more play in the SB their respective years their legacy just is undeniable. They'd be etched in SB history haha. They were too hard to stop for a full year.. and that's all anyone's trying to do. I don't see anything other than an offense that's hard to stop. Not sure if it's an RG3 or Russell Wilson helming this offense. Could get worse or better but it's pretty darn good now. I think Roman's a great OC for running QBs and LJ is probably by far the best he's worked with. And I see nothing wrong in his pass TBH. Looks accurate. Anyways I think the Bills this year are pretty darn exciting too. But I can't tell you if this is a flavor of the week I just have the 2019 record and some pretty good stats against other dudes trying their damndest to beat them. Might be the best matchup we've looked forward too in like 20 years man! Lighten up it's sports.
  3. Nope. Guess who the greatest Madden player ever is going to be next year haha. This is going to be Tecmo Bowl's Bo Jackson with Pat Mahomes arm. Oh yes. You stop Lamar by tackling him! We need to tell the NFL DC's this new age wisdom 😀
  4. I have fallen back in love with Allen. Doubted him for 2 or 3 weeks. 😍
  5. The Pats secondary is going to eat these guys alive
  6. Omg that pass was textbook. Absolutely love the footwork, throwing mechanics. You've won your way back in to my heart JA
  7. Serious question, I thought having an arm in a windy stadium was an advantage you have over other less acclimated QBs
  8. This is the worst list I could imagine Just terrible list. Why does that guy even bother
  9. Why does this always come up. It's a given fact the national media will assume the Cowboys are Superbowl contenders until they are mathematically eliminated. This happens.. every.. year
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