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  1. Honestly Drew Brees is probably the only quarterback I can think of recently who was as close as you can get to winning a SB singlehandedly as a QB. That roster was one of the weakest I remember. I"m sure some of Brady's deserve credit but screw him. System QB. The other QBs all had absolutely stacked rosters.. Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre only ever sniffed a SB when the stars aligned. Big Ben, Russell Wilson, early on were game managers. Kurt Warner had HOFers all over the offensive side. Stat Padford had none of that ish.
  2. I don't totally understand this question because by asking if we want Stafford's career to a tee we're basically asking if we wish we were Lions fans the past 10 years. By that definition I don't really want Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Ladanian Tomlinson, Barry Sanders, or Dan Marino's career. Anyways I would love Stafford's career. I'd love Marino's career because.. they'd both have probably won chips landing on 10 other franchises. Victims of circumstance. Both quarterbacks could have us Superbowl bound right now.
  3. Levitre looked like hot garbage when he left the Bills IIRC. Of course so did Byrd. Ooh I love me some Robey-Coleman
  4. Stafford with this defense?? Sign me up babee Little known fact. With Stafford's numbers and the shut down defense we look like we have. Stafford's actually contribution WILL show up in the WL column. Lions are a tire fire
  5. Edmunds vastly improving might have been the biggest kicker this year. Love it Haha you'd think at some point the refs would stop giving the GOAT plausible deniability.. like he magically turns into a terrible QB who under throws his WRs 5 yards into the dirt conveniently when pressured. If you're the greatest of all time you're probably just intentionally throwing the ball in the dirt on half your throws. Ya know.. GOAT throws
  6. Ok sure but I don't want a 2A at the 1 I want my QB to have a 1, 2 and 3 at the respective positions and the 1s demand a lot more money than Josh Brown did after several years in the league
  7. Oh yeah we need to get a 1st round QB some proper investment at WR. It's not there and we really shouldn't expect it to be after just taking a few fliers on WR3s Beasley and Brown on top of the terrible corps we went with last year. It's just tough to guage QB talent if he's taking so many coverage sacks or throwing deep because no one else is getting open. NE D has a scary secondary tho.. and it's not like JA played particularly smart in those plays.
  8. It's a pretty hard matchup where Gilmore alone demands a higher pay grade than our entire WR corps
  9. Just keep running the football.. Patriots put their entire pay grade into the secondary
  10. I'm just being consistent here. WRs were God awful when Tyrod was having his worst year. And they are up against a clearly better secondary at pretty much every matchup today for JA. If we don't have a world beater of a QB any passing game will struggle with these WRs. John Brown doesn't look like he can beat the league's better CB1s. Was why I was hoping Foster could break out this year
  11. Good lol. He's not very open if he expects every ball to drop into his bread basket and can't high point a football. JA's playing poorly. And the WRs are getting owned as well.
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