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  1. God forbid Josh or Matt were to miss time, but if it happens Kaep would immediately be my #1 choice to to sign (as a backup). Do I think he is a franchise QB? No. He had his opportunity. But can he take a good team deep into the playoffs? Yes, and he has the resume to prove it. I could care less about the political stuff, and I don't know what kind of offers he has supposedly turned down, but he's a good enough football player to compete for the #2 spot on any NFL team.
  2. He had a 60% comp. 16:4 TD/INT, 2200 yards passing and almost 500 yards rushing.. In 11 starts.. He is certainly capable of being a #2 and possibly starting on a crappy team like Miami.
  3. Kaep's last year in the league (2016) he played in the same number of games as Josh Allen did last year and he was considerably better. It is ignorant to act like Kaep wouldn't make a good backup. I would rather have Kaep over Tyrod, and I think Tyrod is one of the better backups in the game. That media circus narrative is crap. Don't you listen to interviews where the coaches and players alike say they don't listen to the media? The only people who use the terms "team distraction" and "media circus" are the media and the easily influenced.. Also, Kaepernick most likely wins the starting job in Miami this year.
  4. Hope he isn't still running head first this late in his career..
  5. Unless another team wants to sign him to their 53 and the Bills don't want to match.
  6. Reminds me of EJ how low a lot of his throws are.
  7. It is stupid that they suspend players for using marijuana. Glad Gordon is getting another shot, too bad it is with the Pats.
  8. Also, does "modern NFL player" mean black and entitled? I think this snowflake post belongs in PPP since the OP's belief system has absolutely nothing to do with the Bills.
  9. It is pretty obvious who "those guys" the OP is referring to are. Classic example of a Freudian slip.
  10. Why is Foster still on the field in the 3rd quarter of a preseason game??
  11. The guy is a murderer. The fact that he was found not guilty in court doesn't mean he didn't kill them, it means he got away with murder. Ignorance is not an excuse.
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