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  1. Brady is throwing a block but somehow he is defenseless?
  2. Maybe not the best spot, but I don't think there would be enough evidence to overturn it.
  3. I don't get the Booger hate. The guy has a sense of humor. I'll take him over Joe Buck any day.
  4. Zay's production on the field will not be missed. Its hard to imagine there are many receivers in the NFL that would catch less passes with as many targets.
  5. Imagine the QB EJ would've been if he had Beasley as a receiver..
  6. Pats just gave up a 65 yard TD run to Redskins..
  7. He had 4 turnovers vs. the Jets. Without a top 5 defense, I don't think that's a win. He wasn't exactly "good" against the Bengals either. His lone "good" game came against the Giants where he was 19/30 250 1 TD.. Not saying I don't like Josh or see potential in him, but his career trajectory is reminiscent of EJ, whose avg QB rating was 10 points higher than Josh's at this point in their career.
  8. Good point. If he gets another concussion this week he may miss many games. IMHO, I think he played his way to the bench this week. Can anyone honestly say he gives the Bills the best chance to win after watching that game? He regressed completely.. almost got himself killed.. I'm not sure when NFL coaches decided benching your "potential" franchise QB when he plays like crap hinders their development, but I hate it. Sitting on the sideline after a game like that might just be what he needs to develop.
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