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  1. If he wasn't cursed, Fitz would be the perfect backup for this team.
  2. How much would you pay Josh Allen if he were a FA today? 10, 15, 20 mil a year?? Russell Wilson gets 35 a year, Tom Brady just got 25, and Tyrod and Fitz are at 5.5. He already makes 5.2 a year so I doubt he would take less than that, but in your most objective opinion, how much do you think Josh Allen is worth? How many years and how much guaranteed? Teddy Bridgewater just got 21 million a year.. Has Josh shown enough yet to be worth more than Bridgewater?
  3. I think the defense is going to be top 10 whether they get an elite DE or not. Can't say the same for the offense, and the glaring hole at the RB position. Frank Gore got a lot of touches last year, even when Singletary was healthy. His production should be easy to replace by going for a FA RB with a name I've heard before, or getting one in the earlier rounds of the draft.
  4. I just want to see Josh Allen throw for 300+ yards in a game, but to each his own.
  5. His game plan here was "Run CJ Spiller until he pukes".. Not a very good candidate for OC if you ask me.
  6. Ok, lets use rushing then... Jackson had 1200 yards rushing. 80 yards a game. That is roughly what Frank Gore (HOF) and Devin Singletary rushed for COMBINED. While throwing 16 more TDs than Allen on 50 less pass attempts.. Good god, you are the trolls people not me.. Try to be objective. Jackson is better than Allen
  7. EJ had poor offensive line play, bad WRs.. no run game.. you know all the same excuses that are made for Allen's poor play.
  8. Lol, I love how the fan base keeping using this statistic.. He wouldn't be behind in the fourth quarter if he didn't suck in the other 3!! Okay, now we want to add RUSHING TDs to the QB metric??? Come on guys.. try to be objective here.
  9. Well if we are just using the eye test, Allen is fools gold.. EJ 2.0. But let's not address to QB position for a couple years because Allen has a high ceiling.
  10. We can use completion percent, passing TDs, MVP votes, whatever metric you want Jackson is a better QB.. Why are we even arguing this? Some people need to add more water to their Kool-Aid packets.
  11. If you want to look at W/L, I think Lamar is 19-4 now..
  12. Sounds like a lot of excuses to me. I'm sure Allen's offensive system was designed to play towards his weakness.. Like passing perhaps?
  13. Yeah, but Allen will?? From what I've seen Allen has taken MUCH bigger hits than Lamar has. Lamar is a lot more elusive..
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