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  1. Here’s what I struggle with when it comes to Brady…He is not and never has been the most impressive QB in any one specific trait amongst his peers. He wasn’t the most cerebral (manning), athletic (just about anybody), accurate (Brees), strongest armed (Rodgers, Flacco, Big Ben etc). You never really watching and just think “wow” So it’s really hard to accept him as the GOAT, for many of the same reasons he fell to the 6th round in the first place. So many guys SHOULD be better than him (and are certainly more gifted). But at the end of the day you can’t argue with results. He might not have huge strengths, but he doesn’t really have any glaring weakness either, and the one most people would agree he has (athleticism) isn’t really a prerequisite for the position in the right offense. I guess what I am trying to say is, he has easily had the greatest career of any qb ever…maybe any football player ever. But if you were building an all time fantasy league, I’m not sure he even gets drafted. He’s a Honda Accord. When you account for styling, fit and finish, reliability and cost, probably the greatest car in history. But nobody talks about how they’re gonna but one when they get rich.
  2. The most successful true transition (ie no college football experience), IMO, was Carlton Haselrig. He made a probowl. He and Neal (the other true wrestler only who had success in the NFL) both were heavyweights and both played guard.
  3. And I forgot Doleman at DE...Theyre actually tied with Miami for 5th all-time in number of HoF players...will be 11 once Fitz and Revis qualify. https://archive.triblive.com/sports/college/pitt/pitts-all-time-team-heavy-on-hall-of-famers/
  4. You'd be hard pressed to come up with a better school when it comes to best NFL QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, CB, S combo of all time. Marino, Dorsett, Fitz, Ditka, Rueben Brown/Bill Fralic/Russ Grimm, Donald, Ricky Jackson, Revis, Carlton Williamson
  5. Pass Rusher is really interesting... When you evaluate 3-4 outside linebackers/speed rushers, explosion and/or lateral agility REALLY matter. So much so that if a guy doesn’t have it, you might as well not even bother. On the other hand, 4-3 defensive ends, especially guys that play LDE, are different. Their job is different. Pass rush is important, obviously, but they also need to set the edge, disengage from blockers and rarely get a free release/direct route at the backfield. Explosion is useful, but not a primary skill because it often leaves them out of position for anything but a 7 step drop...it’s guys like Hughes that get lots of pressure and not many sacks in today’s NFL. GR is exactly what you want at LDE. He’s long, smart and athletic enough to close and finish when he gets the chance. I only saw him in one game (vs Pitt), but he killed us. He’s never really blocked...it seems like he can shed the tackle/guard whenever he wants. When I watch him, what I see is a disciplined pass rusher that is excellent at contain and finishes with a quick close and long ass arms (not to mention some of the biggest/strongest hands I have ever seen). I loved Calais Campbell coming out, and I love this kid, too. A+
  6. I’m going on Saturday. Draft experience first, then second row seats...
  7. Not something I can share...it was a “perk” for buying tickets to the draft. I was wrong, btw...it was Beane and Licht from Tampa Bay. Nothing ground breaking, but a good talk about the trade up for Josh, the importance of pro days (I guess two guys drove like 2 hours to catch balls for Josh at his, which stood out to Beane), and somebody asked if the players have takes on the draft. Beane said sometimes if they work out with or know someone, and Licht said never. Brandon Beane is a legit good dude. Super easy to root for.
  8. This year, instead of having meet-and-greets at the draft, the NFL is offering 3 virtual sessions for people attending the draft (with tickets to the main stage). The first one is tonight, and is being hosted by Peter Schrager. As the thread title says, Brandon Beane and John Lynch are the main guests and will be discussing scouting and the NFL combine. If he says anything interesting, Ill be sure to reply to this thread. The fact that those are the two GMs they picked to discuss this topic tells us something about where Beane ranks in the overall GM hierarchy, IMO
  9. I think it’s still disappointing for me because of one real fact. back when the Bills were bad and/or irrelevant , it was clear nobody was watching their games based on what was said about them. It was straight up lazy journalism. I just always assumed (and was even told) that they just needed to start winning...and in a certain respect they were right. People do talk about us more now, but it’s still pretty evident that most of them don’t actually watch the Bills play very closely (if at all). It really makes you wonder if any of these talking heads even actually like football. Peter Schreager said that the Bills are being led by Leslie Frazier and the defense and Josh hasn’t done anything in the playoffs less than one week after saying our defense is garbage and Josh single handed lyl led us to victory. It’s insane. week to week the narrative completely changes and there is almost zero context. So in a sense, I understand that we got what we asked for and the bills are relevant...but now that they are I see that just because people talk about your team, it doesn’t mean they actually know anything about your team. It might be even more frustrating.
  10. Let me start out by saying that I don't think, at least at this point in his career, that Lamar is even an average passer. Having said that... I remember over a decade ago when I was living in NE, some guys from WEEI were interviewing Tom Brady and it was a great interview about playing QB in the NFL. He talked about how he was lucky to have continuity with the coaches. That while they had a new playbook each season, and a subset of those plays for each game, if a particular matchup called for a play from a previous season, it was always at their disposal because he had "been there, done that" so to speak. He then went on to talk about Alex Smith (who, at the time, was struggling in SF and had several OCs) and how he was never going to be successful if they couldn't lend him some stability. Then the talk shifted to Vince Young (this is where it is really relevant). If I remember right, this interview was maybe a season or two into Young's career. If you remember, he was pretty good as a rookie then sort of faded as teams began to defend his scrambling more effectively. Brady basically said that while his physical skills are amazing, the offense they were building around him there wasn't conducive to long term growth. That if he wasn't allowed to open up the passing game and make mistakes, he would never grow as a passer. He said that sometimes coaches are more interested in winning than they are in developing a QB, and with a guy like Young (or Lamar), you'd rather roll with a safe offense that takes advantage of his skills instead of suffering through some growing pains so he can develop new ones. I still think about what he said when I think about Lamar. Im not sure the Ravens are willing to take a step back, and Im not sure Greg Roman has the chops as an OC to develop a pocket QB. When he was in Buffalo, he even had a passing game coordinator.
  11. my favorite part with Josh is actually AFTER he is done dancing...when he runs off looking like a kid that was in trouble after his dad said "quit goofing off and get over here".
  12. I think that the harsh comments about his career leading up this year are a sneaky way for most of the pundits to save face: They weren't "wrong" about Josh Allen...he DID suck. But the Bills coaches did everything right and Stephon Diggs is the man and yada yada yada. Not that any of that is wrong, but they still have a hard time giving Josh Allen any of the credit. I think THAT is why it is frustrating. They completely gloss over the most important part...Josh was never a JAG. All the coaching and Diggs and everything else worked BECAUSE Josh is and always has been good enough to take those steps.
  13. I think the early season concern over the defense, while warranted at the time, was overblown in hindsight. Half the D line was new, they’d lost the two biggest defensive leaders to retirement in back to back seasons, both the starting linebackers were hurt (and the backups were banged up, too), and something was clearly up with tre early in the season. guys got healthy, the dline started figuring it out, and Jerry Hughes became a leader along with Jordan Poyer. They look far more like themselves, and in some respects maybe even better...they finally have a complimentary offense that can force teams to be more one-dimensional
  14. probably one of Clements, Winfield or Gilmore...but pre-injury Spikes is a strong contender along with any of the Williams boys
  15. I can see it now... Up 10 with a minute to go, 4th and 27, and Mcdermott brings in Stephon Diggs to defend the hail mary. Chargers run a bunch of clear out verticals and dump the ball off to Ekler, who proceeds to weave his way up field. Right at the sticks, he is met by Diggs...levels him and gains the first down. Diggs needs to be helped off the field with an injury because he doesn't know how to tackle. This board is bananas because they had a WR on the field in that situation.
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