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  1. While Brown or Zay may be our #1 WRs this year I don't believe either is a true #1WR. McDer-Beane have set in motion a long term plan to build this team from the ground up. They gutted the roster and their building through the draft. The 2020 draft is stacked with top end WRs, I think our future #1 comes from next year's class. Some would argue you don't need a true #1 and a bunch of solid WRs can get it done in todays NFL. Maybe true. But I think having a true #1 will make the other WRs better because the attention that WR1 will take. I think we've got a bunch of pretty good WRs and that could help lead to a playoff berth this season. I think our true #1 isn't on the roster yet.
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