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  1. I think this is bang on. If Minnesota can get a 3rd or better maybe they consider moving him. Not for a 5th. So what team is going to give a 3rd for a 30 year-old TE in the final year of his contract? The Pats would appear to be a desperate as any team for TE help but they don't like parting with their picks. Having 2 TEs with different skill sets is a good problem to have for Minny. The tight end position has one of largest learning curves. Expecting Irv to be ready to be starter out of the gates isn't realistic. This is sort of like the Shady trade rumours. No one's giving up a premium pick for a 30 year old RB making 9 mil. So the Bills are just better off keeping him. I think Rudolph stays put and probably re-works his deal.
  2. I love the bills draft for the most part. The 1st 2 picks were a dream scenario. I'm struggling a bit with the two 3rd rounders. I think we're in an era where combine numbers dominant discussion. Singletary's #s are lackluster but what don't they don't capture is his elite vision. Shady and Faulk had rare vision where they saw the entire field and used to maximize their yards. Obviously much debate in this 28 page thread about this. So say we went another route with our 1st 3rd rounder and didn't move up for Knox. What ifs don't really matter except for discussion purposes on a message board. What if our picks shook out like so: 3.11: Winovich - EDGE 4.10: Bryce Love - RB 4.35: Moreau - TE Would the masses prefer this outcome to Singletary/Knox?
  3. I think he has a better chance of being a Pro Bowl Guard. But a slightly lessor chance to be a pro bowl RT. I'll take option B. We've had pooh at RT forever.
  4. Conundrum as Spain is better on the left. I think those are our best 5. Perhaps you sacrifice best 5 talent-wise for best 5 because of natural position. There's debate as to whether they see Dawkins as the future LT.
  5. Looks about right. Maybe this: My guess, to start LT: Nsekhe LG: Spain C : Morse RG: Dawkins RT: Ford Swing: Waddle Backups: Feliciano, Long And Beaner trades Bodine for a 2020 5th
  6. In my opinion spending significant draft capital on a linebacker is ill-advised. We have 2 great linebackers in Edmunds and Milano. Perhaps Edmunds still needs some refining but I believe greatness is right around the corner. The concept of the Bills running a base 4-3 isn't really accurate despite it being thrown around by the media and posters on this board. In the current era our base defense is a 4-2. The base offense in the NFL is 3 WRs. And by base I mean the configuration that is on the field more than any other configuration. If an offense puts 3 WRs on the field, the defense puts 3 corners on the field. Hence a base 4-2. So it makes little sense to me to draft White which will mean one of Milano, Edmunds or White are riding the pine for portions of the game.
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