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  1. yeah 380 is pretty big. Our own rookie Brown is same height, but not that heavy. At 380 one would think he'd be a little slow...
  2. Regarding the bold...the "RBs not important as used to be" thing imo depends on how a teams roster is built, especially at QB. I think a team with an average or game manager type QB situation, a RB is very important as it used to be. (ex. Tanny in Tenn). Teams with a good or elite QB may not see RB's as important. Just my 2 cent.. Also to add, that "RB are dime a dozen", well that also depends. I'd say maybe a lot of them are, but RB's like Henry, Taylor certainly are not a dime a dozen lol. Anyway I think RBs are important either way no matter how great or bad a QB is because a solid, decent RB helps the QB anyway.
  3. Biting knee caps Maybe see a few more blitzes than normal this game.
  4. Well I'm sure this is something every team does at this point when playing Bills. They know Josh has that issue.
  5. Right, don't blame them a bit. There has been no respect for our rushing game basically at all. But recently Breida/Devin has improved it some. Not by very much, but enough to stick with those 2 for a while imo, but not sure if enough to make defenses change up all that much, yet anyways. Hopefully at least acknowledge it a little more maybe lol. I am interested to see how it is with the OL back though.
  6. You're not alone. Many women agree, a lot say Allen is in the mix too lol
  7. Well yeah obviously he usually is. Just saying as far as comparing the RBs only of both teams in rushing NE may be better.
  8. When including Josh ( I assume you both are) in running game I agree Bills are a little better than NE. As for not including Josh and talking RB's only I would guess it may be neck n neck or maybe even NE could be a little better.
  9. Congrats to you! I have been meaning to stop smoking myself. Very hard habit to break. A few years back I did quit for 9 months and was doing well, wife was proud, happy. Then a situation popped up that was hard to deal with and started right back. And still smoking to this day and talking about quitting, but so far that's what it's been, all talk no action. I think it may be just as hard to quit smoking as someone trying to quit heroin. Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope to join you sooner than later
  10. They have been pretty good with that other than 2 games that were against the 2 best RB's in the league. Actually did well against Henry other than the big run he had on a play where 2 obvious big time holds didn't get flagged. I feel confident if wasn't for the hold they got away with on Tre White (I believe it was, or Hyde?), he would have gotten stopped. Still would have been a big gain of maybe 20 yards or so, but seemed to me that very hold kept Bills secondary from preventing the TD.
  11. Yup agree. Well I'd would like to see the Devin/Breida rotation with OL back in tact. I think it's possible that Breida/Devin has played well enough recently to at least maybe make opponents have a little more respect for Bills run game than before. At least I hope so
  12. Agree. imo this might be a test for Daboll with how he manages/adjusts in this particular game if he's going to be a HC.
  13. He will get some as he always usually does, but not sure he gets quite that many yards lol
  14. Sure hope so, but you know how stubborn Daboll can be when it comes to that.
  15. I think he should also and along with he is damn good at making tackles which I think will benefit him as well defending those short passes. He could improve with how he bites on double moves at times and he will as he keeps learning and playing. Other than that I feel pretty good about him.
  16. Lol, his definition of "bold" is different from mine that's for sure. If it's crazy wind like that there may not even be any FG attempts. Unless close chip shot types. Otherwise both teams might just go for it on 4th down when in opponents side of field. Whatever the case, yeah that's a sad so called bold prediction
  17. I'm not sure how his contract is and whatnot, but wonder what the chances of Bills moving on from him after this year?
  18. Lol I know right...Some headlines were, "can anyone defeat the Bills". Then the Jags game happened
  19. Hopefully Breida and Devin with the help of S. Brown back on the OL. So gona go with those 3
  20. Lol, yeah probably would have lost by 30+ points that day if wasn't for those strong winds that affected the game 😜
  21. Takes some strong ass wind to do that to the goal post. That game was affected a bit....
  22. Good point. Have to mix in some screens and other short throws.
  23. Lol, if really bad winds it will be interesting to see how the kick offs look. Ball might sail out of bounds a lot and both teams getting the ball at the 40
  24. Yup, with the return of a few players on OL and DL, I don't see why this team can't get hot and go on their own winning streak.
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