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  1. So much of this stuff basically all the time. Saddening these types of things have been happening all these years and continue to happen so often that it's now not as shocking and even expected. No place it can't happen at. Schools, Parks, Theaters, Church, Grocery stores, you name it. Not sure the age of his cousin but seems like no other children got hurt. Thankfully
  2. Yeah, I can't really get those saying coaching is biggest weakness. I mean sure there have been moments coaching can be frustrating as hell. IMO I think they absolutely CAN NOT be that bad in crucial situations in a big time game. That's the only time that really sticks out to me because only other thing ppl had with coaching was many saying he is too conservative and wouldn't take risk. That part changed nearly completely. He will go for it on 4th downs pretty often taking risk a lot more. At same time though coaching has played a big factor getting the team where they are as one of the best in the league along with the family like closeness all the players have with each other. I think biggest reason for some at least, that feel that way about coaching may possibly be the 13 seconds that will only be forgotten by winning the Super Bowl, until then that 13 seconds I would guess most of us or maybe pretty much all of us were yelling and cussing at the t.v or at the game etc wondering wtf the coaches were thinking. That punch in the gut maybe was too powerful and is 95% why some feel that way.
  3. Yeah I see your point. I was going with those big chunk runs from last season mainly. Teams will still run though, until they can't anyways. They will early in the game though
  4. Speaking of the ol herp, you ever notice that area right above her top lip sometimes? It can be more noticeable some days than others? I have always wondered if she got the herp
  5. Lol, I too share interest in seeing .75 hole(s) I will peep in from time to time to check if "any updates on this", as the familiar saying goes 🤔
  6. Matt "keepin em back peddling" Araiza You know, b/c the PR's will be doing a lot of back peddling when fielding his kicks...(for anyone that didn't get it for some reason)
  7. While I get where you're coming from here and I can see your reasoning. I can somewhat kinda agree to a certain extent, but I in no way once so ever would consider it being "having the most to prove". Going by his injury as him having to prove anything, then I for one am confident he will be just fine. Going by how extremely hard he's been working to recover along with one of the best facilities/etc at his disposal, my guess is he is foaming at the mouth to "prove" himself.
  8. Yeah I agree. While there are other players/coaches/core personnel needing to prove themselves, this is a pretty important one. Although he has no in game play calling experience technically speaking, I would think he knows enough from seeing and learning all this time that he gets it. Probably has been eager to get a chance at it.
  9. Their Division definitely will be tougher. I'm just saying it still has to be KC until we can take them out in the playoffs.
  10. I didn't choose OL as the "biggest weakness" due to the improvement we saw last 5-6 games. Also, speaking for myself, I do have confidence in Kromer's abilities, but I'm not exactly "banking" on it. I do think at the very least the OL will continue from where they left off those last games. Anyway, for that reason I went with stopping the run as "biggest weakness"...at least for now until we see otherwise how newly added players on DL perform
  11. When talking AFC Conference, As of now, I don't see how KC isn't the biggest still. As for Division I guess I'd go with Fins
  12. Lol, well not exactly going out on a limb here. But I know what you mean, for sure he will have to adjust because there's only 1 QB that can make similar plays like Allen and that's P.M
  13. Absolutely agree and pretty obvious imo. Can't see anyone arguing with that for the most part. Had some good plays here and there from Daboll, but I would guess many of those plays don't succeed without Allen. That being said.....I will go with run stopping as biggest weakness, or at least it was. Although I do believe that will improve this upcoming season with the addition of new meats on the DL. Least I hope anyways
  14. I predicted 5 prime time/nationally televised games. A few more hours we'll see.....
  15. I get it, but as far as Bills go there's going to be 1 of them starting. With Hughes gone there's not a starter on that end left to dislodge. Boogie will rotate here and there, but Greg R likely will start opposite of Miller.
  16. Lol, maybe he was hoping to try and install a small bit of confidence for Tua. Would be something new to him if so
  17. Now this guy can win games for ya here, Nate Peterman- John Gruden
  18. Lol, yes clearly he was joking. You know very well you would have heard about it if it was true....come on man!!
  19. Really means much of anything though. All the ranks are different, one may have a player ranked much higher than another. Anyways, I will say I do feel better about Boogie than I did when Kelsay came along lol I don't know. Probably about the same at this particular point
  20. Lol, looked hard for him without Miller too, Lol, he will have to let go of it quicker when trying those deep shots. Or Hill going to out run his arm a lo
  21. I don't know for sure either, but seems like I recall he got injured too? I may be mistaken
  22. Maybe he just started his warm up lol. I don't know, but looked like on the throw he gave the "stink face". You know that face when you are attempting to put your strength into it. When you puttin dat mmmmmppppppffffffff in it
  23. Lol, almost kinda looks like Hill may have came to a complete stop
  24. Agree. I remember another game he made an impressive play with his speed and ran the play down stopping what should have been a big gain.
  25. Lol, you really wonder if he has "value" in a trade? Lol, I have to question what exactly do you consider value??
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