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  1. Yes, very excited to have him and looking forward to seeing this offense compete with him a big part of it. I expect Brown to get a lot more rec with Diggs getting a lot of attention. Beasly also, I think this offense will be difficult to defend, expecially if Allen takes another step up this season.
  2. Great season. Hate there's only 3 more episodes (according the the other seasons there's only 10 episodes) but after the season is done I will likely watch it again a few weeks later like I usually do.
  3. It's not really a vaccine when it only works close to 40% of the time and it all depends on which strain. That's not really a vaccine IMO, that's a gamble, but that's just me.
  4. It's ok, if you get it you will be fine for a week or so, then shortly after an Alien will burst from your stomach.
  5. I don't know. I think I'd rather draft a couple WR's in this draft than to drop all that kind of $$ at Cooper. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what and how they do it.
  6. Lol if they come to Buffalo they will finally get called for holding 😀
  7. Awful news! So was his daughters with him? Seeing some reports saying yes and some no. I certainly hope not, but wow! This really took me by surprise today. Sports world won't be the same for a long time.
  8. It looks like that's what happened. Only 1 flag was thrown as far as I can tell. Hope this gets brought up and talked about to see what their reasoning is for this.
  9. Yeah it definitely seems to help. I'm not quite sure what else but since Tanny has been in Tenn he is like a whole different QB than in Miami. Maybe coaching and a change of scenery does make a difference? Henry is a big help for him too, but he just looks NOTHING like the QB that was in Miami for all those years.
  10. I think the most exciting superbowl would be KC vs San Fran. Probably be the most fun to watch. However I personally don't care who wins, just want to see a good exciting game that isn't ruined by b.s calls and poor officiating.
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