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  1. For the most part, yes...... going to respond to your number 1 and 2 statements and then I will be done with this.... 1. Yes, it seems to most likely be the case. I don't know about there has never been. No telling what may have been around the universe over billions and billions of years ago. Unless the government knows something we don't about another intelligent species. Which I also think "could" be possible. 2.Yes again. There is no "known" evidence, and as of right now with the current technology as far as we know, yes there is no way to find out for sure as far as we know. Lastly, yes, it is impossible to know for sure as it seems with current technology. Whether it will likely "remain" that way, well I don't know. We don't know what the future holds 50-200 years or more away. By that time (if humans still exist) IMO I think it's possible that they may find something that they never thought they would find.
  2. We are actually about to start season 1 of Dark tonight. Wifey and I thought it looked interesting and have been meaning to watch it but never got around to it. So hopefully I can get in at least a couple episodes in tonight. I haven't gave it chance yet. It looked as if it would be stupid and not down my comedy ally anyways, but willing to give it 10-15mins to see.
  3. No, not a unique perspective. A scientific perspective. Simply saying, and have been saying there is more in space that hopefully one day will be able to be researched and there's no telling what can/may be found. Beyond the Observable Universe Of course, these calculations are limited. It only accounts for the universe which we can observe. The calculations for the dimension of the universe go back only as far as light can reach. The rest of the universe beyond light may well be much bigger. Some make a distinction between the observable universe and the actual physical universe. The observable universe is the “edge”, the farthest light can travel. Beyond that is the rest of space.
  4. yeah, have looked at it. Have seen the equation and it means nothing as far as proof of anything. And yeah, I posted it a a page or so back. When I told you to read the observable space paragraph. So I guess go back and read it again. Either way it doesn't matter. You will think what you want and I will think what I want. There's no proof no matter what you say. It's unknown, at least as far as we know. So yeah, means nothing
  5. Again,itmeans absolutely nothing as far as proof. The calculations are limited(which I have already shown in another post) which you continue to ignore. You can keep believing that in your world. That's fine. Means nothing from a scientific standpoint, and proves nothing. Key word "proves". So once again, we will disagree. So leave it at that.
  6. No, once again it's the other way. People have picked through your "know it all" post and you just don't like it.We think YOU are the one that's as you say "short sighted". In any event, lets just say we disagree and will ALWAYS disagree, until there is actually HARD PROOF in one way other. So how bout lets just leave it at that and no more of your snarky, insulting post and I will stop my "smartass snarky" post as well. Agreed?
  7. So ignorant that you have to continue to insult people who don't agree with your "think"I know it all ways and your " I know everything about the universe and space" ignorant comments. You're the one making yourself look foolish when all you can do is insult, it's pathetic. I was going to start insulting you back, but figured what's the point, I'd rather not stoop to your ignorant level. People have attempted to have a general conversation but you, throughout this whole thread I've noticed, have just continued to insult. If that's all you can do, stay the ***** out the thread because you contribute absolutely nothing. You DON'T know ***** that's out there. I DON'T know ***** that's out there, that's FACT. Stop acting as if you do because again, it makes YOU look foolish.
  8. Only with the worcestershire sauce and a little bit of meat tenderizer.
  9. Yup and then preseason will be here before you know it and we can finally see some of these young guys fight for a roster spot. I'm interested in seeing how every spot plays out myself.
  10. It's all good. People cook it their own way I guess. That's just the way I've always done it for years and years and it always turns out perfect to my liking.
  11. Damn that's some beautiful fat marbling in that cut of meat. Delicious looking cut of meat. I'd keep taking advantage of that deal if I were you lol
  12. Also like a good old fashioned baked potato with it.
  13. For me, 1.5in thick boneless ribeye, marinated for 2 days. Cooked med rare. If it's cooked right, the flavor of the steak is so good I never have to use any steak sauce. I usually cook mine perfect, got that ***** down to a science. Only suppose to flip a steak one time on the grill so I like to sear the outside to keep the juices in.
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