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  1. Patrick_Duffy

    Bills need to learn how to close out games

    I think sometimes coach is just too conservative. Don't know if more talent will change that or not, so far it just seems that's the way he coaches.
  2. Patrick_Duffy

    Bills have released Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes

    Glad that POS is finally gone....lookin like a very feminine predator. Maybe Clay will follow soon enough.
  3. Patrick_Duffy

    Trade for Sean Lee in the off-season

  4. Oh man. Lord I hope Allen makes it through the rest of the season healthy. Bodine isn't that good IMO anyways, but maybe we will get lucky and the new C they bring in will be half decent. Guess that's about all you can hope for as far as this goes.
  5. Patrick_Duffy

    I EXPECT a BIG GAME from Josh vs. the Dolphins

    I expect better punting.
  6. Patrick_Duffy

    Bills @ Dolphins **Predict the Score**

    Fins- 17 Bills- 16
  7. Patrick_Duffy

    Week 13: Dolphins Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    It may just be one of those games where he plays his former team and he may get a couple TDs. But no, I'm not that worried,however if he does happen to get 2 TDs for himself, I would consider that a big game for O'Leary
  8. Patrick_Duffy

    Week 13: Dolphins Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    Was about to post that. I think he may have a decent game also.
  9. Patrick_Duffy

    Josh Allen got style

    When my grandfather was alive long ago he had those same dance moves. Check out Mr Murphy McSmooth.
  10. Patrick_Duffy

    RIP Bob McNair Texans owner

    I got a dime down for the other dude.
  11. Patrick_Duffy

    Jags @ Bills **Predict the Score**

    13-12 Jags
  12. Patrick_Duffy

    Zay or Foster in FF?

  13. Patrick_Duffy

    Time to get serious

    You weren't cereal....
  14. Patrick_Duffy

    When should the Bills look at drafting another QB?

    We won't need to. We have Matt ***** Barkley!!!