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  1. Just wanted to stop in and say I can't stand Nascar racing. Boring and sucks. ok I'm out
  2. This is exactly what they should do. And I believe it's very likely they do. Yeah and when the Dline up front struggles, it trickles down to the LB's and makes it difficult for them. But there has been times when Edmunds made bad decisions and hopefully his instinct will get better as he continues to learn.
  3. Don't know how the Moderna effects ppl much, I had Pfizer, anyway 2nd was little worse but could manage. Got fevers with 2nd does but not with 1st. Haven't heard much with Moderna besides with 2 ppl. My tattoo artist got Moderna and said he was fine. Just arm soreness. other person said it put em down for a few days. So hopefully you will be one of those where it doesn't mess u up too bad lol
  4. Yeah those picks have been a little disappointing. But I mean the Oliver pick was one of those that many/most if not every team would have taken that draft. I hear ya on the out of position talk with him. I'm sure that may be a part of it with him, but not sure how much. I feel good about Espensa, may be in the minority, but I feel like he will start to be a good player soon. With Edmunds, some say he also out of position and needs to be outside. And as far as H. Phillips goes, I honestly didn't expect but so much out of him. Many thought he was/would be another K. Williams. I was
  5. Oh cool. Thanks. Didn't know about movie in May. Will be watching it.
  6. Agree. Was surprised John got killed off. Guess they have to kill off characters at some point. But John was a pretty major, popular character.
  7. Of course, some do some don't. Was speaking for myself since that's what thread asked.
  8. Yeah Hillis I remember he got hurt, I know PM didn't ,miss a lot of games, but the way the knee cap was I thought was rough
  9. I wouldn't hate it about any team that drafted me. I'd be happy and thankful for the opportunity and know my family would be set for long time.
  10. Recently P Mahomes with knee, Culpepper back in the day missed like 7 games, Mike Vick, Troy Palamau(however you spell it), Peytom Hillis, is a few off top of my head.
  11. He would be the 1st to be on cover more than once.
  12. Confessions of a time traveler...man from 3036. This is very interesting to me. I can't find anything on this about being one of those fake/etc type documentaries like you can about any other one. Anyways, it's a very interesting watch. This will really have you thinking and it certainly seems legit. Kinda scary in a way. Check it out, saw it on Amazon
  13. Yeah, I know it's silly. Just remember many did get some major injuries when on the cover.
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