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  1. Well not sure yet, but maybe Oliver would make more of an impact with a big DT beside him.
  2. *Sigh*..... Well it's kinda hitting me a little more today. I "thought" I had for the most part mentally prepared myself for this loss due to the fact I had a feeling our Bills were not quite ready for the Chiefs. As it's settling in I'm a little heart broken. Maybe it's because of how we lost? I don't know...but keep reminding myself that they have a lot to build off of and are almost there. We have an awesome Bills team and very likely will be top competitors for quite a few years to come. Maybe it's hitting harder also because the reality of no more Bills football fo
  3. I'd also like to sign this Thank You letter/post. Was a great ride and I wish it wasn't over for this season yet, but I loved every minute of it. I know there is much more to come though. Keep up the fight. Much love. Go Bills
  4. Lol, how many are confident the Bills stop em after the half? Kelcey is burning the Bills up
  5. Not if they can't figure out how to stop KC and cover the TE once in a while. That down by 9 will quickly be a lot more
  6. Damn, that was an awesome video. Just as good if not better than the one last time.
  7. Yup I agree. Hard to argue with that. But it kinda of makes my point a little stronger that if he's unhappy due to past events, the new GM/HC should do whatever it takes and everything in their power to make him happy. I think they should rebuild trust within the organization because he clearly isn't the happiest right now. But as good as he is, you rank him #4. I'd put him at 4 also, at the least #5. If you're lucky enough to get/have a QB that good, no amount of draft picks would be enough. Especially no Sam Darnold either lol. But like I said, we all have been surpri
  8. Where would you rank Watson? Sorry for the repeated question, I edited my other post at the same time you responded to mine. So wasn't sure if you caught it or not.
  9. No telling how long it could take to come across another QB like Watson. Darnold would not be the answer. Unless he surprisingly improves dramatically with a new scenery. I doubt that. He may improve, but I don't see him improving to the point where they would feel comfortable enough to trade their top 3-5 some would say QB. He's definitely in the discussion though. Most would likely put Watson at a top 3 QB I believe. Definitely top 5 I would think. In your opinion, where would you rank Watson as far as one of the top QBs in the league? I would probably put him top 5, think
  10. I guess. There have been many surprises before. If the same knuckle heads were running the show I could definitely see it. One would hope that the new HC and GM would be a litter smarter.
  11. ah ok. I didn't know that. Well I guess they maybe do have the ammo. However I still don't think Texans do it though. Yes, I was just notified. I didn't know. I stand corrected.
  12. Thing is , unless I'm mistaken, Jets don't have a bunch of high picks. Unless they offered future 1st round pick(s). They don't have nothing to offer as far as this draft though, far as I'm aware. I said earlier that if this did happen and Texans are still stupid, even with new HC and GM, if they did try(unlikely IMO) I would think Miami would have the pics to do it more than any team I would think. With 2 firsts rd picks, or do they have 3? Either way, Texans would get their 1st rounder back with Fins 1st and possible 2022 1st. Hell maybe would also include Tua, depending on what
  13. I posted earlier a very similar response. I knew Allen would again improve this season, was easily expected with the addition of Diggs. However, I totally did not expect the amount of improvement that he done. Also didn't expect Diggs to turn out to be the best WR in the entire NFL, in all categories I might add. Just a very impressive, and for me, a mind blowing season. I would say Allen still will improve even more. He is getting better and better at reading defenses now as it is. Just the thought of him getting better than he has now is a scary, scary thing for oppos
  14. Would be an interesting read. As far as Bills fans or die hard football fans of whatever teams they like. But think Bills fans would relate to it the most since we are all likely feeling and going through the same thoughts/emotions.
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