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  1. Patrick_Duffy

    Is it inconceivable for the Bills to trade for OBJ?

    No way! He's simply not right in the head IMO, and also seems to be hurt a lot of the time. No way do you drop that much money on a loose cannon who will likely not be playing but so much due to injury. That money can be spent in a number of different ways that will be better than risking it on OBJ IMO.
  2. Patrick_Duffy

    What do you expect from Trent Murphy in 2019?

    This. I agree.I expect more injuries.
  3. Patrick_Duffy

    Netflix Original Documentary: Abducted in Plain Sight

    Exactly. The guy says he has mental problems and his therapist says the only treatment is for me to sleep with your 12 yr old daughter, and the father with his dumbass says, ok, I don't have a problem with that. Then later on, the father gives the guy an old fashioned in the car because the guy says he was down and fed up with his wife.The whole thing was just absolutely stunning to the point where it got hard for me to believe it was a real story.
  4. Patrick_Duffy

    Bills Schedule Updates

    Actually really looking forward to the Bills- Browns game. Should be fun to watch Allen and Mayfield battle.
  5. Patrick_Duffy

    Kevin White Bears UFA

    lol nah
  6. Patrick_Duffy

    Netflix Original Documentary: Abducted in Plain Sight

    I thought the girls parents were really, really stupid. I shook my head in amazement of the stupidity of them.
  7. Patrick_Duffy

    Brandon Beane letter to Season Ticket Holders

    Surprised I haven't see the "snake oil" post yet in response to this. Lol
  8. Patrick_Duffy

    Josh Allen's Top 10 Plays

    Nice. Hope to see a lot more passing big plays next season rather than a lot of running. Excited for the offseason additions and excited for next season.
  9. I don't understand why you think this but ok. I see no reason for it to open more criticism, it's just a fun and games type thing to me. And to be honest I'm curious to see who wins just for ***** and giggles.
  10. Patrick_Duffy

    Could JP Losman Help Rejuvenate Josh Rosen in AZ?

    EJ had weapons to throw to that majority of the time would catch the ball when he could actually get it to them. He also had a better OL. So this means nothing.
  11. Patrick_Duffy

    Jags to release TE Austin Sefarian-Jenkins

    Wouldn't hurt to bring him in to compete. I'd still definitely ( and I'm sure the FO is too) be keeping my eyes open for better options via draft and FA. If he can come in a compete he may surprise, so we'll see I guess. Either way the Bills need TE pretty bad, so got to start somewhere I guess.
  12. That looks familiar 😁
  13. Better call Saul........
  14. Patrick_Duffy

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots