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  1. 24 minutes ago, SinceThe70s said:


    Gary just mentioned that Mickey says that starting Friday it's 'full bore' with regard to time off for the starters.


    Barring a melt down we'll go into the weekend series against the Nats above .500 and throwing Stroman, Thor and DeGrom at them.  After that we continue to face contenders for the foreseeable future.


    We'll have to wait and see how the bullpen holds up, but as Alonso would say LFGM! 

    When was the last time we saw Wheeler look so relaxed?

  2. Tasker and Murph had a Miami connection on today..the reporter said Mills is on the second unit and is at risk to make the roster...Murphy almost looked like he wanted to chuckle..kind of like "i told you so".

    I enjoy Steve better than Jones,who seemed to loose interest near the end..before he left,he wasn't even attending home games.

  3. 11 hours ago, Captain Murica said:

    Watched before games while working ?


    I had a feeling if familia held it down in the second game we could come back. JD needs to be in the lineup full-time imo. 

    Agree about JD,especially since Mac is back at 2nd.

    On a negative note...Lagares needs to spend more time in the cage...it looks like he lost confidence in himself.

  4. 4 hours ago, T&C said:

    Should be on regular tv for you K. Back not getting any better?

    Thanks T/C..I have home PT...three times a week.I'm hanging tough.

    Hey...we have a blackout here.CBS (Wivb-4) and sister WNLO (23).CBSSN all knocked out.

    Like I said..I won't be bothered if I listen to the radio feed..and watch ch 212(nfln) for red zone and our scoring plays.



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  5. I asked my bride to change to cable..she said no because we have the Sat dish on the garage roof...what?

    It's not difficult..roof tar is cheap.

    it's her way of getting me out to watch the bills opener with friends at a bar.I'm not doing that..

    I'll listen to the radio feed or get the rabbit ears.

    DTV has really gone down hill...only reason I still have it is because of the Mets.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Johnny Hammersticks said:

    Thai curry is among my favorite foods.  Especially love the green curry with roasted duck.

    That sounds darn good..with the grease from the duck do you dry rub under the skin or run into the skin..if it's #2..it must come out killer crispy.

  7. 26 minutes ago, Joe in Winslow said:

    Personally love the stuff.  Fiance hates it.  I'll eat any kind of curry, Jamaican, Indian, Thai, Chinese. How about you?

    Love it! My cousins in Louisiana add it to their boils...great wet run too.

    To this day I can't make Jamaica jerk chicken worth a (fill in the blank).I dry rub then bath in yogurt...my next attempt..I will do a total wet rub.

    I know what I want for supper tomorrow.??

  8. 4 minutes ago, Gugny said:

    This is the second thread (recently, anyway) in which I've publicly schooled @Cripple Creek.  I need to ease up on him or I may get a vacation.

    That fella wasn't a slice of Apple pie to me when I walked through the doors into this place.

    I have a good vibe about him though..

    He knows meat.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Augie said:

    A couple years ago they started showing up on menus and cooking shows, after basically being non-existent since the dining terrors of my childhood. They should go away, and STAY away, like the Lima bean!  

    I lost a very good friend years ago..always the explorer.I built him a brick fire pit..capable space for roasting a pig...he let it be announced that he could 

     "Make anything taste good" .

    lima is chi chi in a garden salad..I would eat a fistfull.

    Kidney...nice in a southwest tex_Mex chili...they serve that in San Diego places.

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  10. 3 hours ago, OldTimeAFLGuy said:


    ..think Tasker tries too hard at times not to sound like a homer.....pretty neat that he as well as several other Bills decided to make Buffalo their home post retirement and remain active in the community....

    His son played ice hockey with my son...nice fella..didn't curse and never acted superior.

    He blended in..

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  11. 25 minutes ago, Gugny said:


    All asparagus and/or Brusselsprouts need is salt-n-pepa.  I will tear them UP!

    That's your generation speaking...but you weren't swamped with fast food commercials etc when you were a child/teen.

    The kids these days think French fries are a vegetable..

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