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  1. Just now, ExiledInIllinois said:

    That's most vegetables!


    Human habit. 

    Eden corn festival is happening now...that corn is so sweet on it's own..but people will pound on the melted butter and salt.

  2. 32 minutes ago, Gray Beard said:

    It stinks getting old.  The hearing and eyesight start to get worse.  Next thing you know, you’ll be picking your nose and peeing in the shower.

    The day I can't get aroused sexually.. Is the day that.tells me my time on this planet is limited.

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  3. 53 minutes ago, Another Fan said:

    Has anyone else noticed they have trouble hearing more as they get older?


    I say the what’d ya say line at least 10 times during the day.  Maybe bad phone connections?

    Sometimes this is a good thing..

    I'm a head nodder anyway.

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  4. Of you go to the far east,including Hawaii..you notice how healthy most are..earth foods but served with seasoning.I ate very good cabbage rolls with balsamic vinegar,fruit juices and a heavy dark sugar.very good imo. They don't boil them in water..but a fish/seafood stock ( fish heads and blood).

    My bride won't touch anything like that..but she will eat salted canned asparagus...microwaved.

    And people say I'm nuts..I

    Brussel Sprouts.


  5. 4 hours ago, Gugny said:


    Rosario - best in baseball (I think - maybe just NL) for July.


    What was up last night with McNeil grabbing his wrist/hand during his last AB?  I was unable to watch today's game, but I see that he played/got a hit.  Did anyone mention anything about his wrist/hand?


    No..nothing at length or worth mentioning that I recall.

    They did show a clip on "Disco Night"...

    Check out the replay of McNeil's grab....I really think the entire net is a great idea.

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  6. 15 hours ago, SinceThe70s said:


    Unbelievable. Looked foul, but no way to tell without a foul line. 

    70's...could Mick have played under protest?

    not the call,I was thinking "field condition".

  7. 1 hour ago, Gugny said:

    Mets are 5 games out of the Wild Card.


    Alonso writes an open letter to fans.  Signs it with "LFGM."  I love it.




    "The boys are hot and we’ve been working our asses off. Hard work has been really paying off this second half. The rest of the season is going to be a really fun, wild and memorable ride.


    "Our goal is to make history. We strive every day to be great and nothing less.”


    It's been a honor and a pleasure watching him and McNeil play this season.. It's comical that the suit said they were no "locks" to make the club.

  8. 59 minutes ago, Captain Murica said:


     Thor is staying with us. I wonder if any team gets desperate and gives us a good haul for Wheeler.


    If it was up to me. We’d keep Wheeler and improve the bullpen next off season and make a run at this thing. 

    Thank god!!!


    I'm with you Cap..  It ain't over.

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  9. 35 minutes ago, SinceThe70s said:


    I think he may be dangling Thor and Diaz in the hopes that someone will offer something stupid. If so, nothing wrong with that. 


    I also heard a radio call-in today that's worth sharing. Maybe from a no-nothing psycho and I'm paraphrasing the stats which for all I know were fabricated so read this with skepticism. The claim was that last year Thor and  Diaz threw sliders in the strike zone around 30% of the time, this year 45%. The speculation being they don't trust Ramos behind the plate.


    Regardless, I've never been a fan of giving up on the season if there' s a glimmer of hope. A rotation of DeGrom, Thor, Stroman, Wheeler, Matz would look formidable if the bullpen wasn't so God-awful.



    If only Diaz wouldn't throw hanging sliders.

    Nice game tonight (so far).

  10. 2 hours ago, TBBills Fan said:

    I am absolutely ***** ready to explode. 


    With that said, anyone have any good remedies to calm the storm within that have worked?

    You go relax alone..deep breathing..stretch well.

    And then eat something you enjoy..no booze.


  11. 9 minutes ago, SinceThe70s said:


    Thor's scheduled to go tonight, Wheeler on Thursday.


    If it's related I hope it's to Wheeler. But after seeing what we gave up for Stroman and knowing that Wheeler is  strictly a rental I wouldn't expect the Mets to get much for him.  So right now if they trade a pitcher I hope it's Diaz

    Oakland left a deal on the table.

    For the suit to rid of Diaz would make him look like a failure..he's too cocky to bite failure right now.

    If you look deep,he can find a way to work with Wheeler..the big numbers with Frazier will be elliminated,that cuts 8 million off payroll off the bat.


    Bottom line..we need a sweep in Chi-town.


    It ain't over.


    Let's Go Mets.



  12. 9 minutes ago, ExiledInIllinois said:

    I think Caroline used it in a sarcastic, mocking way... IIRC... Used to put down Harriet & Nellie Oleson.  Nels, the father wasn't a horrible human being.


    FWIW... I may be mistaken.

    Oh that Nellie..biggest pisspot kid in the history of commercial tv.

    I hated Wayne on the Wonder Years too..punk.



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  13. 26 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:

    I had a lightbulb moment today, about what a Southern girl means when she says "Why, Bless your Little Heart!"


    Despite having lived in Missouri for >30 years at this point, I am a Northerner - born and raised in Tonawanda, educated in New England.

    Missouri is sometimes borderline Southern in culture and attitudes and while I feel like I understand where folks are coming from, I've never identified as anything but a DamnYankee myself.


    Until today.


    So couple weeks ago, during our initial stage of cleanup on the flood-damaged property we own, this dude who looks like he solves every cleanup problem he's ever had with Servicemaster on Speed Dial drove up  and offered to buy something on the property.  I was wearing a N95 respirator, rubber boots, rubber gloves, and holding a squeege at the time.  It's raining, it's smelly, I surely look like I'm busy.  I gave him what I thought was the brush-off saying we we were going to clean up first and then discuss among ourselves what to do, then politely told him I needed to keep working when he started to ask me specific questions about the condition of what he wanted to buy. 


    Inside, though, I was thinking: Vulture!  And until I say I'm interested in selling, condition of my property is Nonaya Bizness. 


    Fast forward to this am.  It's relatively cool which for here means 85 degrees and humid enough to wring water out of the air.  It's not as smelly because most of the mud and stuff has been cleaned away.  The ground has dried enough that I can power-wash the exterior.  By 11 am after 2 hrs work I'm dripping sweat and my rubber boots and duds are covered with muck, epoxy paint chips, and grime.   Dude drives up in a sports car with tinted windows, gets out, approaches me.  "What's up?" I say.  He identifies himself as the same dude who came by a couple of weeks ago, wants to know what decision we've made about selling the item he wishes to buy.


    It just slipped out of my mouth: "Why BLESS your Little Heart!"


    So now I know. 


    When a Southern girl says "Bless your Little Heart!" what she really may mean is: @#$% off, you %^&#head!


    This gives me a Modest Proposal for Bad Language on this board.  When you find yourself thinking that someone needs to be told @#$% off, you %^&#head!, Just Say it:


                                                 Why BLESS your Little Heart!


    Caroline Ingalls,the mom on little house on the prairie used that 'term"...but so did the nasty lady that owned the general store.


    I don't recall my mom or gramma's using those words.

  14. 2 hours ago, Bangarang said:

    Called DTV and got money off the bill and a free antenna. The antenna sucks and isn't a solution for me. I'll probably make the switch back to Spectrum.

    They gave us a $30 discount for August..one time deal.I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to wait ..odds are the cable company will get backed up the week before the opener..the antenna box might be a option..but that requires more remotes and another set of boxes...my wife hates all of that crap.

  15. Santana has been pulled from his start tonight with syracuse.

    Padres,Astros with most interest..

    A's wanted a deal..close.. but we asked for too much.

    Per MLBN

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