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  1. 1 hour ago, Another Fan said:

    Had it 7 years ago and almost threw it up.  Maybe I’ll get a taste for it some day 

    You went heavy...try it with Joe 6 pack's recipe for jerk Jamaican chicken..you need yogurt. We had it sunday..with Spanish rice and green beans..perfect mix of foods.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Gugny said:


    Davis should have been the 3B all year.  Frazier sucks balls.

    I understand where you're coming from but his large contract plays a roll.. not to mention the fact about his tightness w/Mick.

    It's in the past Gug..

    The season starts tomorrow.

    Think positive bro.

  3. 17 hours ago, Gugny said:


    JD should have been in the lineup all season.  Callaway is horrible.

    Gug..early on it was a numbers game..he was low on the depth chart..you couldn't let Nimms ride the pine..Smith was ready for full time play as well.

    He's a prime example of why you need a deep bench...162 games is a long haul.

    Playoffs start tomorrow night..enjoy...we got hot at the right time and no true baseball fan would have believed that we would go out and get a "Stroman".

    P.S.-once we get Nimms and Dom back..I think Lagares is going to have to clear waivers to get to Syracuse...I think he's finished.

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  4. Just now, ColoradoBills said:


    'Sky,  Wouldn't it be great for the Bills to luck into a 7th round TE and have him produce!

    When reading about him I seen where he went to Don Bosco Preparatory High School in NJ. 

    Don Bosco was founded as a boarding school for Polish boys.


    I guess he would be a favorite for JFK High School Bears fans.  LOL.

    Anyway, Good Luck tonight Tommy!

    I have Murph/Steve on right now..not long ago,Tasker and Brown both said he's a intelligent guy..no problem with his learning level.

    Could be a diamond..it happens.I

    Enjoy the game tonight Bear.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, ShadyBillsFan said:


    Bills vs Colts

    New Era Field - Thu, 8/8

    Tickets as low as $3





    Injury Report  
    Indianapolis Colts
    Ben Banogu, LB Questionable
    Ryan Kelly, C Questionable
    Darius Leonard, LB Questionable
    Jabaal Sheard, DE Questionable
    Andrew Luck, QB Questionable
    Buffalo Bills  
    Jon Feliciano, G Questionable
    Spencer Long, C Questionable
    E.J. Gaines, CB Questionable
    Dawson Knox, TE Questionable
    Jason Croom, TE Questionable


    Morse is dressing?

  6. 16 minutes ago, nucci said:

    Not sure...I checked in with my Buffalo family but they haven't replied. I'm in Philly area . Mine is back on. I'll  report when I find out

    I'm here in WNY...we are still blacked out. WIVB(cbs-4),WNLO (cbs sister station-23)...also cbssn.

    18 minutes ago, pop gun said:

    As of now 1:45 pm Thursday CBS or channel 8 in Rochester was still off on my Directv. Trying to record as I have to work tonight. 


    Will it be back in Rochester? 

    A few folks said you can pick up the game on 212-1..but I think they will block it locally.

  7. 42 minutes ago, BUFFALOKIE said:

    LOL, holy shnikey, you friggin remember that? Yeah, I'd did but that was two houses ago back in 2005!!! I may have told the story here a couple of years ago, but the actual event was long before.


    The funny/sad thing is, she is still with that ***** bag in their ***** trailer park. They've now lasted longer than her and I! Good for her! 


    PS: I have never felt so satisfied wearing handcuffs ?

    I remember everything..including when gugny got himself in a car wreck..

    His wife at the time..asked him if the car was heavily damaged instead of spending her worry on him.

    Johnny Hammersticks doesn't like popcorn thrown at him...


    I don't type much on here..I read and digest all of the takes..

    Tells me a lot of the character of you characters.


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  8. 19 minutes ago, Joe in Winslow said:

    Bible says we're supposed to love our neighbors, but mine go out of the way to make it difficult. 


    New neighbors (like four months in the neighborhood new) call code enforcement on our pastureland for being overgrown. Not even adjacent to their property. Consequence? Using a scythe to cut it down (two acres) before COB tomorrow. 


    Don't even know the woman, but I hate her already. Let's hear about your ***** neighbors.

    Mowing down "pasture land" here in WNY counties will get you in a deep load of trouble...if horses..livestock etc are on the land and surviving off it...those "people" are in some serious trouble.

    Invest in no trespassing signs...AND

    Take them to your local court..doing what they did is nearly like hitting a Amish carriage horse with your jeep.

    P.S.-My neighbors are scared shirtless of me..but we still smile and wave.


    Good luck...me and my bride would love to get down south/fla panhandle..have a few horses out back..she loves riding.I'm More into patting and feeding them raw carrots.

    I never heard mister ed get called eddie????


    10 minutes ago, BUFFALOKIE said:

    My next door neighbor to my right is a wonderful family from Zimbabwe. Love them.


    The dude to my left is a creepy dude who never moved out of his mom's house. She passed away a couple of years ago and his hording began. I can be in my garage and know that he has opened his garage door because of the smell of mice. Sounds weird, but I have smelled mouse infestations and I have never smelled anything like it. Effin gross.

    Didn't you beat the daylights out of your neighbor a few years ago?

    Domestic..he was sleeping with your wife?

  9. 3 hours ago, Bakin said:

    what time should we show up to allow for enough time to go to the Field House, etc?
    We aren't tail gating...


    Any recommendations on where to park if we are in 109?  I know it's Gate 6 or 7, just not sure where that is...

    You sound nervous..things will be fine and your son will mix in with all of the other kids that will get bored after a half.As far as parking goes..after you leave Anchor Bar...get on the thruway South on the 90...you'll see the signs..even the stadium lights as far away as South Cheektowaga.Drive Lot 5 for parking if you are in section 109...won't be a long walk for the little guy since it will be half empty.

    Like Johnny Hammersticks said....this is the way to introduce him to the experience.

    Enjoy your time in Buffalo!

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  10. On 8/6/2019 at 11:26 AM, CLTbills said:

    If they come out an play two series and march right down the field and score 2 TDs, they'll be out pretty quickly.

    I would think a long ,clock burning first drive would pull the shoulder pads off Brown and Beasley since they are the only two wr's with nothing to prove.I'm thinking Foster is going to see a lot of plays,it doesn't sound like he has convinced anybody he's a complete wideout...Murphy and Steve touched on that today...


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  11. 29 minutes ago, Captain Murica said:

    Man, didn’t even realize I typed before instead of both. 


    14 hour overnights will do that ?


    No doubt he has joined Frazier as a clubhouse leader..these sure are happy days...I heard Mickey wants to take Tim Healey out for a nice supper...ha..joking.


  12. Mac nails another first pitch strike..15th of the season.I

    Conforto adds another one.opposite field.

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