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  1. 38 minutes ago, John from Riverside said:

    I would not say Foster had a good season....but if you look at the 2nd half of season stats and compared them with the rest of the league....Foster was doing VERY well compared to other NFL recievers.


    My problem with this is that should be a starting point for him to take him into this season take ANOTHER step....which so far he is not doing.   I dont want a Foster/Zay Jones comparison.....I want ppl to look at Foster as a legit number 1 guy because he has that ability


    He needs to show it

    Look at :52 in the first qtr..Barkley gives him the sign to go deep after breaking huddle...Foster ran the route of the original call...no excuse.

    Also..His drop in the flat from Barkley was something that doesn't happen to solid wr's either...at least he broke free from the coverage..but the ball did hit his ten fingers and boof.

    Right now..he's still a one trick pony who needs to know his playbook better and become more alert.

    Imo..Foster is #6 right now.,nothing more,nothing less.

    Kudos to McKenzie for having a solid night.

  2. 10 minutes ago, John from Riverside said:

    So what is everybody thinking....what OL end up getting cut?


    Do we keep Teller over a guy like....Spencer Long?

    It would be a plus for Wyatt if they would give him some pt this week on the other side.Next week would be the time to do it since we are going pads on with the Panthers starting next tuesday.

    Just now, VW82 said:


    Thought it was interesting that he had five holding penalties over the final eight weeks of the 2018 season. Seems a little high, no? Hopefully he starts to move his feet. 

    Who Teller had 5 ? If so,he was a rookie (5th round) tossed into a starting spot.

    Is he raw..yes he is.

  3. 16 minutes ago, VW82 said:

    I'm not sure Teller shouldn't be playing over Spain.

    Spain's holding call on play two was inexuseable..shades of Ducassee all over again.If you review the play..Spain appeared to go to high on his block..both hands where in the defender's throat area.

    11 minutes ago, badassgixxer05 said:

    Pulling out while in college is a good choice.. ?

    Go back and watch his VA Tech footage...he kicked but swinging out to his left as well.

    He kind of has some Richie in him from the shoulders down.

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  4. 42 minutes ago, Doc said:

    Not sure they can trust Zay any more.  You can't be dropping perfect passes like that one.  I think he just may be fighting for a roster spot at this point.

    Doc,If you watch the drop at the one yard line again..it appears the sun hit his visor..causing him to lose focus.

    I'm not exactly backing him because I believe he fights the football on nearly every ball..it's a mental thing..imo.

    He has to find a way to relax and have fun out there...when he came out of the tent,he nearly looked like he was sad and not happy that he was cleared to return.


  5. 41 minutes ago, MR8 said:


    I thought the TEs did a good job considering the top 3 TEs on the roster all didn't play... no real news is a massive win for them.  Kroft, Knox, and Croom were all inactive, so you have Sweeney a 7th round rookie (who played pretty well considering), Lee Smith, and Keith Towbridge   playing and we don't have negatives to say... IMO that's a win.


    Sure you'd prefer your TEs to catch passes and make waves, but all things considered, not being a liability is just as good under the situation.

    On the first offensive play Josh tossed a perfect ball to Sweeney..if he wasn't held that was a 30 yard play...

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  6. I doubt Foster sees the field in the second half,too many others to look at...he didn't help himself tonight to solidify the #4 spot.

    He's simply not a complete wr..

    Thumbs up to McKenzie.

    looking forward to seeing a lot of Ray Ray,Sills and the CFL burner in the second half.

    Spain was weak..I thought Wyatt hung well with the second unit...

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