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  1. I know he was a good man and also created many jobs for wny...however,I don't like to see banks making 100's of millions off high interest loans and forget about getting any interest on your savings and checking accounts.I was told to have 6 months of monies in those accounts for safety reasons..the rest belongs in mutual funds etc....

  2. 10 minutes ago, RaoulDuke79 said:

    They're a dirty team coached by a guy who jumped ship on his school when the **** hit the fan. I wish them all the misfortune possible. I dislike them more than the jets and dolphins. 

    Didn't he take the Seattle job because of the very fresh sushi bars.??grins fish.signed Stephen.s.Salmon....

  3. Jones at flanker,mills at rt,milano at left side lb.mention to ducasse as well.this will be 8-8.

    Milano gets sucked in the middle far to much..his interceptions were great..one for a TD..but no way does he have the upper body strength to fight off a running bull lineman.

  4. The last two times we went,including tonight,the food was bad.dehydrated frozen meat or smoked many days before.the French fries were even a mess..more like half pinkie sized fragments from a wholesale place..likely Willowbrook farms.Jambalaya was whacked as well..way over spiced.i doubt they survive since Greg seems like he has either moved back home or sold to wannabes smokers.

  5. On 11/9/2017 at 12:03 PM, teef said:

    at one point i loved thanksgiving...until we started hosting it.  we bought our forever house a few years ago, and made sure it had enough room for holiday throwdowns.  mistake numero uno.  45 people come over, eat our ****, drink my booze, and !@#$ my house up.  i don't think i've actually eaten a full dinner in 3 years.  i honestly just want to go out to eat at this point. 

    45 people...I would end up pulling out a gun by just after pie time.had 11 over last year and I was clock watching by 6.and the dishwasher broke..none of the nieces helped out with dishes.no mas.no grins,bride agrees.good luck

  6. Hey good to see you.

    Killed the perch on Sunday.

    I'm still filleting their tasty little souls.

    good to you as well..glad you hit those beds!!I'm really looking forward to the walleye season...I need to send you a pm about those bad crap carps tearing up our lakes..

  7. Kman for yrs..then shifted to misterbluesky in remembrance of waterbuffalo,which is a long story and you can theme the end.also..somebody stole the majority of the baked hams out of the main fridge at bbmb..this what caused the door lockage.grins


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