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  1. 56 minutes ago, 4_kidd_4 said:


    Has the “blind faith” loyalty finally been tapped out?


    Honest question. There’s only so much people can take before they ‘demand’ some sort of results.


    You will always have the “die hards”, but I get the feeling even some of those types are being more careful in regards to dropping good coin on this franchise.


    Season tix numbers are clearly down, they didn’t announce the number last year for the first time ever. I know several people/tix groups that were put off by the recent pricing changes too.


    Truth is..the population keeps decreasing here ,and it has aged.

    They young people left and keep leaving, especially over the course of the past 20 years.

    Outside of a miracle...we won't see a new stadium..most locals already know that.


  2. 3 hours ago, Ned Flanders said:

    I would also like to take the opportunity for folks to take a gander at Ticketmaster and the relatively surprising number of tickets that are still available for the Bills home opener...



    Not one game is close to a sell out,not sure why.

  3. 2 hours ago, apuszczalowski said:

    I think the Bisons season is over by the time the home opener would be



    We would have to win the first round..5 games out right now (division)...very much alive for the 4th spot.

  4. 51 minutes ago, jwhit34 said:

    What about trading some of these guys:


    Russell Bodine and/or Wyatt Teller - neither are in top 7 or 8

    If Kevin Johnson is good/healthy, Levi Wallace (still have EJ Gaines and Pitts to back up and T. Johnson as slot CB)

    Zay Jones, if not Zay, if Kaelin Clay can get traded multiple times, what about Ray Ray McCloud

    TJ Yeldon (?able possibility since he didn't get a lot of FA interest)

    Siran Neal


    With the exception of Zay, probably none cut into depth in any impactful way.



    Lat year..Teller had a solid exhibition season with the 2 nd line..giving up one sack...actually,the second offense moved the ball well.A rookie,who can pull,great feet,thrown into the fire last year and the 5th round pick held his own.

    I would hate to see him get released since..he can pancake but he's raw.

    I doubt he would clear waivers to get a spot on the PS.

    Oh well.

  5. 2 hours ago, ukbuffalo said:

    Hi ,


    I am a UK born buffalo fan. I am travelling over to New York City for a week ( my first trip to USA ) at the beginning of September and have managed to get tickets for the season opener against New York Jets 


    I have just managed to convince my friend I am going with to fly to buffalo for a day trip on the Friday before the game. I am deffo gonna organise a stadium tour but is there anything else people would recommend doing while we are there ??



    Tee Hee

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  6. 1 hour ago, Jpsredemption said:

    Thad Brown got after Josh Allen pretty good. Through two days not so good. 

    He called Ford a bust a month ago because of some "" film" he watched.

    I was happy to see Murphy take him on man to man..he shut him up while Steve was playing with his golf clubs.

    Some people complain about Chris Brown because he's bold..but he's at obd/SJF when other people left the building.

    He's Rochester's problem..I hope Josh Reed cuts off ties with him for the WIVB Sunday morning pre game show...he's nothing but a new Jerry Sullivan.

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  7. 7 minutes ago, ColoradoBills said:


    I didn't say it was a good chance.  LOL

    I'm hoping everyone stays healthy and plays well.

    If so maybe Beane can work some magic and deal away Bodine and Ducasse for some picks.

    I actually forgot Ducasse was still on the roster.

    I would guess he would be put into the category of "last option in case of a catastrophic disaster"

    I kid.I kid.....not really.?

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Over 29 years of fanhood said:


    Fair point.  I trust the coaches to find a way to keep talent if they find it though. This staff just seems good. 


    But wow this retooled o line is such an upgrade 

    It's so early,but yes..we seem to be headed in the right direction.

    As far as WT is concerned..I think he is more talented than Bodine..Long can back up Morse.

    Also..WT had a darn good preseason last year.


    I understand..it's about numbers and he's on the bubble.


    3 minutes ago, ColoradoBills said:



    Teller's chances of making the 53 got better after the Sirles injury.

    He definitely is not a lock but he's got time to show improvement this summer.

    There's also a chance he could find his way to the PS.

    I guess this is what Training Camp is all about.

    Bear...he wouldn't clear waivers to have a PS opportunity with us.

    Too young with raw talent..somebody would grab him.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Over 29 years of fanhood said:


    But good news for the QB and running back, because the line won’t suck

    29..Wyatt was tossed into the fire because Ducasse wasn't capable.I thought our line play got better in the last 1/4 of the season.....

     a 5th round pick who can pull out.and.he has great feet .

    He's on the ropes..I know that,it's a shame because he's raw.

  10. 6 hours ago, Cripple Creek said:

    DTV Now.  I have had NFLN removed plus CBS/NBC are blocked due to a "dispute" between the networks and AT&T.  I don't know what's next, but my time with DTV Now is coming to an end.


    Looking at Sling and Comcast Streaming.

    I will have to get a antenna box because DTV will charge my CC over 200 bucks (May contract) and Sling and Hulu don't show Mets games..

    Bottom line..you,me and mega other folks are paying for the networks like CBS/NBC and they are blacked out...not sure about you but my bill didn't drop in price.

    It's a crooked operation now since AT&T took over and when you shop around..I feel like I'm giving to Peter while taking from Paul.

  11. 7 minutes ago, OldTimeAFLGuy said:

    ...no injuries?....no cuts?...no "TBD bust" labels?......one helluva good day.............


    The lack of drama is what gives me pure optimism.The guys on TV today (Murph,Steve,Brown) mentioned the difference from just three years ago.

    The laughs are fun now..before,they were as  joking and poking.

    today was scheduled to be two hours..the players were off the turf 20 minutes early.that's how well things went.

    This is a very focused football team.


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