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  1. I expect Cleveland, NY Jets to do the same with their guys. There is going to be growing pains, no matter if you start him now or a year from now. You need in game experience. These guys are top ten picks and you draft someone that high to play. Peyton Manning, John Elway, Steve Young (who sat behind Montana to "develop"), Troy Aikman, Andrew Luck, etc. All had bad first years, if it goes that way for Allen it's no big deal. McCarron and Peterman are not good enough to not throw Allen out there right away.
  2. BuffaloBud420

    Buffalo Buds Draft Grades

    1. Josh Allen - A+ 1. Tremaine Edmunds - A 3. Phillip Harrison - B 4. Taron Johnson - F 5. Siran Neal - D 5. Wyatt Teller - C+ 6. Ray Ray McCloud - F 7. Austin Proehl - B We still didn't address a deep outside threat. That's the big miss.
  3. BuffaloBud420

    RD 6, 187 Ray-Ray McCloud - WR Clemson

    This was a McDermott pick
  4. BuffaloBud420

    RD 6, 187 Ray-Ray McCloud - WR Clemson

    Garbage pick. St Brown had upside.
  5. BuffaloBud420

    Day 3 of draft rounds 4-7 let’s talk

    Good pick
  6. BuffaloBud420

    RD 5, Pick 154: Siran Neal S - Jacksonville state

    Yeah. They just scored a combined 74 points last year
  7. BuffaloBud420

    RD 5, Pick 154: Siran Neal S - Jacksonville state

    Really? Apparently you havent watched the last 5+ Super Bowls
  8. BuffaloBud420

    RD 5, Pick 154: Siran Neal S - Jacksonville state

    Alright McDermott. Give the phone back to Beane. That's enough
  9. You all hated him. Dragged him through the mud all draft process. Maybe Arizona or Cleveland would be better for you.
  10. BuffaloBud420

    Forgive my ignorance but why is Edmunds nose so big?

    Cause he is black. That's the honest answer
  11. BuffaloBud420

    Josh Allen Picks Blue Cheese Over Ranch on his Wings!

    Howard and Jeremy are clowns. They bashed Allen everyday. They should see if they are hiring in Arizona.
  12. BuffaloBud420

    Beane comment on the tweets

    He knew...and he doesn't care like everyone else. Unless your a sensitive snowflake
  13. BuffaloBud420

    Josh Rosen is a D-BAG

    Rosen thinks he knows everything. We made the right choice. Plus he looked real skinny. Going to be injured alot just like his teammate Bradford
  14. BuffaloBud420

    DJ Chark in 3rd

    Would make this draft even better. Fast af
  15. BuffaloBud420

    You snowflakes mad?

    I'm high and couldn't be happier with picks. Best draft ever