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  1. Yet are defending Lesean McCoy, the guy who disrespected our anthem by stretching and dancing around during it. Brandon Browner is facing life in prison. Ezekiel Elliott, Jameis Winston...I could go on for hours. NFL players are not idols and their opinion on politics and social issues are no more important than anyone else. Actually their opinion is less. The NFL better look in the mirror with all the domestic violence and sexual harassment going around. Not fighting Trump over an American duty, we all should be honored to stand.
  2. I expect Cleveland, NY Jets to do the same with their guys. There is going to be growing pains, no matter if you start him now or a year from now. You need in game experience. These guys are top ten picks and you draft someone that high to play. Peyton Manning, John Elway, Steve Young (who sat behind Montana to "develop"), Troy Aikman, Andrew Luck, etc. All had bad first years, if it goes that way for Allen it's no big deal. McCarron and Peterman are not good enough to not throw Allen out there right away.