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  1. I honestly think that as long as a player isn’t AB level crazy, McD and the rest of the locker room would make it work. That being said, Beane ain’t giving up 1st round draft picks and paying 80m on a new contract.
  2. King is a weapon if healthy (which appears to be the case). Not sure if he has certain contact demands maybe turning teams off, or just that teams don’t like fun punters. Pat Mcafee was fun and outspoken. Punters are people too.
  3. He was injured in Denver, only played 4 games. The season prior he had a 47 avg/42 net. I doubt he fell that far off the cliff. Back to full health now. I’d at least give him a tryout. He career average is damn good. Still only 30.
  4. I’d love to take a shot on Marquette King, but I guess teams don’t like outspoken punters.
  5. I’m super confused on this. Kalil Mack was traded to the Bears at the beginning of September last year and then signed a 6 yr deal. Is this a new rule or something?
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