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  1. I don’t think Stevie Johnson ever lifted weights lol
  2. It seems as though Thomas is more effective inside than rushing on the edge. Maybe he can be our Kyle Williams replacement 🤔
  3. So many good and fast WR’s in the draft that will cost us far less than making a move for Anderson.
  4. If Jerry Richardson had to sell his team for work place misconduct, you’d think Kraft would have to as well considering he’s involved in a human trafficking ring.
  5. We can save $6,425,000 cutting Shady. I guess you could roll that into a Bell offer. But paying 14mil a year for a RB could haunt you long term. It’ll be interesting to see if the Bills FO goes big game hunting.
  6. I feel like I remember Jacksonville having like 70+ mil in cap like 3 or 4 years ago... mismanagement of epic proportions lol
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