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  1. Worth a cheap flier. Is one of the fastest dudes in the league and had some good years in San Fran.
  2. This. He was set to make 5.5 million which is an incredible overpay, I saw nothing from him and the initial contract was a headscratcher. Hope he took few million pay cut.
  3. He was durable before the past 2 years and was an all pro talent. Definitely worth a tire kicking moreso than vernon butler or addison.
  4. Difference being they can put 2 guys on hill and devins elite speed can handle kelce, whereas we have edmunds
  5. Edmunds is making me rage. I would love to trade him or convert to pass rusher but he is not cutting it right now.
  6. some prolific posters on the old official board but probably just a couple casual posters here. Here is the link to the group.
  7. I almost feel bad for them. This confirms they were actually trying to win the raiders game. Gase's incompetence is so powerful that even when you are banking on his awfulness for long term success he will find a way to booger it up.
  8. Few things worse than that grumbling in your belly signaling impending doom without a bathroom in site. Looks like Lamar exercised the demon
  9. We run an online home game tourney every friday. Some dudes from the old bills message board sim league mostly. We usually get 7-15. Play on pokerstars home games. Usually 30 beans(venmo) with a super deep stack. Always looking for more people. If anyone is interested let me know and i will post the deets to join. There is a game tonight at 830 est.
  10. I hated Smith a few years ago but he is getting less penalties and made a few catches this year. I view him as a basically a hockey enforcer, he is a morale type dude with grit, expendable but i dont mind keeping him if we have space. He shouldn't be running many if any routes tho.
  11. Cian is the most stubborn knob on the planet. The dude is incapable of admitting he was wrong. He is also frequently wrong. He hated mahomes and called tyreek hill tavon austin gimmick guy. He will analyze a play based on how he feels about a guy and form his narrative from there, no objectivity. People are entitled to their opinions but anyone who thinks Baker is better than Allen huffs glue and their football takes should be disregarded. Most people are hyping allen today.
  12. He put up 1200 yards with alex smith. Hills statement is irrelevant I doubt hill is scouting mahomes college tape he was just going off word of mouth.
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