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  1. not to be technical but that wasn't "Joe Cool" s last game but he damn sure was knocked in to the next week by the trio of smith, hansen and wright. he would start 14 games in the '94 season and helped to lead the chiefs to a 9-7 record and his final postseason appearance where they lost to dan marino and the fins 27-17. I think making such a big deal about montana as the media did it pissed off the defense and they made sure to remind them "Joe who"?
  2. if he plays, the bills win. if he doesn't play, the bills win. so far, what team has stopped them from reaching the final dance? kc is not stopping them.
  3. right. bruce, wright and hanson. the three of them knocked him out of the game. it wasn't career ending, he did play in 1994, his final season.
  4. regardless of talent. too many hits like that and today will end a career, even life. ironic that two of the top afc Qbs were taken out of a playoff game due to concussion. just shows how violent. Joe Montana's career ended by a concussion in a playoff game back in 1993.
  5. I seem to remember a henne led miami team being beat a time or two by buffalo? there is good reason the man hasn't seen much of the field since 2016. if they somehow pull this out, mahomes likely would be ready to play but would still be gimpy?
  6. how many times have I heard nance say the afc title game rather then say, 11 minutes until the winner faces buffalo in the afc title game
  7. cleveland will be a tough out but I believe the bills can prevail. not over, but...
  8. Jackson would eventually be ruled out of action with a concussion. Following the injury, the Bills Mafia wanted to do something for the Ravens’ quarterback. As they have done many times in the past, the fan base went the donation route. One fan on Reddit found that Jackson’s favorite charity was Blessings in a Backpack. He posted his donation and it has since taken off with many other fans sending money to the cause. Bills fans raise money for Lamar Jackson’s favorite charity after Ravens QB exits with injury
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