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  1. it certainly means he didn't in that game. sorry, I'm not satisfied with getting close, finishing second best. to be the best you have to beat the best. JA and the team are/were not ready for that big stage and it showed last night. I hope he works hard on his mental game this offseason along with some talent additions on both sides of the ball. I realize there is more to losing the game then the play of the QB, so not all blame should go on his shoulders but both he and the team did not perform good enough to win.
  2. the stage was too big. the pressure on the coaches and players was heavy all game. they were not prepared and showed they are not ready for the big games, yet. I'm actually relieved they didn't make it after watching that performance last night, they were sure to lose the sb. also against brady would of made it so much worse and reason I wont be tuning in to yet another sb. too big of a stage for McD and his team as his mentor and former boss along with spags and some pretty darn good talent, owned him and the team from the end of the 1st qtr to the final gun never giving up the le
  3. I don't know, are you? do a poll, I'm sure you're not alone but I'm also sure it doesn't bug some the way it bugs you. I wouldn't do it, but it's funny to watch.
  4. honestly since tb and the bucs offense look to score at will watching that first drive, bring on the bucs. I want to see JA do to tb and the bucs the same he and the bills did bb and the patsies. kick his/their ass!
  5. that is ironic that it will be 3 championship games against the chiefs. was only 5 for the first one so no recollection there for me. remember the afcc game back in '94 very well though, "Joe who?". I'm a numbers man. superstitious in a way about numbers you might say. 27 has always been a good number for me. all season to me has felt like the stars have been lining up for this bills team, a sense of destiny unfolding before our eyes week to week. one step closer to that final destiny today. I'm real proud of this team and proud to
  6. if you want to talk dagger in the heart. then allow that thought to loom of brady and the bucs representing the nfc in the sb. then, think the thought of he and the bucs meeting the bills in sb 55 and, get this, beating the bills. dagger I'll tell ya, dagger. or you could say neither team has made it yet and since those type of thoughts can cause nausea, hives or even worse it would be best to not allow such thoughts to loom? or doesn't matter who they face, mahomes, brady or rogers. this bills team is on a mission and wil
  7. Did Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill give Bills bulletin board material? https://www.instagram.com/p/CKXfZoNJOFW/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
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