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  1. truly a sad time in this nation, a nation more divided then it has ever been, 2020 has been the worst I've seen in my almost 6 decades in this world. a nation divided will certainly fall and from what I've seen and read, pessimistic as it may sound, I don't see this nation ever coming together. united we stand, divided, we fall...
  2. it does and it did but you're obviously in the group that believes otherwise. you're entitled to your beliefs/opinions, just as I am and I will stick with mine, thanks. if is the biggest two letter word in the dictionary.
  3. if it were not for this, they wouldn't make the post season in 2017. I agree that he may of "managed the offense" to help lead the team to 9 wins but some of the losses that season were brutal. the chargers debacle with peterman and the one that stands out to me was the saints game, a 47-10 embarrassment at home. the offense only mustering 198 yds and the game manager finishing 9/18 56 yds with a 33.6 QBR made for a season to remember for the drought (thank you andy dalton) being broken and some games that will go down in bills lore as some of the worst. no, maybe it is time to put taylor history to rest but most bills fans realize had cincy not won on the last drive, they don't make the post season. period.
  4. 30 years have passed, man time just flies by...October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990
  5. I never thought I'd see the day I'd say, I'm old. I don't believe there is a group on that list I don't like. although their first album wasn't released until '73, Aerosmith is celebrating their 50th year together as a group in 2020.???
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