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  1. Maybe we need an Obituary sub-board.
  2. No stats on NFL players GF/Wives Bradying on player they are attached to sometimes with other players? Brown paper is also used for a number of other things - butcher paper as example.
  3. It is okay to feed them trolls. Feed them other trolls and let them die for poisoning.
  4. Well when you do a snip off a mullet you can cut a bit more than when you snip off someone with Moe style haircut. BTW he also did an interview with Steve Tasker and "Brownie" on One Bills Live.
  5. He looks like a ballerina with that short skirt. Only in jest but since basketball players are recruited to be TEs maybe ballerinas would make good WRs.
  6. That does not make sense. He has fleas and dolphins don't get fleas. I think he is a Pat(hetic) or JEST fan.
  7. There is an agent union? NFL agents have been suspended in past but in general like with owners there companies have someone else in company handle it until agent is recertified. Not sure what happens when an agent who represents himself like Ravens' Lemur gets in trouble with tampering.
  8. It is not surprising that the Phish attempted to get the GOAT cheating QB by cheating. It is what he thinks is normal and results in wins.
  9. Agent and perhaps agency should be suspended from doing business in NFL. On third occurrence they are prohibited forever (three strikes and you are out).
  10. Bills were not just flat. Steelers appeared to plan all off season for Buffalo match after Bills beat down of Steelers previous time. Tomlin and Coach McD have a rivalry going. Unfortunately for Steelers the attention to a non-AFCN opponent hurt them in rest of season.
  11. Still waiting for punishment for $nyder (checked at work, still not trademarked) for keeping more from the till than he was supposed to.
  12. Trubisky has at least had first hand experience playing behind a sub-par line and seeing Josh Allen adjust for it.
  13. Kramer being formerly OL coach of Rams should have lots of insight on that team.
  14. Kromer has been known to favor best run or best pass linemen when players are rotated which when practiced works well especially in eat up clock at end of game situations and need to tire opposing defense situations.
  15. I have been wanting to move back to WNY most of my work career but never found the job which could match my background except for some jobs which would accept "local candidates only". I am not as connected to family as I used to be so I am thinking New Zealand. I am not one for foreign languages and the weather is temperate. I'd have to visit first and that would need to wait until at least one of us retired to make travel schedules easier. Hong Kong was my retirement goal but too many changes for me to be comfortable but I will if that is what my wife wants.
  16. Met her once when she was doing NASA promotions at college and I got to get her to sign my hardcover copy of "Friday", a book by Robert Heinlein which he dedicated to her. I was fan of her as a kid and had a record "Down to Earth" with her music on it I bought at a used book/comic/record store.
  17. Joined February 2012 https://rg3sports.com/
  18. Not all douchers are JEST fans but all JEST fans are douchers. How do you know he is a JEST fan? If so sounds like that reporter (Rodent? Rodac?) who was a ESPN reporter who was Pat(hetic) fan and took sour lessons from Jerry Sullivan.
  19. Don't forget to exclude complaints like this one which containing no new info.
  20. Considering he may not be available until November it will not cost as much as you think. If Buffalo is doing well he will hop on bandwagon to demonstrate next year he is worthy of a big contract.
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