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  1. What is the new Bills bar in Chicago since the old one (Lincoln Station) burned down?
  2. I wonder if the Sunday ticket will be broadcast in 4K. That would be a huge upgrade.
  3. I would want more than a 5th. For a hat it’s not worth it
  4. Does anyone know if the game tomorrow will be broadcast in Toronto? Is it on local television in Buffalo?
  5. As far as I can tell the only lot that allows tailgating is the pink lot and there are no passes available.
  6. The biggest issue is he doesn’t hold for kicks. That is a huge weakness.
  7. I’m coming to Buffalo tomorrow but my brother needs gluten free wings from a dedicated gluten free fryer. Has anyone tried the wings at Gianni? He also says Anchor Bar in williamsville has a dedicated gluten-free fryer.
  8. Thanks. I finally got rid of directv so I’m a bit uptight. I love YouTube tv and just using the SundayTicket app is saving me a lot.
  9. I am using my college daughter’s Sunday ticket app this year for the first time. When I login it says every live game but then when I hit ok it logs me out. Is this how everyone’s app is now unti the season starts?
  10. I’m on your flight after the game. I have flown out on delta after the game at this time many times. The key is to park in a private lot with quick exit access. Don’t check luggage.
  11. Bills Instagram has home and away reversed from what you posted. I think you’re correct.
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