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  1. I live in Canton, Baltimore and not exactly sure where Hamilton street in Pigtown is. I thought that street was more downtown area but maybe there are two. If your MIL doesn’t like Larkinville then she is not going to be impressed with Pigtown. It’s not a terrible neighborhood but I wouldn’t say it’s the best either. I wouldn’t live there but that’s me. I also wouldn’t walk around there at night. If I were you I would aim to stay in Fed Hill (closest option to stadium and bars), Locus Point (you may need to Uber) or Harbor East (if you are looking for one of the nicer spots).
  2. Anyone know when the Bills will release AFC championship tickets?
  3. Looking for 2 tickets for the Bills at Patriots game.
  4. Fair enough. I don't think this hypothetical situation will happen anyways.
  5. EJ is a good backup for us but so are a others who could pickup the offense with a few weeks of practice and have the possibility of going .500. Basically, if this situation happened the team would bank on TT not being out the first 3-4 weeks. With that risk assumed, if the Vikings are stupid enough to trade for him and give us a person that could fill a role then I would say go for. That said, its not going to happen.
  6. I am not on board with the exact strategy proposed however if TT cannot start for a long period of time we are hosed anyway. Its not like EJ is going to win us anymore games than some other backup QB. So if we can trade him for something decent I say go for it.
  7. One thing to point about about a more complex D scheme is that Spy-gate was less effective. I read an article that claimed the reason why the Bills and Dolphins were so unsuccessful against the Patriots is because there schemes were very simplistic. And the reason why the Jets always played the Patriots tough is because of the complexity. Just an argument as to why sometimes complex is good at times and why the K.I.S.S. theory may not work. IMO, since the simply 4 man rush can work at times, I think a good blend would be the best for our defense.
  8. What is it with the love for EJ??? Not once in the Cincy game did I feel like we were going to come back and win with EJ. The stats between TT and EJ could be exactly the same but at least TT gives us an edge with his athletic ability. EJ just flat out doesn't have it. Get over it.
  9. Relax everyone. D - Our D played bad - yes. But lets keep in mind our special teams / penalties gave NE the ball with short field 2 times in a row in the first half. TT - Didnt have the best game but its his second start and there was still hope in the remaining seconds. The 2 (out of 3 ints) were high balls but hit the hands of the WR and are not squarely on TT shoulders. Wakins is a pro that's a 50/50 fault. There was a chance to battle back and win in OT. Rex - At least he has some passion. Dont act like his mouth caused our lost. There was way more than his mouth that fuelied the fire. Who pasted all the bill boards around buffalo? Team - Looking at it from a whole, it was a team lost. D played bad, penalties killed us, the coaching decisions weren't the best, we missed an extra point, and the offense had picks (not just TT). But after all those mistakes, we were one drive from going to OT. There is a lot of be hopeful here.
  10. I agree that are front 4 did nothing, and not that it means anything, but there were only 2 rookie starters, G and C.
  11. That article is blowing it out of proportions. Its a classic example of the media making an issue larger than it has to be to get attention. I think every Bills fan is at least a little upset by FedEx being cut but sometimes things change. I am sure the thought was cut Brown who can play for years to come or keep FedEx for a year. Its business. If you had a cleaning business are you going to hire the 60 year old who wants a higher pay and has health problems or a 20 year old who you can pay less and can work like a ox.
  12. Fred Jackson out couple weeks!!!! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000507579/article/injury-roundup-fred-jackson-out-a-couple-weeks
  13. There has been only one constant in the Bills organization since 1996/1997 and that's Brandon. He needs to go. The culture at in the organization needs to change and it starts at the top. Its the "Tone at the Top" theory. Once he goes the new person can bring in or keep the people he wants and the culture will change. Until then we will be the same old Bills.
  14. The PI call on the Rams TE was super bogus and the call on Woods was bogus too. What baffles me about poor calls is that it always seems like they are on the underdog, smaller market, etc. team. I have yet to make a stance on if the refs are more willing to make calls on the underdog or if good teams just find ways to win. This would be an interesting study for the NFL to conduct.
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