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  1. Always bodes well when the GM is calling the shots. One thing I appreciate about Beane is he leaves the coaching decisions up to McDermott. this is probably an over reaction, but it stood out to me that it wasn’t the coach saying it
  2. As a Spurs fan, I honestly didn’t think they had a chance after the first half...especially after the way they played the last couple Premier League matches. So ecstatic!!!
  3. Its actually kind of funny how they start out in suits on Thursday, then Friday they lose their ties, and then Saturday they lose the coat
  4. No offense taken. I understand I am in the minority. Still love my Bills and watch them whenever I can, but soccer is my favorite sport. I can watch just just about any soccer game, but it’s hard for me to watch football unless it’s the Bills or the Super Bowl.
  5. Same here. Actually Ive always loved soccer, but now there are actual options to watch it.
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