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  1. I am still skeptical about the increase in deaths can be linked directly to the vaccine because so many other behaviors changed during Covid. People were less active, their mental health deteriorated, they drank more. All of these things had negative affects on people's lifespans. Trying to shut down the people pushing the "died suddenly" reeks of desperation and conspiracy though from people who would be hurt by less pharma sales. Let both sides explain their numbers and let people decide.
  2. The discussion is about Disney+ and other content, which is currently not being made in Florida, but will be in about 3 years. I am going to throw out a conspiracy theory with no research behind it, but this could be the way that Disney is relocating jobs without having to follow some stupid relocation rules in California. If they simply lay them off it might be legally easier than asking them to relocate and being turned down. You blame politicians for price gouging- you seriously project so often on here.
  3. Not sure why you think the people being cut are in FL- the article makes it sound like it is primarily Disney+ and tv production cuts, which are entirely in California. If there is more info available I would be interested but no one I deal with feels their job is in danger from this announcement.
  4. There are multiple conflicting thoughts you touch on here: I don't trust unnamed sources, especially with such large impact topics. I don't want to believe the US did it, but it is more logical than Russia doing it. Lastly the ONLY reason would do it themselves is to cause a quick escalation of the war, but I doubt that is what Putin wants but I definitely can't rule it out. So the short version is I am putting one more small chip in the US did it pile from this report but I am still not sold on anyone's involvement.
  5. I am sure his point is that through history people have all tried to be as Christlike as possible and when explaining to children it is easiest for them to see themselves in an entity that is physically similar and familiar. To make a different argument would require a level of stupidity that only Billsy has around here, not Tibs. Also God does not have a gender he is above all that and our tiny human minds can't properly understand.
  6. Gabe was a large disappointment for me this year, but I do believe he hurt his right hand early in the year. He dropped some easy throws several times that were not normal for him, and his contested ball work was very poor. I know we will give him one more chance but hope this year he gets it all together. I will also state he was certainly misused.
  7. I would love to see College football expand but for the NFL I think it is built pretty well, especially since best record might come simply from playing a lesser schedule. Though a change to 2 teams in each conference getting a bye would be better.
  8. I am a teacher and deal often with AP teachers. The funding does go through the county, which gets it from the states, which gets a few billion a year from the feds, so nothing is directly from the Fed. The funding prior to the pandemic was related at least somewhat to AP scores but I will admit that might have been from Race To The Top but it was a big deal for Federal funds less than 10 years ago.
  9. AP classes cost money in that you need a teacher to teach them, and separate sections of students to take them. The Federal government pays money to schools that can get kids to pass them. So if you just have a section but the kids don't pass them you lose money, but if kids are successful you get money and kids get college credits.
  10. Tibs you trying to out lunatic Billsy? It is funny as hell but I doubt you recognize the comedy
  11. You must be new here- he doesn't think, simply reacts, and your point is correct, just keep us arguing and we keep getting the political hacks we get
  12. Damn these reporters for printing stuff in 2021 that disputes the lies you tell today. https://www.lightreading.com/security/biden-finalizes-trumps-ban-against-huawei-and-zte/d/d-id/773482
  13. I am waiting for more information on these prior balloons, since no one is stating that they knew about them when they happened. We are at such a time that to assume an anonymous source is anything other than made up makes you dumb. Too many journalists fight to be first not accurate.
  14. I have not any version of cable/satellite for about 8 years and my kids don't care at all. We cycle through the streaming apps a few months at a time, currently I have Paramount plus for $50 for the year and ESPN+ for hockey The only loss is sports but I am ok with only getting stuff from an antenna or going to brothers for Bills games.
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