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  1. In this he mentions that he only joined Twitter in September 2021 and therefore had no track record there, so who told Twitter to shadow ban him?
  2. FBI/DOJ threatening witnesses by telling them they could have their child taken away? Just more mistakes. That’s all.
  3. The guy who misrepresented who he was when he arrived here lecturing others on the value of their posts? That's rich man. Good stuff. You came here claiming to be non-partisan, a "former republican" who can see things down the middle. In reality you're just as much a partisan lemming as tibs or billsy. Minus the memes, gifs and repetition. Plus a lot of long winded partisan hand waving that always seems to come down to, for democrats at least, well they made mistakes. I'm calling you out for what you actually are versus what you told everyone you were when you found your way down here. I'll continue to do it. Say what you want about Tibs and billstime, but as far as I can tell neither has ever tried to misrepresent exactly who they are here. Unlike you. You call that an obsession, often in a way that implies that I have homosexual fantasies involving you. But you do you man. You can keep lying to yourself about who you are politically, but I'll still be here to remind others of the massive inconsistencies that exist.
  4. That's called "saving our democracy" via innocent mistakes made during the learning process of how to accomplish appropriate content moderation. -chigoose To those living in reality, it's censorship and an in kind campaign contribution to the opponents of shadowbanned candidates.
  5. So, so many have been led to believe that the sky is green and won't be told otherwise. Straight out of 1984... The party told you to ignore the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. That's why they can can tell you that a presidential candidate, now POTUS, merely suffers from a stutter and not obvious cognitive decline / dementia. That's why they can tell you that a stroke patient running for senate has absolutely no communication limitations despite being on video displaying communication limitations over and over. That's why they can tell you that 2020 was the most secure election in US history despite it being carried out under different rules than any other election in US history, with those new rules being what BOTH parties had previously warned as posing the greatest risks to election security. And on and on... You've. Been. Had. Wake up.
  6. Let's recap chigoose's takes when the left is caught in obvious malfeasance... FISA warrant abuse. Mistakes! Capitol police opening doors and letting people into the Capitol on J6. Mistakes! The media brute censoring the Hunter laptop story. Mistakes! Twitter obviously censoring voices on the right. Mistakes!
  7. Classic. It's just mistakes man! Funny how these mistakes always seem to impact one side of the aisle. Mistakes!
  8. Cue operation destroy Bari Weiss now. Another liberal journalist who refuses to live in the hive mind. Taibbi will have v3.0
  9. Twitter Files 2.0 Oh...the Great Barrington declaration crew from Stanford, Harvard, Oxford were blacklisted? You don't say? You know they turned out to be absolutely correct, right? But DIsInForMaTiOn!!! Or Dan Bongino? I'm shocked! Twitter repeatedly lied and said that they didn't engage in such practices. Again. Shocking!
  10. Boom. The Babylon Bee for the win. Again.
  11. Never. Never. Never. Never apologize to the mob. Tell the mob to ***** right off.
  12. Remember these stories are all made up by anti LGBTQXYZ homophobes. Stop targeting the trans/ ***** / gay communities. It's very dangerous!
  13. That would certainly help some, but in the intermission on TNT last night they mentioned the Sabres are dead last in the league in number of dangerous scoring chances given to the opposition. Improve in goal and cut down those chances and this team is going places.
  14. Good thing for @ChiGoosethat his cowardice saved him and he didn't take my bet that there was no friggin way these liars on the sham committee would release their report / interview transcripts by September. What do you think chi, will they actually release their now confirmed imcomplete report in 2022?
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