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  1. Im going to check it out. thanks
  2. crack

    Schedule Leaks Thread

  3. You didn't root for EJ?
  4. crack

    Schedule Leaks Thread

    My guess is we'll get a Thursday game
  5. The stuff about poor anticipation, slow reads and being late throwing the ball scare me. That sounds like Tyrod.
  6. Why do you think that?
  7. crack

    ***Speculation from Brownsboard.com***

    So they love Rosen and Mayfield (because all along it's been they like Darnold and Allen)? Wouldn't it be good if the Giants stayed put at 2, since they probably won't take a QB? Leaving more QB opportunities for the Browns? Do you know why the Giants would want to go down to only 5 at the lowest? By the way, thank you for your input
  8. crack

    ***Speculation from Brownsboard.com***

    Yeah I heard it may come down to Mayfield or Rosen for their QB, and it may not be at 1 but could be at 4. Thoughts on that?
  9. crack

    ***Speculation from Brownsboard.com***

    Did you hear that from a Bills or Browns source? Do you have any other inside info?