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  1. He says right in the bread basket like against the Bills. Who threw him that pass?
  2. I love the Pat Mcafee show. The best show for great sports related interviews. this seems cut off a bit. If anyone has the entire interview, please post https://youtu.be/GevZY79X0Yo
  3. Lol, I think EVERYONE can say this about EVERY draft pick how the hell is this news??? Please 8pm…get here already!!!
  4. This was the route that I thought I’d see when I saw the post.
  5. I don’t see the Kay Adams JA hater narrative that I often see posts about. Am I alone?
  6. Didn’t he get a game ball one week with average statistical day? Isn’t he a team captain 3 years now? Doesn’t Edmonds align the defense on the field? Didn't we have the number 1 Defense? maybe the coaches see things we the fans don’t. Not getting the Edmunds hate
  7. Tim Settle looks like a young ventriloquist at an open mic event.
  8. Tough crowd? Not really. I know it wasn't a Louis CK performance (and if it was, some would be clutching their pearls in a corner) but for a BB.com piece, yes, it is funny. What, the dorm room tour finishing with "ya'll gotta leave" is funny? I can see not thinking the tweets segment was that funny, but to say "not even remotely funny" or to say "embarrassing" or "awkward"......? Really? I'm not buying any of those over-exaggerrated criticisms. It's more bitterness and high horse riding. This forum is so predictable. I won't miss the quick-to-jump-on criticisms and blatant opposition-for-no-genuine-reason crowd. I'm sure I won't be missed either. Enjoy the Bills. If anything, just do that. I'm gone.
  9. Wow. Some of you need to relax the f*** out. Jeez. For those who understand the harmless humor, give a listen to Dan Lebatard podcast. Thier "looks like" segment is hilarious: "Rob Ryan looks like the crazy homeless person who always gets into fights at the soup kitchen"
  10. Hilarious. I'd like this to be a weekly installment Www.Buffalobills.com
  11. Hawthorne is a bit of a surprise. Pretty solid game against Skins but guess it wasn't enough or McCray is that much better. I think Hawthorn's age may have been a factor as well.
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