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  1. It still makes me question the ability of McDermott and Beane to evaluate offensive talent.
  2. Meh....he's a hell of a player, but honestly I would have rather had the dynamic offensive talent in Hockenson.
  3. I would say 3. With all of the talk of the Jets wanting to move down and the Redskins, among others, wanting to move up there is no way he slips to Oakland at 4.
  4. Their unwillingness to trade for offensive talent leads me to believe they aren't confident in their ability to project or evaluate offensive players. Until proven otherwise by production on the field, that ability will be suspect.
  5. Beane isn't afraid to check in. If he wasn't afraid to deal, OBJ (or AB for that matter) would be wearing a Bills uniform this season.
  6. You are absolutely right, we both want this team to win and improve. As much as I think this is the best front office we have had in a very long time, I worry about their ability to evaluate talent on the offensive side of the ball. All problems with Antonio Brown aside, he is a known talent. You know what he is capable of and what he brings outside of the Bills. At this point, I would rather pay for the known talent instead of trying to hit pay dirt in the draft, because let's be honest...Josh Allen, as much as we love him in Buffalo, remains a questionable pick. They have also done nothing outside of bring in former Panthers to improve the offense. They have to overpay at this point. They don't have the luxury of falling back on a winning or productive track record or being an attractive free agent landing spot. But, regardless, I remain a Bills fan for life just like the rest of you. Let's Go Bills!
  7. Yes, because we are the only team with cap space. Forgot about that. Gotta find folks to fit that locker room culture. I guess I should check the free agents to see what Carolina receivers are available. And by fine, I assume you mean 7-9, because that seems to be the gold standard at One Bills Drive.
  8. What else are they going to spend the money on? How often do you get a shot at an elite talent in their prime? But I guess the decision to go with journeymen, role players, and draft day reaches has to pay off sometime. Build that culture McBeane. Build that culture.
  9. Antonio Brown is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL. You want the best players on your team. You build cap space to be able to afford those players. But in a league where talent is the most important thing, McDermott and Beane opted to build a culture instead of a contender. Free agents, especially those wanting to win in the near future, are going to question the commitment of the Bills willingness to build a contender. That is what I got out of this. We have the money, we have the roster space, and we have one hell of a fan base, but for some reason, none of the top players want to play for the Bills.
  10. If a player that truly hates his situation is unwilling to come to Buffalo, what does that say about our franchise? To me it does not bode well for free agency.
  11. You deal with it then. Two years of Antonio Brown at the top of his game is better than anything else we will come up with either in free agency or the draft. I get what McDermott is trying to do in building a certain locker room culture, but realistically personalities do not win football games.
  12. We have the cap space....what else are we going to spend the money on? I would trade for him and then give him the extension.
  13. I would love for the Bills to pickup Brown. He is an immediate impact player and if he can be had for a second or third round pick, I would do the deal in a heartbeat. I just know that they are going to pass on him based on personality.
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