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  1. I just don't think Allen puts it together. I bet we draft a QB under a new regime in 2021.
  2. I don't think Hauschka kicking the ball from 40 plus each time counts as a successful drive.....it has more to do with us having a decent kicker than a decent offense.
  3. Did anyone predict us going 6-10, because this season is reminiscent of 2011 for a lot of reasons.
  4. You aren’t going to get that with McDermott and Dabol.
  5. They need to get out there and see if any quarterbacks are available because they are wasting this defense.
  6. I have nothing positive to say, so just gonna say I hate the Patriots so bad.
  7. Bench Allen. He is not going to develop if he cannot make good decisions against a good NFL defense. Stop making excuses for the kid.
  8. This effort shows Josh Allen is holding this team back.
  9. Jesus dude. It’s okay to be critical of the Bills. Calm down.
  10. I would honestly be ok with the next regime moving on from Allen year one. I would be ok with them trying again this next offseason.
  11. Yes, it’s not like there is a precedent for strong Bills starts leading to losing seasons or anything. Or drafting bad quarterbacks. My bad.
  12. How long is it going to take for Josh Allen to put it together? This is why you don’t take a project in the first round.
  13. Bills 31 - Bengals 17 - Allen throws for 325-3-0 and runs for 80-1.
  14. When you draft a QB that high and he is a bust, you need to lose your job.
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