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  1. Hey Bills Mafia - anyone have 2 tix for sale for the above date please? We are coming from Canada.
  2. I remember this site from when I first started accessing the "Information Super Highway!" :0 I had no idea who started it, but I visit it several times a day. Thanks, Scott, for providing me my favorite website these past 20 years!
  3. I find what works best is on the Bills Mobile App on my iPad. Only problem is they don't seem to update the videos as fast as they do on the regular site.
  4. I agree! I wouldn't wear it in public, but I do to RWS. - # 34 Thomas
  5. Hi Everyone! Next Sunday, my father and I are sharing our annual tradition with my 10 yr-old son - we are taking him to his first Bills game. I read that Jim Kelly is often in the parking lot before home games. If this is true, anyone know which area/section we can find him in? (& at what times?) Thanks, and GO BILLS!
  6. I know he's the Anti-Christ on this board, but he's been proven right about both the Bills & the Cowboys so far this year!
  7. Q. How many TDs have the Jets given up to WRs this season?? A. 1! (D. Branch) I think this tells you that not only is Revis great, so are his fellow DBs. That being said: GO BILLS!!!!!
  8. I just watched the first half, and was surprised at the big plays Reggie Corner made! Obviously, his interception, but in addition, the second-to-last play of the first half. He stepped in front of D. J. & batted the ball away at the goal line. Beautiful. This set-up Vick's infamous clock killing over-throw.
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