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  1. So it's not hypocrisy as long as the ends justifies the means? amazing. Your list = Orangeman bad, thanks for not disappointing
  2. deflection, you still haven't explained a single failed Trump policy that Obiden reversed, even though you claimed a majority of them as failed. If the price impact was minimal why did Obiden make it such a priority and "pause" it on day 1. Pretty sure there were other things he promised that could have been done. Will you address the hypocrisy or not?
  3. Lets wait till the end of the 60 days to see on the insulin, my thinking is the temp stoppage will be permanent with the hope that no one notices, we shall see who fell for propaganda So hauling oil by truck and train is less of an impact than in a pipe? Biden said governing by EO is being a dictator, so you disagree with him on that. I have not complained about Biden using EOs, just his hypocrisy.
  4. I know reading comprehension isn’t your strongest skill so I’ll try to make this slow just for you! Was the pipeline a failed policy? I will also like to know if governing by EO is being a dictator or not?
  5. But you said it was a failed policy. Was the pipeline a failed Trump policy?
  6. Nothing new, most government contracts have been bound by Buy American for decades.
  7. How is raising insulin prices fixing a failed Trump policy?
  8. https://www.air.tv/watch?v=LRLypMB2QKmW4qF9d1m-cQ "Former United States Vice President Joe Biden, who is running against President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, said that he would not use executive orders to implement his policies because "you can't use executive orders unless you are a dictator.""
  9. You made the claim back it up Rule #2 Never called it that
  10. Please find one single post of mine that indicates any hate.
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