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  1. Is this a turning point, bombshell walls closing in moment? Or just another nothing burger?
  2. Says the guy who thinks "us" and "me" mean the same thing!
  3. Might even lead to the oceans rising? In other news. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/florida-water-parks-closed-florida-freezing
  4. That would have happened in the last administration, not this one!!!
  5. Any news from the front lines? Are we winning?
  6. Is this your site? http://www.iheartmyteacher.org/index.php?forums/cougars.38/
  7. No more a lie than the title of this thread!!!
  8. Where's the high tide when you need it? No. 2 is part of Australia's problem.
  9. he could just print this and paste it to his monitor. "Heavy breathing, Heavy breathing, Heavy breathing, screaming, grunting"
  10. before I say yes any pics of the third party? Who am I kidding, heck yeah!!!
  11. Saw that live, wanted to throw up. Nancy citing the pledge
  12. Is the war over? Did I miss Trump surrendering to Iran?
  13. Oh come on, you know they need to continue to monitor the situation.!!!!!
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