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  1. A familiar image back in the day, single bar Fred and #22 HOF safety Paul Krause...
  2. Agreed. Good blend of Joe’s NFL insights plus his ongoing college draft work makes it unique IMHO. I thought todays’ #twitterTuesday (listener questions) was especially good. https://www.stitcher.com/s?eid=64598751&autoplay=1
  3. Astro would say he can’t afford to add any more extra pounds. 😀
  4. Joe Marino’s Locked on Bills #TwitterTuesday podcast (where listeners can tweet or email Joe questions). https://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=177271
  5. Mike Tomlin reportedly said to a former player (now in the media)...”You wouldn’t believe how much stuff we covered up” regarding Brown. Colin Cowherd is friends with this former player and said this on his program a week or so ago.
  6. Another great example of Joe not majoring in the minor was Locked on Bills Monday pod discussing the win over the Jets.
  7. I like Locked on Bills. Joe’s technical knowledge of the game sets it apart imho.
  8. I thought that too. Because Yeldon’s a vet, he may have been given first choice on it(?).
  9. We saw Duke succeed against 2nd-3rd stringers. I wonder, if he went up against our 1st teamers in practice, how that went?
  10. Happy Birthday Astro...appreciate all your hard work at training camp, and your updates on Murph’s physical conditioning!
  11. Joe is well worth the listen.
  12. The Chiefs replaced Morse with a twice released 7th round pick backed up by a 2nd year UDFA.
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