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  1. 21 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:


    Nah, man.


    Who said Beane was "spending big" on anything in free agency?


    Not me.


     Noah Brown is very much the type that I am talking about.   But if you think Noah Brown is signing after the draft for $1.7M you are crazy.   That's a $5M-$9M type contract and likely done in the 6 weeks prior to the draft most likely.  


    Just because boundary WR should be the #1 priority in both UFA and the draft doesn't mean that they can't sign another $7M Emmanuel Sanders type to serve as the hedge against a very wide range of potentially unsatisfactory outcomes with only a rookie or a Sherfield type at on the boundary.    

    Maybe I misunderstood you.  I read your post as if you were mocking people for picking other players to patch holes during FA rather than sign a big time WR.


    And my counter to that was to that is because this is a WR rich draft and we are much more likely to pursue that big WR upgrade in the draft than FA.


    Although since then, the cap came out even higher than expected, so maybe it makes Beane more interested in a pricier WR FA.  But still think it’s most likely gonna come from the draft.

  2. You can't catch what isn't thrown to you.  Is it really on Knox that Dorsey had no idea he was on the roster until late in 2022 when suddenly he remembered Knox was coming off a 9 TD season (where he was also woefully under used by Daboll) and started using him the redzone again to a high degree of success.  But he was too often relegated to trying make up for a bad OL and used as an extra blocker here.  And now that we have a better OL, we also have Kincaid whose specialty is as a receiver, so it again keeps Knox value more often as a blocker.  


    His contract made sense when he got it if he was going to be a fixture in the offense, but his contract now currently exceeds his current role which is more heavily as a blocker with Kincaid here.  


    Look at SF.  Kittle wasn't producing anything in 2022 with Jimmy G at QB because Jimmy was a statue and Kittle was constantly used as a blocker.  Then Purdy comes in and suddenly has pocket mobility and escape the rush on his own and poof Kittle becomes a major weapon in that offense has a big finish to the season.  I am not saying Knox is on Kittle's level, but I am saying Knox is capable of much more statistically as a receiver if he could just get the targets.  He could easily be playing up to his contract from an offensive stand point if he was in an offense that actually used him consistently as a weapon and gave him targets.  


    Regardless, because of his current role and reduced targets combined with his contract, I do think Knox could be a trade target.  They can bring in a much cheaper TE to fill a heavier blocking role in FA or even draft one.  Unfortunately for Knox, his contract is now expensive for what his likely role will be again this year.  

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  3. 13 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    It kinda' speaks to your thread about how people aren't fully appreciating having a Josh Allen.


    Some fans are so concerned with patching "on paper" holes that they don't really care if that means putting another ton of hard miles on Josh Allen.


    The main objective of an organization with a truly elite young QB should be to make sure you do everything you can to maximize his ability.


    They've tried the "other" approach for the last 3 seasons and it's only buried them in cap debt.


    Probably time to try to put an offense around Allen that can score 35 points per game and at the same time get cap healthier and much younger on defense.


    Maybe that means they are on a 2 year re-tool instead of running it back to a re-match with the Chiefs next season...........but then again maybe they do the right thing and STILL surprise and play better than expected on defense and finally break thru.





    You have this wrong, at least for the bulk of this board because you are missing the point that most people understand Beane can't really (and likely isn't) spending big on a WR in free agency, and that we will certainly address WR in this deep WR draft where we have like 10 picks to land probably 2 prospects with one early and another in the mid rounds.  


    We don't have the cap luxury of going out and paying a top FA WR.  So its not at all that people are concerned with "patching" holes to ignore WR, its that we can patch a lot of those other holes cheaply in FA elsewhere and aggressively address WR in the draft as well as other young talent to hopefully compete or develop into starters at those other patch spots.


    And not only is that what everyone else is thinking, that is almost certainly exactly what is going to happen.  Beane is not spending big on a FA WR...we are MUCH more likely to sign someone like a Noah Brown than a Mike Evans then go get a WR in round 1 or 2 depending on how the draft falls and probably another between rounds 3 and 5 again depending on the board falls.  


    Free Agency should be to "patch" holes then you look for your young big upside talent in the draft and hope you find someone that both contributes this year and develops into a succession plan for Diggs. 


  4. 11 hours ago, BillsFanForever19 said:


    Anthony's Top Bills Targets:


    1.) DE Jonathan Greenard - Houston Texans

    2.) DT Sheldon Rankins - Houston Texans

    3.) DT Daquan Jones - Buffalo Bills

    4.) S Jeremy Chinn - Carolina Panthers

    5.) WR Noah Brown - Houston Texans

    6.) S Brandon Jones - Miami Dolphins

    7.) DT A'Shawn Robinson - New York Giants 

    8.) DT Malcolm Roach - New Orleans Saints


    Erik's Top Bills Targets:


    1.) DT Daquan Jones - Buffalo Bills

    2.) DT Malcolm Roach - New Orleans Saints 

    3.) S Alohi Gilman - LA Chargers

    4.) WR Josh Reynolds - Detroit Lions

    5.) DE Tyquan Lewis - Indianapolis Colts

    6.) S Brandon Jones - Miami Dolphins

    7.) WR Noah Brown - Houston Texans

    8.) DT Austin Johnson - LA Chargers


    Interesting to me to see them share half of their lists. Great breakdown of some realistic fits for us when it comes to money and scheme.

    Give me:

    DT DaQuan

    WR Noah Brown


    Then grab some combo of another DT a DE and a S. 

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  5. Hate this.  We need a new punter and used a draft asset to get him.  Could have easily brought him back and got value on that draft pick still. 

    And having a guy with his leg and athletic ability in poor weather conditions would have also been nice.  

    Does it mean we are doomed…no…just a clear missed opportunity to add young competition cheaply at a spot we need more competition and recoup some value from the pick we invested in him.  

    The rub is that he is with Chiefs now and will get his shots at getting back at the Bills for not at least bringing him back after he was cleared.

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  6. 15 hours ago, FireChans said:

    I find that spotrac is the most accurate website IRT cap intricacies and they say the numbers are absolutely clear that we can move off from Diggs this year and make financial sense doing so. 

    His salary becoming completely guaranteed on 3/17 is actually noted on their website.


    Prior to 3/17, we lose 3M against the cap to cut him.

    After 3/17, we lose 21M to cut him. 


    After 6/1, we save 19M in 2024 to cut him. 

    Post 6/1 releases effectively spread the dead cap over two seasons, which is why it’s more affordable, however it means you are still taking on the same hit in the next year, i.e. the 2025 hit remains the same regardless if he is cut post 6/1 in 2024 or early in 2025. So anyone saying it makes sense to do it in 2025 but not post 6/1 2024 is 100% completely wrong, because the cap savings in 2025 are the same 


    So, unfortunately, 3/17 ain’t gonna change anything lol.

    3/17 isn’t gonna change anything because the neither the Bills or Diggs wants a trade.  So unless something major happens behind the scenes, Diggs is gonna be a Bill in 2024.  

    Not to mention this team can’t afford to take the dead cap hits regardless when the dead cap hits.



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  7. 1 hour ago, Warriorspikes51 said:


    Mike Evans
    Thomas Jr / Franklin / Legette / AD Mitchell / Worthy
    Curtis Samuel


    YES.   Will never happen. 


    Evans would be interesting, but I don't think they are going to go after any of the bigger WR names.  Not only do we have a WR1 still in Diggs, but Shakir is set to take a large WR role this year and Kincaid showed he was worth the hype.  Between those 2, we already have a strong first 3 reads for Allen.  This draft is very WR heavy, so I think they are going to go after a rookie who can start opposite Diggs early in the draft with the potential to become a WR1 to succeed Diggs, then add another prospect somewhere else in the draft.


    I do think they will still bring in a vet, maybe 2 and Samuel is the type of Vet I can see them bringing in (not saying it will be him specifically).  

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  8. 2 hours ago, Einstein said:

    Sigh. You are your own worst enemy.


    That is rich coming from you lol...especially for someone who is obviously desperate to be taken serious around here after lots of previous nonsense yet can't help himself and revert back to nonsense like gas lighting and manipulating a narrative while ignoring the facts.

  9. 27 minutes ago, Einstein said:

    The way the forum logic works is that every time someone respond to a thread, it "bumps" the thread up to the top of the page where more people see the thread and then click on it and post within it.

    If *you* don't like a thread, here are your best options:

    1) Don't click it. If you do not click on the thread title, you will not enter the thread. If you do not enter the thread, you won't have to be subjected to opinions that aggravate you so much.

    2) If you don't have the willpower NOT to click the thread title, then the second best option is to NOT REPLY in the thread. Every time you reply in a thread you hate, you push it back towards the top of the page. If your goal is to make it go away, you should do the opposite of what you have done nearly 10 times in this thread - reply.

    I hope I was able to help.


    Or...simply get rid of the cryptic nonsense in your title and just name the thread appropriately to be "Could the Bills trade Diggs if the right trade was available" or something than falsely painting Diggs in a negative light despite his very NON cryptic matter of fact statements that he wants to retire a Bill, hopes to remain here, and that Josh is family.  


    You take no responsibility for manufacturing a false narrative for clicks...nor any responsibility for the many posters who now have this false idea Diggs wants to be traded and is cryptically trying to force his way out.  In fact that nonsense has already reared its head in other threads now and will do so all year.  


    So someone has to remind people about the disservice you do the board when posting false narratives that spread false info across the board for your own LAMP post.  

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  10. lmao...this thread still going huh?  


    Diggs:  I want to retire a Bill, I hope I get to stay, Josh is family.  

    Beane:  Diggs is absolutely still a WR1 and shows no interest in moving on from him.


    So then TSW:  Diggs is cryptic and is forcing a trade and Bills are going to do it despite the fact it will destroy their cap and neither Diggs or Beane seemed to want a trade.


    TSW Offseason Logic never disappoints.  Its amazing to me how many people here just fall for media click bait beating a dead story over and over again.  Anything can happen, so a trade is not impossible, but all indications have been no trade both publicly from those involved and just the overall math of the cap situation Bills are in and the cap hits in all trade scenarios around Diggs.  


    For a trade to happen, there would really need to be something insurmountable on the back end between Diggs and the team.  And until something like that surfaces, a trade seems pretty far fetched for a team looking to win this year.  

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  11. 57 minutes ago, Logic said:

    The weirdest thing to me is seeing, on the one hand, almost unanimous agreement among Bills fans that they want to upgrade from Gabe Davis, and on the other hand, a bunch of "just don't stay in the AFC!" and "anyone but the Chiefs!" comments.

    Feeling that a player isn't good enough for you to want your team to re-sign him, but that he IS good enough that you don't want him to go to an AFC competitor and come back to haunt you, is kind of a weird spot to be in.



    Well that is not that weird actually.  It is not always about whether a player can play or not, its also a lot about fit.  


    We run an offense that has a lot of WR options combined with the fact that Allen also improvises and extends plays a lot.  And there are 3 levels to that:  1)  Our receivers need to win their routes early so Allen can get the ball out before having to use his legs to extend a play.  And that is a combo both of the offense being run and the receiver running the routes.  2)  When Allen does extend the play, he needs cerebral players out there who can see the field, adjust, and get to an open spot for Allen.  3)  There needs to be a chemistry between Allen and the receiver for the WR to know the option to take and Allen to be aware that he his taking that option even before a move has been made.  


    Like I said in a previous post, Gabe can play, but that doesn't mean he is the best fit for the offensive scheme and the make up of the WR group.  Gabe is best as a downfield threat give his route tree.  But he is lacking in a lot of the other areas making him kind of one dimensional and to easily negated from a game as a WR.  He still brings value as a blocker, but his fit as a receiving weapon here is inconsistent because this offense demands more from him to be consistent.  


    If Gabe got the targets, he could put up a big season as a downfield weapon.  But the type of WR this offense and Allen will benefit more from is a guy who wins his route consistently and all over the field, not just down field.  A WR who can adjust and find a soft spot for Allen when he extends plays.  A WR who can see a defense alignment and know the option that Allen is going to expect him to take and get there.  


    So, IMHO a guy like Gabe could be scary in KC because they are a team that is elite at scheming guys open according to their strengths.  KC is also elite at using a bunch of guys underneath between their TE and RB's too on plays where maybe Davis doesn't get open to still give Mahomes places to go with the ball.  


    For me, its time to go another direction and let Davis go in FA as his cost will exceed his value in terms of fit for this team.  And the timing is perfect with such a WR rich draft coming and having Diggs and 2 young emerging weapons in Shakir and Kincaid to build around too.  BUT...I do think Gabe could be a dangerous weapon in the right situation like say a KC.  

  12. 11 hours ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

    Mixed feelings. I really want to love Gabe Davis. He’s so frustrating. His ankles get banged up every season early and he isn’t the same player the rest of the year.


    Fantastic blocker and work ethic. Has obviously made huge plays.


    For whatever reason(s) him and Josh have gone backwards with chemistry.  The connection is gone. Minnesota OT game, Jets game late, Eagles OT game, etc. There’s always a miscommunication between them.


    He’s had a handful of games with 0 receptions.  He’s dropped a few critical balls in the past few seasons.  The ball is turned over wayyy too much when he is targeted.

    I think it’s a combination of him not being utilized properly by the staff and his game


    I am NOT looking forward to him going to KC and putting up 1300 and 13 TDs. Because I could totally see it happening. A fresh start for him and chemistry with Mahomes would be a nightmare


    This is pretty much where I am at too.  Mixed feelings is the best way to describe it.  


    On one hand, he has had many big catches and moments.  He has been a tenacious and unselfish player on doing the dirty work.  He has at times been our best deep threat.  Then on the other hand, 2022 felt like a regression of sorts, although the injury to his ankle was said to be a culprit.  Then this year not only did it not feel like a step forward, but it seemed like him and Allen chemistry declined on the field and were not on the same page like they should be at this stage.  And I think a BIG part of that was our OC's in Dorsey then Brady.  Dorsey had issues getting our guys in the right positions as it was and Brady shifted to utilizing the run game more and a short to mid attack, all of which minimized Gabes value to the point he got a game ball for blocking in a game he had zero catches and zero targets.  


    Gabe can play.  But, its not always about can a guy play, its also about fit.  And Allen needs someone with a bigger route tree, trusted hands, and who is cerebral out there to make the on the fly adjustments needed to play with a QB like Allen who extends plays so many times a game.  So while Davis had his moments here, long term, the investment it would take to keep is better used elsewhere on the roster and we look to a WR rich draft to fill this WR room out around Diggs and Shakir.  


    Too many people get caught up in the #2 Receiver having to be a WR2 boundary reciever, and that just isn't accurate.  With Diggs at WR1 and Shakir and Kincaid capable of being the next top 2 targets, we are in good shape heading into a WR rich draft.  IMHO, Diggs is not going anywhere this year, and I would say he is here at least this season and could still finish his career here too.  So I would say Diggs has got 1-3 years max left in Buffalo, and so they need to find someone who can ascend to that WR1 position and I think they will take 2 stabs at it this draft and take 2 WR's to bolster the room around Diggs and Shakir and then likely add a veteran FA or two as well.  


    And as far as Gabe goes, I do think that if he saw the targets he could hit 1300 and 13 TD's in the right situation because he is a down the field big play type WR.  But I also don't know that the offense he was in would be very efficient either given his value and efficiency in other areas of the field is not on the same level as his down field game.  Either way, I wish him well as he has been a great unselfish teammate and player for the team while he was here, well except in games he is playing us of course lol.

  13. 3 hours ago, finn said:

    Thank you for what memories? The downfield blocking? The "positive locker room presence"? How earnestly he ran a limited route tree and get an inch of separation? 


    Nice fellow, wish him well. Also wish we had never drafted him. 


    Tell me you didn't watch the video without telling me you didn't watch the video.  


    Ive been critical of him too, but your response here is way off base.

  14. I saw this on Gabe’s Instagram tonight, but then found someone who posted to Twitter too, so posting both links in case it’s easier for someone to watch one over the other.  


    Kind of looks like he is putting this out to both highlight his time here and promote his accomplishments ahead of Free Agency.  Smart move.


    Even though I’ve been in the camp to let him go and draft a WR this year, this was still a fun watch and he has brought some big moments and games to his time in Buffalo.  He makes a good case for himself at the end with the stats and rankings combined with the low targets compared to others.  

    Overall this is a great piece for himself ahead of free agency and so enjoyed it and I wish him well.  

    Link to video on Gabe’s actual account:




    Someone reposting it on Twitter:



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  15. 9 minutes ago, Shaw66 said:

    This is really good.  Thanks.   But it highlights my point, and I'd be interested in you comments.


    I think it's very clear that McDermott's approach to defense is to be very good across the board, so that over the course of the season the defense is performing as it should - low yards per game and low points per game.  He wants to get pressure with four men rushing.  He believes the best way to get defensive production on the line by rotating 8 or 9, thereby keeping them fresh and changing the look of the defense.  


    Rousseau, and Oliver as you point out, are not stars at their positions, but they do more or less everything at a high level.   They fit perfectly into what McDermott wants.   He doesn't want a guy who's so good that he demands 85% of the snaps, but he loves having guys who demand 60% and you can afford to have off the field once in a while.  


    However, that system means there's no room for a Chris Jones, a Bosa, a Watt, or pick a few others (or a Von Miller in his prime).  What that means is that the defensive line lineup doesn't include a big-play playmaker, the guy who them game is on the line sometimes will just make a play to win the game.  That may not matter much in the regular season, because if the defense is putting up the numbers McDermott wants, over the course of the season the Bills will win enough that one game won by a super player making a super play just doesn't matter as much as the consistency this defense produces.  But in the playoffs, you want one of those guys, because the averages don't matter so much when it's winner-take-all.  


    I'm not sure I know what to do about that.  Will McDermott change his defense a bit to make room for a real stud defensive lineman?  Actually, the Bills don't have the draft capital or the cap room to get one of those players, so it doesn't really matter.  But philosophically, it's a point that bothers me a lot, because it keeps appearing across the lineup.  I know the Niners are unusual, but their offense has three stud skill players, Pro Bowl level.   The Bills have one, if you're willing to put Diggs there.   The Chiefs come at you with Jones and with Kelce, two stud players, one on each side.  


    Beane and McDermott seem to think this team doesn't need studs.  What do you think?


    I get what you are saying, and yeah, that is a lot of what McD likes, however, we have made moves to try and find that impact player now multiple times. 


    First, they took Oliver 9th overall hoping they were finding baby Darnold.   Then they took AJE who was the top DE in that draft by most accounts (weak edge rusher year) and they followed that up with going DE in back to back picks with Groot and Boogie.  Then when they still had not really got that closer guy established yet from those attempts, they took a big swing that Von was going to be that difference maker in a win now move. 


    And at first Von was before he got hurt.  Anyone expecting much from Von in 2023 after tearing his ACL at his age was just fooling themselves.  It most often takes a player until the season after they comeback until they are closer to who they were before the injury.  


    However, Von is like 79 years old now, so while odds are he will have more value this year, it is a stretch to think he can get back to being that impact guy.  


    So I see a FO that has been very obvious at trying to find an impact player in both the draft and FA to get to the QB now for several years.  They also went out and signed Floyd who has been a very good pass rusher for a while too.  I think the issue is that when we are picking late most season it is just hard to get a premium edge prospect as they all go very early in drafts.  Instead we are left with guys with potential versus guys who are premium prospects.  


    This is why I think they have found guys who are more solid to good starters/players vs game changers like a Chris Jones.  



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  16. 4 minutes ago, FireChans said:

    Fair enough. 

    Talking strictly in the regular season, it concerns me that Greg, a physically dominant specimen and first round talent in year 3, can’t separate himself from old vets like a Leonard Floyd or guys like AJE.


    Im not saying there is nothing to be concerned about, I am just saying I am not overly concerned...yet.  Like I said, with Von being a waste and losing Jones, Tre, and Milano to still finish 4th in sacks was pretty darn good for the Bills.  And with the way McD aggressively rotates, sometimes someone's numbers will dip.  


    Jerry Hughes averaged 9 sacks per season for 4 years before Frazier got here and his first year in Houston after leaving Buffalo (where he got 9 after everyone said he was washed).  Under Frazier, which was also saw a lot of rotation up front, Hughes only averaged 4.5 sacks over 5 seasons never getting more than 7.   And again, put up 9 his first year in Houston at the end of his career.


    So, makes me wonder, how much of it is Greg and how much of it is the system he is in that rotates a lot of guys around and sacks tend to be spread around?  And I can't help but wonder what his season looks like if Jones, Tre, and Milano don't miss much of the season or if Von was actually useful.  


    FWIW:  Greg had 3 sacks in his first 4 games.  We lost Tre week 3 and Jones and Milano week 4.  He only had 2 sacks rest of season.  4 games is a small sample size, but 3 in 4 games is a pace for 13 on the season.  

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  17. Bills are getting in their own way.  They have proven they can beat KC, but in the postseason they just haven't made the extra play to do it then vs the regular season.


    Frazier sucked as our DC in the postseason, even the 13 second game our defense not only had the 13 second debacle, but we gave up 17 points in the final 2 minute and OT.  


    Daboll never understood how to balance the game with running the ball either.  Dorsey was outcoached his entire time here.  And now we have Brady who showed well in his stint, but even so he had some growing pains, but at least he gets some benefit of the doubt with the fact he wasn't running his real offense.


    McD he has had his own issues, like the fake punt this year.  I actually have less issue with the fake punt given the numbers advantage as I do with the actual play that was called for the fake punt which was terrible.  That being said, the fake punt was still something I don't think he should have done there.


    ST - When has ST ever been good for us, not to mention, they have major blunders in multiple exits now.


    Then there is just the issues with the players on the field.  Diggs dropping that bomb that was a perfect pass...Dawkins getting blown up into Allen just enough to step on his foot to not hit Shakir...untimely defensive or offensive penalties either extending drives for opponents in bad moments or killing our own drives.  


    Injuries have been a big factor too...you listed that as its own category, but that factors into things I think here too where Bills have had to rely on lesser players too much in big moments who didn't make the plays.  

  18. 8 minutes ago, FireChans said:

    There are only so many sacks to go around which is why the top 4 team in sacks didn’t sack Mahomes once in the postseason? This is the argument?


    As far as Ed is concerned, he was also a no show in the playoffs. 

     The Bills need to get players who can make high level, game-changing plays if they want to be anything better than 4th best. 

    The only defender that made a spectacular play was Poyer and he’s 100


    So you post a thread about a player's overall season, but now disregard any logic around discussing his and the team's season long pass rush based on one game.


    Why do you do this all the time.  If this is really about the Chiefs game, then make a thread about why the Bills struggle to get pressure on the best team in the NFL who has a very good OL and a QB who can run and scramble with the best of them.  


    Stop making threads/posts and then moving the goal posts every time someone makes a point or presents information that doesn't deliver the same negative view  you are going for.  

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  19. 4 hours ago, FireChans said:

    I liked Greg a lot coming out of college. Great physical traits with a lot of room to grow or low floor/high ceiling has been the Beane MO and I think it’s the right one. Josh, Edmunds, Rousseau, Elam have all fit that mold and when those players do hit, the benefit is that they are supposed to hit big.


    But obviously we have been hit or miss in that first round. And perhaps even more bothersome, they have not hit “big” except for Josh. Edmunds is an NFL player but he wasn’t the defensive All-Pro they thought he was going to be. And Rousseau seems to be going that same road. 

    I have this debate all the time on here about players “who can be 8-10 sack guys.” 8-10 sack guys are INCREDIBLY rare. It’s not very common for 6 sack guys to just become double digit sack guys because they play more or anything else. And Greg is that perfect example. He played 3 more games than last season and had 3 less sacks. He played more defensive snaps than he ever has in his career and a higher percentage of snaps. And his year was just… alright.

    But anyway, besides that, we are running into the Edmunds problem where the fifth year option decision is coming. I would assume Greg is going to play on it, but based on his production, are we sure he is going to get an extension? Or is he going to be an Edmunds, where we let a solid player get overpaid by a bum franchise because the juice isn’t worth the squeeze?


    Here is what I don't like about this conversation:  Bills were 4th in the NFL in sacks, only 6 behind the Ravens, in 2023 and that is with a lot of injuries.

    1. DaQuan loss was big, and we still finished 4th in sacks. 
    2. Tre White loss has a big effect on sacks because it affects our coverage which impacts how long the QB holds the ball, still finished 4th in sacks.
    3. Milano is an all pro level LB we lost most the season, still finished 4th in sacks.
    4. Von Miller was useless this season, still finished 4th in sacks.

    Not to mention other players that missed time during the seaosn like Bernard.  I think it is more than reasonable to think the team might have achieved 6+ more sacks had they not lost 4 critical players for most the season (pretty much all the season for Von) that impact our ability to get to the QB.  So this is a team that could have led the league in sacks when healthy.


    So, overall this team compiled a lot of sacks and that was spread out amongst a bunch of people rather than being top heavy like some teams are.  There are only so many sacks to go around and when you have guys all over the defense getting sacks, its not surprising one guys personal numbers fell off a bit.  So I am less concerned about Groot seeing his sack numbers dip a little bit after we sign a pass rush specialist like Floyd and some other guys break out like Oliver, Bernard and another solid sack total from AJE too.  


    So to answer your question...no, I am not concerned.  Heard the same stuff about Oliver too and then he went out and put up 9.5 sacks this year on a team that had a lot of sacks.  


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