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  1. 12 hours ago, Nextmanup said:

    May I propose naming Sean McDermott "Team Savior" and erecting oil paintings of him around the facility?


    He should also be Team Motivator, and he should give inspiring chats before and after games.


    In the meantime, can we have a much smarter guy to run the football team from the sideline during games?

    Someone who understands Xs and Os, challenge theory, analytics, and is generally smarter than your standard athletic coach?  You can call him whatever you want.

    I just wish we had one of those guys much better than McDermott.




    Is there anything about this team you like?  Asking for a friend...

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  2. On 11/25/2022 at 6:57 AM, jwhit34 said:

    Going into the season, a lot of the buzz about the offense was about Gabe Davis "taking the next step" and becoming a big time WR2. Now, a significant portion of fans say he is a disappointment. 


    I think a fair expectation going into the season to be considered a top end WR2 would be a season with 60-70 receptions, 900-1,000 yards and 7-9 TDs. 


    Davis missed 1 game due to injury, so in the 10 games he has played he now has 33 receptions, 650 yards and 5 TDs. How does that compare to expectations?

    • He ranks #22 in receiving yards per game, and the only WR2s ahead of him are Waddle and Higgins.
    • Only 10 WRs have more TDs
    • At 65 yards per game, that extrapolates out to 1,105 over 17 games. If he averages 65/game the rest of the year, it would be 1,040 in 16 games.
    • He has 5 TDs in 10 games played so if he keeps up that pace he will have 8 TDs.
    • The receptions are lighter, he would end at 53 at 3.3/game


    Yes, the drops are not good, but if you were asked before the beginning of the season would you take a 53-1,040-8 stat line for Davis this year? I am guessing almost everyone would, especially if you said Diggs was going to also have the year he's having. 


    I have thought for a long time a lot of Bills fans overvalued Don Beebe, whose career highs with the Bills were 40 catches ('94) and 554 yards ('92). Davis is moving into undervalued territory.

    I don’t know what his drop rate is today, but a week or two ago he was dropping 17% of his catchable balls on the season and was third in league in total drops, with a catch rate of 54% for his career.  

    I don’t think he was getting a bum rap, his drops cost us drives in games we lost.  He also dropped a critical pass on the late drive in the Vikes game the refs missed and Josh quickly snapped the ball to cover up.  

    I was very high on Gabe all off season, I’m still optimistic about him.  But I don’t think it’s a “bum rap” when you’re a professional starting WE and dropping 17% of your passes with a career history of low catch rate.  

    He has also made plenty of good plays, he’s not a lost cause or a disaster.  But the concerns have been warranted.  

    He also has struggled to win his routes and most often makes catches after breaking off routes to bail Josh out because no one was initially open.  

    As usual, season total stats don’t begin to paint the whole picture 

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Billever76 said:

    To be fair Allen is playing though an Injury that probably sidelines every other qb in the league for a month

    I get that, but the offensive woes in the second half pre date Allens injury by 3 full games.  GB, Jets, Vikings (he got hurt on 3rd to last play of game against Vikings).


    I think it’s more Dorsey than Allen.  Yes Allen has made some poor decisions, he’s also been pressing because we aren’t consistently scheming WRs open enough.  

    Dorsey has relied WAY too much on the receivers winning their individual battles rather than scheming plays to get them open the way Daboll did, KC does, etc.  


    I’m not worried about Allen at all, I am worried about Dorsey until I see it on the field though.  

  4. 28 minutes ago, Sammy Watkins' Rib said:

    You don’t recall the exact same thing happening 12 months ago? Daboll’s offense being figured out after a sluggish game against the Dolphins, and losses to the Jags and Colts?



    Yeah, and seasoned Daboll figured it out.  We have a rookie OC who’s not proven he can yet.  Dorsey is a concern until he shows he can adjust, which he hasn’t yet.  I hold out hope he does, but I’ve yet to see it and the film shows he’s not adjusting to what the defense is showing him. 

    So until I see him do it, I’m going to remain concerned.  If Daboll was here, I’d be less concerned.

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  5. Just now, Big Turk said:


    No not really. Points are points no matter how you get them. While they were a good 2nd half team early in the year, they also were a meh first half team as well, often time going into the half tied with 10 or 13 points, then pulling away.


    Now that it's reversed and they score a lot in the first half, it's suddenly some big issue? Why wasn't it an issue that they didn't score much in the first half early in the year?


    They look disjointed at times and haven't played their best, but they are still scoring points. Something that didn't happen last year when they looked this way.


    They have 0 games with under 17 points this year versus 4 last year and 2 games with 351 yards or less versus 7 last year. 


    We quickly forget that last year we looked far worse at times. They will figure it out. 

    Im not saying they won’t figure it out.  I’m saying stop trying to mask they are struggling because they clearly are.

    5 weeks ago during the bye week, Allen was a runaway MVP candidate, would have been unanimous. 4 weeks ago he was tied with Mahomes.  3 weeks ago, he was second to Mahomes.  2 weeks ago he was 4th behind Mahomes, Tua, and Hill.  Now he isn’t even mentioned.


    Why is that?  Because Allen and the offense have been struggling.  Allen is a stud, easily my favorite player of all time.  But remaining unbiased, it’s fair to say he’s been struggling with consistency and so has the offense, even before Allens injury.  

    And going back to last year, we had a very successful and seasoned OC who was here to “figure it out”.  Now we have a rookie OC who has not been able to adapt to opposing defense getting film on his offense and figuring out how to disrupt it.  He has been terrible in both scheme and play calling in the second half of games as well.  

    There is a lot of professional analysis out there showing the issues with Dorsey’s offense.  His inability to find consistency is concerning, especially in his inability to scheme guys open.  In fact, that is the absolute biggest issue with this offense right now is getting our receivers open consistently.  And that starts with his offense design and scheme.  More puzzling is the fast start Devin and the run game get off too frequently, just to see him go away from it in the 2nd half.  

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  6. 43 minutes ago, Big Turk said:


    I have. They averaged 26.2 points and 396 yards in the last 6. That ranks 6th and 4th in the NFL over that time span.


    They are struggling to score TDs, not points or get yards.


    To your point, even while struggling this is a top 5 offense

    You say things “even while struggling” while arguing with anyone suggesting the offense is struggling in multiple threads.

    The offense is very much struggling, and your cherry picking of stats to mask that won’t change that.  I mean it’s not even up for debate.  You again are using general stats with no context to make an incorrect conclusion, just like your injury thread you created.

    Feels like your new favorite thing to do is to use totals without context.  For example, while you want to say what we average over a full game, you fail to realize a lot of those points and production have come in the first half the past 5 games with the one exception of the Browns game.

    We ONLY have 2 TDs in the second half of the past 5 games.  We were first in the league in point differential in the second half up through the bye week.  We have been one of the worst since then.  

    You dont win football games in the first half or staring at game totals to make the picture look more rosey.  You win football games getting the job done to close out games.  And we have 1 million percent been struggling in the second half and there is literally no stat you can type to change that.


    Our offense has not put up a good complete game since Pitt and KC.  They either start strong and struggle second half, or they start terrible and move then move the ball second half and get a lot of FGs.  

    So sorry, no disrespect, but just like in your completely off base “injuries are not an excuse thread”, you are again poorly using stat totals with no context to make an incorrect point.  

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  7. 14 minutes ago, Ed_Formerly_of_Roch said:


    Lot of people didn't like the McD pick to start with and in the early years, could find many "see I told you so" moments to show he's not a good coach.  Last couple of years, these moments have become harder to find so when it does happen, they come out of the woodwork again with the same speech.  Think it's more a case of proving they were correct all along than even criticizing the coach.  But that's the online world we live in, everyone wants to prove they're the smartest guy in the room and much easier to do online without negative consequences than face to face.


    5 minutes ago, HOUSE said:

    Check any teams message board, ANY TEAM....

    Every coach in the NFL sucks.

    WE have people right here that hate Marv Levy and Patriot fans  now hate Bill Billichick.

    We are a society of complainers 


    This too.

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  8. 1 hour ago, eball said:

    I know, I know, it’s a message board and not everyone has to agree about everything.  Debate and discussion are good.  It just seems to me that the coaching of this team is being questioned at an insane level.  The Bills are 8-3 and within 11 points of being undefeated.  Every starter on defense has missed time; they have not played ONE game with their presumed starting secondary intact.  Allen has a bum elbow.  They got a total of TWO full practices in over the past two weeks and yet won two games in five days.


    They beat the Rams on the road (before we knew the Rams would stink).  They crushed the Titans.  They won at Baltimore in a gritty way.  They won at KC.


    What the hell do people think McD should have been doing that he has not?  I still hear “well, he’s not a good gameday coach.”  Really?  He is ranked as one of the best 4th down decision makers in the league.  His time management has been stellar, saving timeouts for use at the ends of halves where the Bills have been excellent.


    Should he be calling plays?  Is it Dorsey everyone is really upset about?  Well, Dorse is also learning on the job, and maybe I’m naive but I think it has been hard to gameplan the past two weeks with only two practices.  And yet, the offense is still putting up yards and points at very high levels.  The last couple of weeks the running game has showed up as well.


    Summing up — I don’t get it.  At all.  And as far as I know, not one of you is in the locker room or on the practice field with this team.  My conclusion is that there are a lot of keyboard warriors with way too much time on their hands who expect 14-point wins weekly.  I would love to hear, specifically, what decisions some believe McD has made or not made that are responsible for the “predicament” we find ourselves in (tied for 1st).


    I’m going to continue to enjoy this ride, knowing my team is one of the best in the league and still has every opportunity to bring home the ultimate prize.  I’m thrilled McD is our HC and Beane is our GM.


    Go Bills!  17 and 3, BABY!!!!


    Well said.


    However, I think Dorsey criticism is warranted.  We had a lot of early offensive success under him, and once teams got tape, defenses have found ways to disrupt the offense, especially in the 2nd half after first half adjustments.  

    His tendency to use Devin early with great success then go away from him as the game goes on is also frustrating.  

    I get Dorsey is learning on the job, but that doesn’t change the fact he needs to be better if we are going to beat KC when it matters…in the post season.  Not to mention, we still have several tough games on our schedule ahead of us, including 4 challenging divisional games we need to win.  

    If Dorsey can’t find a way to scheme guys open more, our offense isn’t going to return to its efficiency we saw the first part of the season.  And he desperately needs to figure out how to be better in the 2nd half of games.  

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  9. 1 hour ago, Big Turk said:


    Are you sure about those statements regarding Daboll/Dorsey?


    Food for thought...


    The Bills had 351 yards or less offensively 7 times last year. They have 2 instances this year.


    The Bills scored less than 17 points 4 times last year. They have 0 instances this year.


    Facts don't really support your assertions. Most likely you have recency bias which makes Dorsey's "poor" games, which were better than Daboll's "poor" games, look worse due to being fresher in your mind.


    Guess you haven’t watched the past 5 games.  

  10. 38 minutes ago, Chaos said:


    The Case for Considering a Coaching Change


    1. Josh Allen is really good. It is actually hard to imagine missing the playoffs with any credible NFL coach with Josh Allen as your QB.   Virtually no QB at Allen's level is home watching the playoffs the first week. McDermott is not a necessary ingredient to making the playoffs. 


    Careful what you wish for...heard a lot of people say the same thing about Daboll...now look, Dorsey sucks and the offense is no where near what it was the first half the season before teams got tape on Dorsey and figured him out.  


    38 minutes ago, Chaos said:
    1. History is not on McDermott's side. Since 1960 only one time has a coaching/QB combo appeared in their first championship game after their fourth season together (Ken Stabler/John Madden, 1978).  It has never happened in the free agency era. Past is not prologue, but it is probably worth understanding this dynamic. It is worth noting, that on numerous occasions after a team had its franchise QB in place, making a coaching change led to a Super Bowl appearance. 


    No disrespect, but you couldn't have listed a more irrelevant point with this one.  History has no significance what so ever in regards to what McD and Allen do or don't do together.  Any correlation would merely be a coincidence.

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  11. 1 hour ago, LABILLBACKER said:

    I've never once in my life seen a sack become a completed pass for a td. But I've seen hundreds of qb pressures result in tds. Just saying.....

    I’ve never seen a sack turn into an interception either.  See you can play that coin on both sides.  

    You want to fixate on what 5 or 6 more single plays a year, literally that’s what you’re complaining about, because if he had 4.5 sacks but got 6 more it would be 10.5 and you’d be begging to keep him.  Yet there are lots of people who get a few more sacks than Hughes but no where near the amount of pressures he had.  

    I will take the guy who more frequently impacts the game over some guy who had a few more sacks but did very little else.

    Sack numbers are grossly over rated.  Yes there are guys who pile them up and Frequently disrupt the game, but there a lot more who 7-10 sacks and suck outside of those few sacks.


    Hughes was for us, and still is, a VERY good and disruptive DE that all opposing teams are forced to game plan for.  It’s not really even open for debate.  


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  12. 1 hour ago, WhoTom said:


    Exactly, and that's shown in this pic:



    The larger the bubble, the higher the cumulative quality of players lost to injury. The raw number of man-games puts us in the bottom five, but the cumulative quality of lost players has us in the top ten, and we're still sitting at 8-3. Other than Baltimore, most teams with a bubble that large are sitting at 4-5 wins. Notice the small bubbles for the teams we've lost to and the teams with better, or equivalent, records. And neither stat factors in strength-of-schedule.


    Stats without analysis aren't all that meaningful.






    I cant even believe this thread is still going.  So many nails in the coffin in it like this one.  

  13. 18 hours ago, StHustle said:

    Joe Marino posts a ton of content but his postgame pod for the Bills Lions Thanksgiving game deserves it’s own thread.

    So many members of the Mafia are upset, confused, and discouraged right now. The way he breaks down exactly what’s going on is masterful and he hits the nail on the head on point after point. 

    One of his firsts points is simply the fact that Josh has had only a few practices for these last 3 games starting with just one limited practice before the Vikings game. How the lack of practice sessions have stunted the ability to get Hines installed in the offense properly. How, despite how none of us are in love with the way the Bills offense or Josh is playing right now, we still rank #2 in the league in average points and yards per game over these last 3 ugly games.


    He touches on so much more including a lot dealing with the defense and most key players individually. I love his perspective and feel most Bills fans would appreciate this content.






    Don't you know that logic and reason are frowned upon around here.  Get on the real bandwagon already...McD and Beane should be fired, Allen is trash and we should bench him for Keenum, and the Roster is trash overall.  


    Shame on you.  You're a seasoned vet here.  Do better.  😜



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  14. 2 hours ago, KzooMike said:

    I'm more critical of McDermott than most. Plenty are critical of Frazier. Dorsey has been under the radar, but I think fans would give him a neutral mark on the season. In the game against Detroit, I really think this was one of the better coached games we have seen from the entire staff. 


    On offense, we ran the ball in the traditional running game with frequency and success. This was now two weeks in a row we did not abandon the run and used it as a stabilizing factor. We were also aggressive late in the game. If you look at the throw to Diggs, you could make an argument to play conservative. We had 23 seconds to go 35 yards, any mistake and you likely lose. Josh had done almost nothing in the deep passing game the last two weeks and made some critical errors. We trusted our guys to go get it done. I think this is a play that will help Josh get back on track from a mental perspective. 


    On defense, we have seen the level of aggressiveness increase as our DB play has declined which I'm thankful for. The death by a thousand cuts was getting torturous.  In perhaps the most pivotal play of the game on the Lions last drive, 3rd down and 1,  in a spot we always seem to be conservative, we went all in. We sent everybody and forced the Lions to execute. Far too often we seem to be in reactionary mode in that spot. The Lions had an open guy but failed to execute against our pressure. We forced a FG which allowed us to set up the eventual game winning FG. 


    So while we love to torch our coaches, yesterday they beat the Lions coaches in time management and were not afraid to be aggressive. The did almost everything we complain about well. We even landed an elusive within 7 point victory. I think the coaches are learning and they played a big role in the W yesterday. Hopefully we see this trend continue.        


    As someone who disagrees with the general negativity McD has gotten around here, its post like yours here that give me hope for this board.  Sincere Kudos for acknowledging him when you feel he has done a good job despite your previous criticism of him.  Most people around here just continue to bash him or players they dislike even after good performances.  


    It is why I started a thread on Edmunds earlier in the season to acknowledge how well he was playing.  Because the same people were bashing him after very good games by him for no reason.  One of my biggest pet peeves around here is the people who will go against facts to just push their biased agenda and can't even admit when someone they dislike plays well or does something good.  As a die hard fan of this team, I am happy when people play well even if it is someone I am not high on long term.  


    For example, I have been of the opinion McKenzie is not a feature slot WR, but is a guy we can scheme plays for and use what he does best, his speed, to create opportunities.  But yesterday, he made some big plays for us and had a strong first half and was happy to see that and happy for him.


    But so many others just want to trash their favorite whipping boy no matter how good of a job they do on a given Sunday.  So again, sincere Kudos for acknowledging something positive from someone you've previously had criticism for.  I wish more of the board was like this.  There is a definitely people who do this as well, just wish it was more posters.  

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  15. 2 minutes ago, Buffalo03 said:

    He has had no more than 4.5 sacks in his last 3 years with us. He's having a good year this year. Does that mean his previous years with us which he did next to nothing should be ignored?


    Maybe you failed to notice that Hughes was amongst the league leaders in QB pressures during that time too, something that is as important as sacks because it forces bad throws, creates turnovers, etc etc.  


    Just tracking sacks is a poor barometer for evaluating the play of a DE. 

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  16. 1 hour ago, Big Turk said:

    Bills tied for 5th fewest man games lost to injury with only 83.




    The difference? Many of them have been to key players unlike the last several years.



    So the excuses the Bills are somehow more injured than every other team needs to stop. They are STILL one of the least injured teams in the NFL even with what seems like a crazy rash of injuries...we just don't see all the players out for other teams because we don't follow them very closely.


    Injuries to non key players/starters would help as well.

    No offense, but this is a complete waste of time post.  First, whose hurt is a bigger impact than how many games have been missed.  

    Second, injuries played a major roll in our losses and recent struggles.  Miami game we had Tommy Sweeney play 5 snaps with a torn ACL because we didn’t have enough OL. Our backup center botched a FG snap.  We were missing 7 starters on defense, 5 OL, Knox, and more by end of the game.  We had 14 of our 22 starters out for all or part of the Miami game.  That’s 64% of our starters or guys who started that game.

    Against Vikings, not only did we have all the injuries going into the game, but we lost Edmunds at halftime and the defense was worse after losing Edmunds.  

    I can keep going on and on, but what’s the point.  To say injuries have not played a role in our struggles or losses is completely off base and 100% lacks context.  

    So yeah, you’re wrong.  

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  17. 1 hour ago, NewEra said:

    I agree he’s hurt.  He’s also making some bad decisions and throwing bad passes.  He wasn’t hurt vs the packers or the jets (until the final seconds) and threw 4 terrible interceptions….


    Get right Josh.  

    There is a massive difference of being critical of a mistake vs trashing Allen.  It’s fair to be critical and analyze a mistake by Allen…then there’s idiotic statements saying he’s been total trash for 4 weeks when he’s been the only reason we have even been in games, let alone won them.  

    Im not up to speed on your take, just making a general comment.  There are some realllllllly stupid comments about Allen going around these boards, shout box, etc.  

  18. I’ve got major issues with Dorsey.  He, IMHO, is the absolute main reason for the offensive struggles.  The offense had too much early success to start the year and now that defenses had the tape to figure it out, Dorsey can’t and hasn’t adjusted.  

    I could write 10 paragraphs right now on what I’m upset with him about, but what’s the point.  He is our biggest Achilles heal right now. 

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  19. We should rename TSW to WBH…Wet Blanket Headquarters.  

    No one cares about your whiney complaints about McDs post game speeches.  Seriously this thread has got to be one of the whiniest narcissistic threads I’ve seen.  

    Who really gives a **** what any of the fans think about his speech?  Doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it…all that matters is the players were HYPED and LOVED it.  

    To come on here after another important and gritty win in 5 days after all this teams been through in 2 weeks and whine you don’t like the post game speech is stunning.  

    I swear some of you don’t deserve this team right now.

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  20. 2 minutes ago, Dillenger4 said:

    Sure, if they are interesting. Not spilled grivel all game. Put it this way, if you didn't already know that Josh was "banged up" you have been living under a rock. Give us some interesting play calling. The best way to watch football is without the announcers and just the crowd sound via the twitter feed. Best technology ever created!

    You realize Romo calls the game for people across the country right, not just Bills fans?  

    Not everyone knows Josh is banged up, to what degree, that it could be impacting his play, etc.  And everyone is getting the perspective from a former QB who has actually also had the same injury.  

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