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  1. 9 hours ago, Thurman#1 said:



    Best of luck to you. Had my first well into my 50s. Exhausting, but having a great wife helps a ton. Still the best thing that's ever happened to me, that kid.

    Thanks!!!  Yeah, it’s been quite the change, and it’s gonna change even more in October when his brother gets here, but it’s definitely the best thing to ever happen to me as well and they should only help keep me young chasing these guys around lol

  2. 37 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:





    You simply gotta' know a stat like that is wrong if you follow the NFL.


    Let alone if you are a fan of the team and the player.


    Just too obvious. 



    It wasn’t wrong.  Read the follow along.  It was accurate, just Statmuse didn’t specify it filtered for passing touchdowns.  And we were not a scoring powerhouse his first 2 seasons, so it wasn’t a crazy stat and the actual stat was only 8 games different.  So really not that obvious for a 6 year career where the first 2 he was learning on the job with bad rosters.  

    The amount of energy some of you are putting into an oversight by the AI on a website on such a trivial stat is bizarre.  

  3. 16 minutes ago, GoBills808 said:

    🤦‍♂️you started by saying it was 14 lol


    Wrong, I did not say any such thing..  I started saying "Someone posted these stats"...I am not the source nor did I claim to be.  And the answer isn't technically wrong, it was just an incomplete description to specify passing touchdowns which is a flaw in the AI, not the original author.  


    16 minutes ago, GoBills808 said:

    the correct answer is 'thank you for helping me not spread disinformation'


    Actually the only person who wrote a wrong answer was you, with 4 as the actual answer is 6 according to NFL official statistics.  14 was technically correct above, just Statmuse lacked the context of labeling it "passing" touchdowns.  


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  4. 6 minutes ago, GoBills808 said:

    its 4 games unless you want to count a week 17 game where he got pulled after 5 passes


    9/30/2018 Packers

    10/14/2018 Texams

    10/25/2020 Jets

    11/07/2021 Jags


    It's 6 games.  That is the correct answer according the NFL statistics of games he played in and scored 0 total touchdowns.  If you got this question in a sports trivia game, the answer would be 6.  I checked and verified it.  You can "excuse" what ever games you want, I am only telling you what the correct factual answer is and nothing more.


    And yes, one of those games was the final game of the season where he barely played and the other was his first game as a rookie where he came in at halftime. 


    And for the record, its 14 games with 0 total TD's for Lamar (before "excusing" any games).

  5. 14 minutes ago, Malazan said:

    A thread giving a guy no one knows exists attention for saying something inflammatory.. well, @Alphadawg7 you gave him exactly what he wanted.


    Lol...a bit dramatic don't you think.  


    One, do you really expect Jonnu to see "this attention" lol.  

    Two, you really think Jonnu said this hoping to get attention on a message board he doesn't read?  lol.

    Third,  how do you not know who Jonnu Smith is?  Lol



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  6. 38 minutes ago, GoBills808 said:

    I count 4


    Its actually 6 (see more below).


    38 minutes ago, GoBills808 said:


    Just did and it's not even close to accurate


    Ok, I found the discrepancy.  The original post I got the stats from the author used Statmuse for their source of the data and the post is both wrong and correct at the same time.  


    The original poster said "0 Touchdowns", and if you go to www.statmuse.com and type in "How many times did Josh Allen score 0 touchdowns" and "How many times did Lamar Jackson score 0 touchdowns" the answer Statmuse gives you is 14 for Allen, and 23 for Lamar and lists the dates and games with the majority occurring in his first 2 seasons.  So the original poster correctly reported the findings that were given...just turns out the AI is making a mistake.


    For as good as Statmuse is, there is actually a mistake being made here by the AI.  Even though it says "touchdowns" which should be all touchdowns by default given there was no specification for either "rushing" or "passing" in the prompt.  Statmuse however is still only searching specifically for passing TD's, probably because its falsely identifying QB's only having passing touchdowns without a more specific prompt.  If you type in the same prompt with "total touchdowns" instead, it shows Allen as having 6 games with 0 touchdowns.  


    So the original poster of those stats did correctly report the AI findings, but the AI is flawed and associating what should be the broad term of "touchdowns" to be all TD's with only the ones most closely tied to that positions primary category, in this case, throwing the ball. 


    Allen does have 14 games with no "passing" TD's, but in 8 of them he did score at least 1 rushing TD and has 6 total games where he scored 0 TD's.  


    I will go back and make the adjustment to specify passing TD's now that we know where the discrepancy is.  

  7. 35 minutes ago, GoBills808 said:

    You'd bet that the QB who is tops in the league for generating TDs has almost an entire season's worth of games where he didn't score a single one? I'd take that action

    Literally now what I said.  Assuming the stat is accurate, I said I would bet those games mostly accrued in his first 2 seasons.  

    If you have an issue with the stat, then either go check yourself or take it up with the person who published these stats that I just simply shared here.

  8. 12 minutes ago, MRW said:


    For Allen specifically, the offense was terrible his first year and scraping its way up toward average in his second, so I can definitely believe it. Even over the past 4 years when the offense has been great there have been bad stretches.


    I would bet (haven't actually checked, just a guess) that the majority of those games for Allen were in his first 2 seasons when the roster was weak and he was ascending still.  

  9. Someone posted these stat comparisons with Allen and Lamar - And its crazy to think Lamar has 2 MVPs to Allens none.  

    • Seasons with 4000 passing yards:
      • Allen - 4 
      • Lamar - 0
    • Seasons with 8+ rushing TD's
      • Allen - 4
      • Lamar - 0
    • Games with 300 yards + 50 rush yards
      • Allen - 25
      • Lamar - 7
    • Games with 2 or more TD passes
      • Allen - 54
      • Lamar - 32
    • Games with 3 or more TD passes
      • Allen - 23
      • Lamar - 19
    • Games with 2 or more rush TD's
      • Allen - 9
      • Lamar - 6
    • Games with 1 passing + 1 rushing TD
      • Allen - 44
      • Lamar -23
    • 300 yard passing games
      • Allen - 25
      • Lamar - 4
    • AFC Player of the Week
      • Allen - 12
      • Lamar - 10
    • Games they scored 0 passing TD's
      • Allen - 14
      • Lamar - 23 (Balt still won FIFTEEN of those games)



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  10. 3 hours ago, DaBillsFanSince1973 said:


     you heard he was moving on.
     What was your take?

     it was more so just a deep breath.
     It was just like,all right.


     Steph was a great teammate.
     Like Steph is probably one of the best teammates that I've had.

    Seeing how he prepares for a game, how he treats his teammates,
     how he executes his passion.

    And I think what the world mistakes of what they're
     calling drama is just the passion that he has for the sport.

    Like I don't expect anybody to be happy with losing. Like and we're all not frantic, but like we're all at that height of emotions.

     Like it's an emotional sport.

     And Steph is an emotional guy for the things that he loves.
     And football is one of those things.

    And I think we're like, like we're going to miss him.

    We love him. And if it was time, and Brandon Bean has all those keys.
     Like we don't control any of that.


    You know, I was sad to see him go, but I'm happy to see him smile.

    And you know, he's smiling and he'll be a great player wherever he goes.

    And I'm just glad that, you know, like we got to take a shot at it with Steph.


    Weird...I heard here he was Satan himself

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  11. There are guys in who I don't think were really very good, Joe Namath is one for example.  He was like the Jim McMahon of his day, who also wasn't all that good of a QB...but Namath got in because of his flash and calling his shot to win the SB.  


    But people deserving are easily:

    • Steve Tasker - Best ST of all time, its crazy he isn't in.
    • Torry Holt - People forget just how good he was, I think the fact he played on the Rams with another dominant WR in Isaac Bruce I think waters down peoples memory of just how good he really was.  
    • Jimmy Smith - This guy never gets any love with the all time great WR's, but ask any corner who had to guard him and they will tell you he was one of the toughest players to cover they ever played against, and many will put him number 1 on who gave them the most trouble.  Had he not played for the Jags and instead played for the Cowboys or something, he would have already been in.  
    • Mike Alstott - Its hard for FB's to get accolades or stats, but he was one of the best FB's to ever play the game.

    Somewhere between "Easily" should be in and "Honorable Mentions:  Hines Ward - He doesn't have the same gaudy stats as guys like Wayne, Holt, etc or guys coming up like Fitzgerald, but he was one of the best all around WR's of his time and maybe the toughest.  He is the definition of a borderline guy, but I think he deserves it and he is the kind of WR I would take on me team any day of the week.


    Honorable Mentions - London Fletcher, Reggie Wayne, Rodney Harrison, Steve Smith, Darren Woodson, Jared Allen

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  12. 48 minutes ago, hondo in seattle said:

    I think Alpha's probably right and the biggest surprises have already happened.


    But if I had to guess, I'd say Mitch Trubisky.   Somewhere in the NFL, a decent QB will be a surprise cut and we'll sign the guy to be Josh's backup.  


    I agree, Mitch would be a surprise, you don't see a lot of good teams mess with the QB room late in the offseason very often unless they are a team that clearly needs a better backup. That is just because it's the position that takes the most time to learn.  Between the playbook, lingo, reps with receivers, etc it's just a tall ask to get a new QB up to speed while you are prepping the team for the start of the season. 


    That is even more true for the Bills since the whole offense is learning a new system as well.  So for me, I think it's a low probability (although not impossible by any means) that Mitch is cut for those reasons and also given they know him, resigned him, and he and Allen are tight.  I think they would have to really want the other QB to make that change just before the season starts.  



  13. 1 hour ago, 90sBills said:

    Can’t speak for all but for me the decision to make that throw was what I criticized. KC had two timeouts left with 1:40 if that throw connected. Given Mahomes’ playoffs history and how our defense was playing in that game there’s very little chance we could’ve stopped them if that pass connected for a TD. I was really impressed with Allen’s game up to the 2-min warning. He showed a lot of patience and I really thought we were going score a walk off TD to win the game with hardly any time left and no TO’s for KC. One more 1st would’ve probably did it.  But instead we went for the kill shot and got killed. It was disappointing. 

    Look how SF played KC in the Super Bowl. Their last drive in regulation they were methodically moving down the field. No big homerun shots. It took a great defensive play by KC to stop them. SF didn’t succeed but they made it a lot tougher for KC. That’s the formula for beating the Chiefs in the playoffs.


    I mean their game ended similar to ours, just like 15 yards closer to the endzone.  Aiyuk was wide open in the endone but Chris Jones and the DL obliterarted the SF OL right off the snap and were in Purdy's face before he could even look at Aiyuk.  Chiefs did same thing to Dawkins when Chris Jones blew him into Allen as he was attempting the throw to Shakir.  


    It helps a LOT when you got guys on your DL that impact games when it comes to beating KC.  Instead, we missed a game tying FG and as you put it had no real hope of winning with KC having 2 timeouts and over a minute left even if we had scored the TD to take a 4 point lead.  Why...because we don't have a Chris Jones to go get in Mahomes face to seal games.  


    And on 2nd down you take the points if they are there and you can go up 4, so I don't at all fault Allen for attempting that throw.  Its not his fault that the OL got blown up on 3rd down too or that Bass missed his FG, or that the defense can't touch Mahomes.  

  14. 52 minutes ago, folz said:


    This is a bit off-topic from the thread, but you bring up a really good point Alphadawg. We have been a very good team...but more of what we used to call a "finesse" team. Very skilled players, but we weren't very big across the roster, we didn't have a strong/bruising run game (outside of Allen), our defense was always excellent stat-wise but they never put fear into anyone (really hard-hitting, etc.), etc. 


    We got manhandled by KC in the championship game in 2020 and the Bengals (regardless of all the surrounding circumstances which of course played a huge part) bullied us a bit despite Buffalo probably being the more talented team overall. I think we have had an issue with teams that get physical, especially in bad weather that affected the passing game. Think of the New England wind game. We were such a better team than they were, but when the wind took away our passing game, they out-physicaled us.


    I see this "transition" year, not as a "rebuilding" year, but as a true transitioning year---we are transitioning from one style of team to another. I think the Bills will look a good bit different from what we have seen the past handful of years. The offense will have a stronger run-focus, more long, sustained drives rather than trying to get lots of chunk plays (though with Josh Allen, those will still be there). Bigger, stronger WRs. Davis brings a toughness to the backfield. As for defense, IF Miller gets back to form, that could help. And as good as Poyer and Hyde were, you worried about trying to beat them, not getting your head taken off by them. Rapp is a bit reckless, but man will he throw his body at folks, and Bishop is a pretty hard-hitter. Maybe that helps too.


    Of course, getting tougher is partly personnel and partly coaching. Can McDermott, Babich, and Brady bring out the dog in this team? I sure hope so.




    As to the topic at hand, all these talking heads need to ask themselves is if their team needed a playoff win, which QB are you actually picking to start?


    playoff game averages:

    Josh: 65% completion, 328.6 yards, 2.5 TDs, 0.4 INTs

    Joe: 67.3% completion, 275.3 yards, 1.43 TDs, 0.57 INTs

    Lamar: 57.44% completion, 307.5 yards, 1.5 TDs, 1 INTs


    In 7 of his 10 playoff games, Allen had 3 or more TDs

    In 7 of his 10 playoff games, Josh didn't throw an interception 


    Heck, in Josh's 5 playoff losses, he averaged 335.2 yards/game, 2.2 TDs, and 0.4 INTs. Hard even to use his losses as an argument that he isn't good or has been better than Lamar and Burrow in the playoffs.


    Agree with all of this, very good follow up post and verbatim how I see it as well.  This is why I said leading up to the draft if people just took the time to listen to Beane all offseason in all his PC's and Interviews, they would have understood this was what Beane was looking to do.  He mentioned so many times about guys with leadership, guys who play with an edge, toughness.  While a lot of our moves had to be done for cap reasons and to get the team younger, the rebuild plan was to bring in guys that had more size, toughness, and an edge to their game.  


    Now this doesn't mean every move is going to prove to work out perfectly, but there is a purpose to how Beane drafted and the guys he looked at in FA.  And now we will be going into next offseason with cap flexibility and armed with 2 second round picks and 3 fourth round picks for him to continue building towards being a tougher team and better team.  


    Because Von took a pay cut and not a restructure, we can, and almost certainly will, get out of Vons deal next year.  So I expect Beane to be aggressive either in acquiring a premiere edge rusher in FA or trade, or using some of that draft capital to try and get one in the draft.  We need our own Chris Jones to be able to make the plays when Allen delivers the defense a lead to protect late in playoff games.

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  15. 1 hour ago, 90sBills said:

    You’re going to get flame for this but you are absolutely correct! Those are legacy defining plays if he makes them. Unfortunately his legacy currently is not getting past KC and Cincy in the playoffs. 

    There was a lot of room to the right for Allen to step up and make a clean throw. Brady wasn’t the most athletically gifted qb but his pocket awareness was second to none. Mahomes is not quite as adept as Brady was but he is still very good at knowing where pressure is coming from so he could change arm angle to complete a pass successfully. This is an area Allen could improve upon imo. 


    People forget this was a strike to the endzone, this isn't a throw he can just throw further as he keeps running, he has the outbounds line coming.  If he pulls his arm back and steps up the window would have been closed.  Now if you want to say earlier in the sequence he should have stepped up more, well maybe he could have, but there was also no imminent pressure at that exact moment either to force the step up.  And Brady is the GOAT, not many people do it as well as the GOAT, in fact, I would argue no one in NFL history moved in the pocket as well as Brady.  


    And I am not even saying he can't improve on it, because obviously he can.  But you and others are harping on one play where it wasn't entirely his fault even if you want to include blame on him.  I listed many instances like Diggs drop on that same drive, Davis dropping a winning TD against the Jets, the Bills defense blowing the lead Allen gave them TWICE in the final 2 minutes of the 2021 game and then blundering OT away after as well.  


    So point for me is simple...Allen has made a lot of plays to get this team to the next level just to see other players not do their job and fail to help him out.  Mahomes on the other hand has a guy like MVS who couldn't catch a cold making huge tough catches and plays in the postseason, guys like Chris Jones taking over games in crunch time, etc etc.  Who has done any of that for Allen though?

  16. 1 hour ago, Jauronimo said:

    Without Diggs on the field there is an extra defender somewhere.  No one on this roster commands bracket coverage besides maybe MVS who I expect sees few snaps per game.  Maybe its a spy, maybe its a safety that gets to play center field.  In any event, its not a positive development for this offense despite what some posters have claimed.  


    The Buffalo Bills have shown no ability to consistently get backs involved in the passing game since Chan Gailey was head coach.


    I mean our RB's had 81 targets last year with the lions share going to Cook.  This year our top 3 RBs are Cook, Davis, and Ty...all 3 are very good at catching the ball and our RB's were much more involved under Brady last year, so I expect over the course of a season those total targets are going to be closer to or exceed 100 total targets.


    With Keon's size, if he is having any success teams are going to need to cheat coverage towards him.  And Kincaid just put up the 4th most receptions in NFL history by a rookie TE and 10th most in history in yards despite missing one game and playing only 63% of the snaps.  With Diggs gone, teams are not just going to let Kincaid run wild out there, they will also look to give more help on him too.  


    Teams still have to spy Allen too.  And if teams start cheating a guy towards Shakir, that only further opens up stuff for guys like Keon and Kincaid too.  


    So for me, I do not agree with the notion that the only person on the team that could be deserving of extra coverage is MVS.  

  17. 1 minute ago, Billl said:

    Stefon Diggs dropped a ball, so that means Josh beats no responsibility for throwing a terrible pass that would have been an easy pick 6 had it not been knocked away from Sneed by McDuffie. It also wasn’t Josh’s fault for fumbling on the next play, and of course it wasn’t Josh’s fault that he missed an open receiver in the end zone after failing to step into a wide open pocket because every LT in the league should be expected to stonewall Chris Jones 1 on 1. 

    There is zero chance you grade Mahomes on the same curve. 


    Didn't say any of the above.  I said his teammates need to step up in big moments too and cited many examples of it, like Diggs dropping a 70 yard perfect pass...heck, he didn't even drop it, he let it go right through his hands in one of the most pathetic attempts I have seen at making a catch in the NFL.


    No QB is perfect, all make mistakes, just like Mahomes who again does NOT win a SB if Chris Jones is not on the Chiefs last year who made multiple game saving plays in mulitple games including the SB when Aiyuk was wide open in the endzone but Jones blew through the line and blew up the play.  


    If you think Allen has been the problem, then we aren't watching the same games.  Did Allen let Hill run like 60+ yards on a short crossing pass to retake the lead after Allen gave the Bills the lead with under 2 min to go?  What about when Allen again hits Davis for yet another go ahead TD leaving only 13 seconds?  Did Allen cause the kick to go out of bounds and let KC drive to force OT and then did Allen let KC march down the field for an easy TD in OT to end the game?



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  18. 1 minute ago, BillMafia716ix said:

    Allen has reached the point he’s only going to be judged on how he performs come playoff time. 0-4 vs. Burrow/Mahomes. 


    The Last two plays vs. KC he missed Shakir wide open in the endzone. Very next play he missed Shakir again going across the middle that would have resulted in 1st down and would have kept the potential game winning drive alive. Those are the game winning plays he has to make. 


    I just listed those plays...the first one he didn't miss, Chris Jones blew Dawkins up into Allen who stepped on his foot on the throw.  And the next play the DL blew right threw our OL and blew the play up.  


    It is why people emphasize you "win in the trenches" so much, because it is true.  Mahomes doesn't win a SB last year if Chris Jones was not on that team who made multiple game saving plays that post season on final drives.  


    So Allen needs the guys around him to do their jobs in these big moments, and not just on offense, on the defensive side too where he has multiple times given our D a lead late just to see them blow it, and sometimes multiple times in the same game like KC in 2021.  

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  19. 1 hour ago, Jauronimo said:

    Fans seem to think you lineup 4 or 5 WRs on each play.  Its our WR depth and range of skillset that will stress defenses.  And I agree with them. If we lineup 14 players to the defense's 11 this WR room can pose some serious mismatches.    But if its still 11 on 11 and our best 2 or 3 WRs vs their best 2 or 3 defenders then I remain skeptical of our WRs ability to consistently win matchups. 


    Upthread some guy spun not having any WRs worthy of double coverage as an advantage!  As if defenses focusing on Diggs was not a major part of Shakir's and Kincaid's production.


    Do people seriously not remember how disappointed they were in Gabe Davis' production after he went from 3rd and 4th option to #2?



    While I get your concern, Shakir plays from the Slot, he saw the same defender whether Diggs was on the field or not.  Teams are not moving the top outside corner to play the NCB just to cover Shakir.  More importantly, Davis issues were because of his limitations as a player.  He had Diggs opposite of him his whole career.  He didn't take a step forward because he was not a polished route runner, he had a limited route tree, his awareness was not great, and his hands were not great.  The only area Davis excelled in was blocking, and that is not the kind of "top trait" you want in a starting WR.  


    And coming into this season, Kincaid is going to draw attention especially in the areas of the field where Shakir eats the most.  Kincaid as a rookie had the 10th most yards in NFL history for any rookie TE and the 4th most catches in NFL history for a rookie TE...and that was despite missing a game and only playing 63% of the snaps.  


    Kincaid is going to garner plenty of attention.  And then you still have Keon whose size alone warrants extra attention as he will be hard to guard 1 on 1 if he starts having any legit success on the outside with Allen.  So this notion that with Diggs gone no one will garner extra attention is probably a gross exaggeration.  Not to mention you still have to cover the RB's on every pass play as all of our RB's are dangerous out of the backfield in Cook, Davis, and Ty while also accounting still for Allens threat to run.  And Allens threat to run is a bigger factor in opening up things down field and it was a big reason why when Brady took over and Allen basically got turned loose that the offense opened up more and guys like Kincaid and Shakir started making bigger impacts.  

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  20. 8 hours ago, BillMafia716ix said:

    Allen needs to start making throws when the game is on the line. Thats the biggest difference between the two. Mahomes always seems to make that game winning play when his team needs it. With Allen its always an overthrow, miscommunication with the WR or situation where he simply doesn’t see the open WR. 


    • You mean like the ball that travelled over 70 yards in the air right after Allen hurt his throwing Elbow and hit Gabe Davis directly in the hands for a drop of a would be go ahead TD?  
    • Or like the 70 yards in the air perfect pass to Diggs in the playoffs last year against KC that went right through his hands on our final drive of the game?  
    • Or like in the same game with Shakir running a perfect route for the go ahead TD and instead saw Dawkins get blown up by Chris Jones into stepping on Allens foot on the throw causing him to short arm it?  
      • Or how about the next play when the Chiefs DL just blew past our OL and put Allen on the run right after the snap to end our drive before Bass then misses a game tying FG?  
    • Or how about the go ahead TD strike to Gabe Davis against KC in 2021 giving us the lead with under 2 minutes to go before our D gave up a long easy TD to Hill where he waved bye as he ran past everyone?  
    • Or how about right after that, the TD strike again to Gabe to give us what should have been the game winning TD with 13 seconds left before our ST and DC decided to blow the game?

    Allen has been doing his part, its his teammates around him that have not come up big in big moments where Josh Allen has to do it all.  

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  21. 28 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:


    Here is your quote:


    "I remember when people completely went bonkers and kept slamming Shakir when I made similar Kupp comparisons when he was a rookie, and again last year, which is not really a surprise since Shakir has since come out and literally stated he studies Kupp and tries to pattern some of his game off his."


    Hey, it's your story, bro.


    You said you made Kupp comparisons.    If people laughed at them maybe you should have clarified that you didn't mean the all-time receiving yardage record kinda' version of Kupp who gains 1947 yards.    Can you see where a lack of clarity like that can cause a misunderstanding?  No?

    Yeah, similar comparisons, as in what was mentioned in the article.  Based on your post here I am guessing you didn't even read the article otherwise you wouldn't be so confused by the statement.

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