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"Self-hating" Widowed Gay Man Glenn Greenwald's Thoughtful, Reliable Reporting and Commentary

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4 minutes ago, Gene Frenkle said:

Is the amount of vitriol in NC's thread titles a good indicator as to how unhinged MAGA might be feeling at any given moment?

Can we say the same about billstime and the left?

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1 minute ago, AlBUNDY4TDS said:

The billstime threads? Do u really want to go down that road?


I mean, sure. Who has more hate in them?



"Self-hating" Widowed Gay Man Glenn Greenwald's Thoughtful, Reliable Reporting and Commentary
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Reverse Bump Thread #4: By Posting in This Thread You Affirm That Joe Biden Is A Racist. 
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Election Interference | Why was the National Guard denied 14 times on January 6?
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Election Interference | “I just want to find 11,780 votes” | Trump arrested | Fulton County GA


NC's like a mean 10 year old. lol

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@ Gene F Stain!


The thread title is straight from your own deranged fuk.c stain in moronic arms Finding Qanon's own characterization of Glenn Greenwald.


Now back to GGs reliable reporting....



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Glenn Greenwald back in the day, before he went batty. In other words, back when the OP would have decried him as a cultural Marxist.




Still, this is a momentous change in both public opinion and law that affects - and improves - the lives of millions of people (DOMA is what prevents me, and thousands of other gay Americans, from living in the US with my spouse, while the legal and social stigma of officially sanctioned inequality is, by itself, devastating for gay children). The discrimination has been rooted in centuries of intense social and religious indoctrination. That this is now being uprooted is a testament to how core political liberties - free speech and free associational rights - can enable all forms of political change. That same type of rapid and previously unthinkable change is visible with other unjust laws: oppressive drug prohibition being the leading example. But one can easily find all sorts of examples from American history and the recent history of other countries which reflect the same truth: radical, positive, and relatively fast political change is always possible, no matter how formidable the obstacles seem.

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Just now, The Frankish Reich said:

It truly is an obsession.

Pride flags. Bud Light. Trans stuff. 

Every man hates what he has to deny.


It definitely makes me wonder lol. I mean I'm straight and I almost never think about gay people.

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