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Reassessing the Over-Reactions to the Divisional Round

Never NEVER Give-up

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On 1/30/2023 at 11:58 AM, Nextmanup said:

I think we would have lost, maybe by a lot, to the Bengals on MNF this year had the game continued, and they beat us easily and badly in the our playoff game; they are NOT a good matchup for us and we will have big trouble with them next year too, if it comes to that.


We need a small rebuild this off-season, and have a lot to address.  We will still be in the conversation, but don't expect anyone to name us their pre-season Super Bowl favorite.  No way.


I think we are do for a slight regression next season, which will only turn the heat on coaching/coordinators more.



Agree the Bengals looked sky-high in the MNF game, though who knows how it would have turned out had Hamlin not been injured - his injury crushed the Teams psyche and it's a wonder we beat NE & Miami.


Losing in the playoffs to the Bengals is leaving a horrible taste in Bills' mouths - I see that as a revenge game next year.


SB Favorite in 2023?  Who knows - remember, it wasn't until we got Von Miller that we became the popular choice for 2022.


That highlights what 2023 will be about - remember Bean & McDermott always say that each year is a different team and IT REALLY IS.  The salary cap and the comings and goings of Free Agents, draftees, and trades will turn-over 35% or more of the roster (Fact - 35% turnover between 2021 & 2022).  This is happening on EVERY team - the Chiefs, Eagles and Bengals too.  It is WAY too early to diminish the Bills at this point in time - we need to see where everyone is after the Draft (May 1st).

On 1/30/2023 at 12:33 PM, Billz4ever said:

Great thought, but how does Von or Hyde change Josh getting hit and constantly pressured by a 4 or even 3-man rush?  We scored 10 points and unless those guys can play on the O-line or receiver, not much is going to change that.

. . . maybe the defense doesn't blow coverages on the 1st 2 TD's &/or Von Miller gets home on Burrows (he held the ball longer on those 2 throws) - just sayin'

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On 1/30/2023 at 8:40 AM, Realist said:

At this point, Bills are outside those 3 teams. I kept watching the AFC game and thinking what would the Bills be doing in this game? I just don't see how their defensive philosophy could have stopped either of those teams. Bills have no rush without Miller and playing the Bengals receivers 10-12 yards off the line of scrimmage is just insanity. Probably would not have been able to stop Kelce either.


On the offensive side of the ball, can you imagine the Bills OL against those pass rushes last night? Disaster in the making, Allen would have been our only offense as he would have been running for his life.


Unless something major is done in the offseason, I can see Bills passed by Dolphins for the division. Probably still make playoffs, but could see out in Wildcard round.

The Dolphins?  Really?!


Who knows what they'll get out of Tua going forward (godspeed to that guy as concussions are no joke)?


I agree with you that the Bills, based on performance from the second half of the season through the playoffs, seem light years behind KC and the Bengals.


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On 1/30/2023 at 2:52 PM, Billz4ever said:

When you have a player who was made to look absolutely foolish on the offensive line coming out and saying they were out of gas, which is essentially an admission they(or at least he) quit 2 games from the SB, I'm not just blaming the coaches.  They all bear responsibility, and any quitters need to go find another job where they're allowed to just collect a paycheck without any responsibility or accountability. Say what you want about Diggs, but we need more players with that kind of intensity, who aren't cool with losing, and who would never shamelessly admit they quit.

Remember when Hamilin went down - everyone was saying winning doesn't matter, we'll take the loss if necessary, we just want Damar OK and for the team to rebound - well . . . they didn't and Saffold said so - so did Milano, etc.  Now people are calling for heads to roll - how soon we forget.  Be patient, rosters across the league will turn over and we'll need to reassess where we are in May to guage where the Bills are in the pecking order at that time.

5 minutes ago, TheCockSportif said:

The Dolphins?  Really?!


Dolphins sign Fangio as DC - not so fast - Fangio hasn't decided (my understanding).  Now that Ryans has gone to Houston, there's a DC position open in SF and THAT is the job Fangio wants.

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4 minutes ago, Never NEVER Give-up said:

Dolphins sign Fangio as DC - not so fast - Fangio hasn't decided (my understanding).  Now that Ryans has gone to Houston, there's a DC position open in SF and THAT is the job Fangio wants.

Correct, but they still need a QB.  Tua + O scheme + great D == success most likely.  Tua is the wildcard here.

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