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Chef Jim's nightmare has come true

Just Jack

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Man I am not looking forward to spring here....I am in support of bicyclists generally but spring always brings a weekend or three of tour de francers up here in NW CT. Spandex jerseys, riding 5 wide, on a STATE HIGHWAY with a speed limit of 50, and god forbid you so much as give them a honk. The indignant  middle fingers come right out. Sorry *****! Was just trying NOT To run you over! MY bad!


(In this way bicyclists remind me a lot of motorcycle guys....1-3 together and they are pretty nice and polite. Get 20-30 of them traveling together and they think STOP signs become mere suggestions, traffic lights are for decoration, etc. Can't split up the caravan, dude!)

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2 hours ago, Greybeard said:

          How was he going to pass him, drive on the sidewalk?

You’ve never seen that?  Or someone doing that maneuver to let the person in front of them know to speed up?  I’m not saying I’m a fan but I’ve seen it done.

2 hours ago, 716er said:


Not sure what the cyclist is wearing has anything to do with the law.

Nothing really.  Just noting that there is a correlation between look at me outfits and me me me attitudes.

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10 hours ago, Greybeard said:

          How was he going to pass him, drive on the sidewalk?

That was in a Brit driving country.  Driving on the left.  Looks like Australia.


Maybe they were gonna make that left hand turn down side street and bike was in blind spot? When they collided, SUV came back into lane.  We don't see rest.  .gif cuts out even before side street. 


Look closely.  Brake lights illuminating. Probably hit and then stopped.  But we don't know...


How stupid it is to have a bike lane.  Here, that would have happened on the right.  Why would the bike be hovering in a blind-spot with side streets near? 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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