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Let’s Play Two Lies and One Truth

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Find the Truth!


Whoever guesses right gets to go next! 

1. I have less than one percent body fat


2. I got a 1600 on my SATS


3.I am writing this message as I have dinner in the same restaurant as Marv Levy right now



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I choose #1. You are in Ethiopia. Sally Struthers just showed your pic on TV. I have sent UNICEF boxes to you since I was a kid. That’s why you have low BMI. Also, all those pennies and nickels allowed you to buy a snazzy flip phone at the market last week. Did I win?

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3 hours ago, teef said:

the truth is 3.  you really don't have to do anything too amazing for 3 to happen.  3.

Ding! Ding! Teef wins and I disagree the spaghetti carbonara and vanilla gelato I ate tonight at the restaurant in my neighborhood where I saw Marv was amazing! 

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Posted (edited)

Two lies and one truth:  sounds like something to do with someone's golf game.  Especially when they're on the green figuring strokes on the hole.

"Second was into the trees off to the right...topped the fourth...four putted...yeah, put me down for five."

As for you, stop bragging about item 1.  You'll be fending off Sherlock Holmes.

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