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Protected Players for AFC Championship game

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22 minutes ago, Limeaid said:



  • RB Antonio Williams
  • OL Jonotthan Harrison
  • WR Kenny Stills
  • RB Devonta Freeman


I find it really odd that that they are protecting 2 RBs.

KC has injuries at RB as CEH is still recovering and is wise to avoid them trying to get one of backs or even Green Bay or the Bucs doing the same this close to the end game.

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  • safety Javon Hagan
  • kicker Greg Joseph
  • guard Ted Larsen
  • cornerback Herb Miller



  • 59 Cobb, Omari OB
  • 00 Wanogho, Prince Tega OT
  • 89 Ffrench, Maurice WR



  • Green Bay Packers 
  • DE Tipa Galeai,
  • PK JJ Molson,
  • DT Brian Price 
  • P Ryan Winslow 
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1 hour ago, CSBill said:

Forgive me if this has been asked: Does this mean only these players could be elevated for the game, or are all Practice Squad players still eligible?

Pretty sure these are just the guys who can’t be poached by another team off our practice squad. The elevations are named later in the week. 

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