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[Misleading Title] Antonio W. Harkens FredEX

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8 hours ago, Maybe Someday said:

Just another PS stash on a very deep team. I assume Yeldon will be gone unless more exposing photos become available so Williams will compete next year. 

Moss has been coming on strong lately so don’t think that pick was a miss.


What kind of photos? Coach McD used illegal wrestling moves in college?   

Please do not make such jokes for they are not funny just sad.

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who’s Antonio W. Harkens?

I still think Da’Rick Rogers got the shaft.

He’s friends with Donald McRonald and cousin to Maya Buttreeks.

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6 hours ago, SageAgainstTheMachine said:

No matter how far he goes, this guy is Antonio W. Harkens forever.

Exactly, lol. Antonio Williams? Who dat?  Ahhhh, Antonio W. Harkens, the UDFA out of UNC. Of course!

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