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2 hours ago, C.Biscuit97 said:

Because those guys are crap.  Do you believe Daboll has a better resume?  I would argue that Darnold is the most talented qb (besides Peyton) he has ever had. 



What does Gase's resume have to do with Brian Daboll? How has the discussion veered towards that?


Gase's qualifications are called into question, if you want to discuss Daboll we can, but that not the subject at hand.


Nor does Daboll's credentials, in any way, shape or form dictate Gase's credentials (or lack there of). They are mutually exclusive.


Moreover, the original point, to which I stated Gase did nothing special, you tell me did, I point out again that Gase did nothing special, to which you tell me because the players were "crap." 


So, back to my original point, the man is no QB whisperer or guru, if he had been hed have accomplished more with them.

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I mean...i’m not sure about Daboll either but it’s still fun to laugh at the dumpster fire jets

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