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Doug Farrar - The Match Game: How NFL Defenses Lost Their Way

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29 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


I do think it was time for Reid in Philly though. It had run its course. These things do happen even to really good head coaches. I think John Harbaugh (who I think is an excellent Head Coach and is yet another from the Andy Reid tree) is maybe experiencing it now in Baltimore. 


But I never thought Andy Reid was done because it ran its course in Philly. Kansas City were always going to be glad they made the decision to hire him. 


But Chip Kelly was never my cup of tea. I can tell just from his interviews that he is the kind of bloke I wouldn't want to spend more than 10 minutes in a room with. I never bought him as the future of football. Run the same 12 plays to different sides over and over again without huddling and call that a revolution? Come off it the Bills were doing that 20 years earlier and making Superbowls. 

Totally agree - for Philly I think it was an attempt at trying to become modern and going about it in all the wrong ways. I never liked Chip's offense and his philosophies as a coach, especially since it's nothing new, just like you said. 


And I agree with your point that his time was up, even then when it was happening in Philly, and now, Reid's time was likely up - I just wonder if they could've had the Andy Reid today if they approached the situation differently, but it's likely it never would've happened. I just hope what we're seeing this year for the Bills is in fact a greater reflection of the current roster, than a swing and a miss in a coaching staff attempt to stay modern. Not as though that was necessarily their intention to begin with...

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