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  1. With you on everything except for Saints. Interested to see how their QB situation develops.
  2. Tbh, I think this is a smart move for them. It complements Cam’s abilities. They are going to run and use a short passing game with two-TE sets. We can laugh, and I don’t know if it will work, but this is a solid plan on their part.
  3. Move down the field passing and then three runs. So frustrating...
  4. To me, not facing Colts or Browns in round 1 is worth playing for. Those teams are both doing really well right now. Give me the Dolphins or Ravens.
  5. Need to make them pay for that onside attempt. Not sure what they were thinking. Immediately created a momentum shift.
  6. I mean, they threw the pass to Diggs. Not sure how offensive play calling has been timid.
  7. Those were two bad decisions by Darnold in a row on their last drive. Stuff gets in his head and can turn his play on a dime. Need to hope he is less on his game in the next half.
  8. I think we can win the division, but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to manage much more than that. At end of the day, defense still doing an okay job in best offense in the NFL. Offense has regressed and needs to regroup. Let’s not panic yet.
  9. He might be a good long term answer at this position. He is developing nicely
  10. Wow! Are they punting? Kind of a cowardly move in a wide open game like this
  11. I’m 100% against forfeits, but playing without adequate practice time would be punishment enough. Solves the NFL’s issue there
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