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  1. Hope you can still blow out all the candles so your Birthday wish comes true.

    Enjoy your day.



  2. Happy Birthday

  3. Hope you're doing alright, SD. Haven't heard from you in awhile.

  4. The courts are starting to sift through the legalities and illegalities of this issue; Link It’s now a little safer to complain about your boss on Facebook An ambulance company's social media policy is being challenged by the National Labor Relations Board, which claims the company's firing of an employee that complained about her boss on Facebook violates her First Amendment rights. A federal agency ruled today that it was illegal for a company in Connecticut to fire a woman who lewdly criticized her supervisor on Facebook. In what could easily be the first of many cases of its kind, the National Labor Relations Board argued that Dawnmarie Souza’s Facebook rant against her boss was well within her First Amendment rights.... This is another article on the same case.
  5. Barrow teacher fired over Facebook still not back in classroom Link It seems obvious that this is sooooooo effing stupid it's beyond belief. It's amazing how one idiotic person can have so much influence. If 5 people write to a TV company complaining about something that has a 20 million audience the TV execs have strokes. The Principal should have sent an email back stating; Dear Mrs. U. Needamidol, This is what I can offer you. In order for me to discipline this teacher I will need you to agree to take a lie detector test. There will be two questions. The first will be if you or any of your family members have ever had a beverage containing alcohol in front of your child. The second question will be; Have you ever sworn in front of your child and/or let them watch or read anything with swear words in them. If you pass the test I will pay for it and fire the teacher. However, if you fail the test YOU will pay for the lie detector test and you'll wear a sandwich board walking up and down the sidewalk in front of the school for two hours that says; I'm a huge hypocrite and a JERK. Unless you agree to these terms I am going to ignore your email and any other emails you send me in the future. The Principal.
  6. She is the first moviestar crush I had after seeing Silver Streak.
  7. Link Shawne Merriman | # | OLB Buffalo Bills | Official Team Site Height: 6-4 Weight: 265 Age: 26 Born: 5/25/1984 Washington , DC College: Maryland Experience: 6th season High School: Frederick Douglass HS [upper Marlboro, MD] If he can return to previous form then this is a lucky break for Buffalo. Especially if they can work out a long term contract on him. If he can stay healthy and get a long term contract this will be a fantastic stroke of luck.
  8. http://voteup.democratandchronicle.com/story/voting-machine-problems-ontario-county-resolved Voting machine problems in Ontario County resolved Posted: Nov 02nd, 2010 | Bennett Loudon • Staff Writer There were problems today with voting machines in about a dozen Ontario County precincts in the townships that had municipal elections.... :wallbash:
  9. That's assuming the appointment doesn't get canceled at the last minute. Those were made from some kind of animal?! They're probably the meat that's left over after the nugget is removed.
  10. These are the machines we used to use when I first started voting and up until the last election. Until the whole Florida debacle in 2000 I thought the entire country used them; http://i545.photobucket.com/albums/hh396/Rfeynman/more%20pics/voting_machine.jpg You'd walk in and pull the red lever and the curtains would close. There was a series of pull tabs. You'd pull down the tab for the candidate you wanted to vote for and when you were finished you'd pull the lever the other way and the tabs would reset, the curtains would open and your votes would be recorded. It was impossible to pull each tab for different candidates running for the same office. They had a plastic numbered pull lock around a hole in the back so you'd know that nobody had opened the machine before representatives from both parties were present to verify the votes. After the representatives had cut the tab and recorded the numbers A new plastic pull tab would be put into place and the number recorded in case a recount was needed. Now we are using an electronic system that is much worse than the machines we used to use, IMO. IIRC, these are the machines that caused so much trouble in the election for Al Franken. They give you a paper ballot and a small black magic marker type pen and send you to a table with dividers that make it so you can easily see the person's ballot sitting next to you. Next to each candidate is a circle. You take the black pen and fill in the circle for the candidate you want to vote for. I had to look at the thing for about twenty seconds until I understood which circle was for each candidate and how the lineup for each office was placed to be absolutely sure I was voting for the candidate I wanted to vote for. The pen they gave me was nearly out of ink but had enough, I think, to adequately record my vote. I then take the ballot to a machine and slide it in, much like a credit card at an ATM machine. It keeps the ballot and tells you that the votes have been recorded. Here's my problem with this. Electronic machines are hackable. A heavy power surge might wipe the hard drive. If you accidentally fill in the wrong circle what do you do? Do you ask for a new ballot and if so then all of the votes you've already made have to be destroyed somehow without anyone seeing them. Some people's pens may be so out of ink that their votes for certain candidates aren't recorded. If there is a close race like the Franken race was each ballot has to be hand counted by representatives of both parties who will argue over some ballots because the circle wasn't fully filled in and the circle for the other candidate is filled in a little more. So who did they intend to vote for? Well throw that ballot away. Hand counting is always less reliable than an old fashioned number counter, IMO. It also doesn't require a ridiculous number of recounts. The county tried, I'm not sure they succeeded, to cut school nurses from the budget and yet are willing to spend money on a less reliable voting system. This is not progress. Sometimes the best way is the old way. JMO There my rant is over. GRRRRRRRRR!!!
  11. I never thought of that. They can be used for punishment!
  12. It's not their car design. I think those are Lincolns.
  13. I want to know why he was cut. Remember, the Bills have a guy in the FO with close ties to the Steelers.
  14. Disappearing Car Doors. This is a ing awesome idea!!
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