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  1. 14 minutes ago, MJS said:

    Who is there to blame for the talent gap between a top 5 NFL team (the Bills) and a top 3 NFL team (the Bengals)? I'm not sure. Both teams are pretty good. It's not like we are comparing Cincinnati and Houston.


    I'm not going to sharpen my pitchfork after losing to one of the best teams in the league. That happens. We need to try and adjust and make things happen next year.

    Four years running…that’s the problem. This wasn’t a one-off.

  2. 2 hours ago, MJS said:

    I watched the Cincy game and my takeaway was that we had a big talent gap. We just didn't have good enough players. Our oline wasn't good enough. Dline too. The secondary is banged up, but clearly we couldn't cover their receivers and TE's.


    If anything, it was more deflating than knowing it was just a mental error from a coach. Because it means we need to invest a lot more in the roster, and that takes time, money, and draft capital. We thought we already had the talent we needed, but we don't.

    This was year 6 of the McDermott/Beane era…why is there such talent gap?  Who is to blame for that? And what is to be done?

  3. 3 hours ago, HappyDays said:


    McDermott has proven himself to be a great regular season coach. But it is three years in a row now that his team collapsed in the playoffs despite having an elite QB. It goes back to the Colts wildcard game in 2020 where his defense made what should have been an easy victory a nail biter, and we really only won that one because Josh Allen pulled a couple rabbits out of a hat. Last year we know what happened. This year was the worst playoff loss yet. His playoff coaching if anything has been getting worse. Are you really convinced that he is creative enough as a coach to get us over the hump? Because for me after this last performance I've lost my faith in him. But he gets another year. If the same thing happens next year can we agree that this is just who he is?

    Four years in a row. You forgot the Texans debacle.

  4. 5 hours ago, Nihilarian said:

    Yes, Josh is magical at times...but ya need a team. Look at Tom Brady this season (da goat) lousy O line, defense not what they when they won the SB.


    The Chargers have had Justin Herbert for three years and finally made the playoffs this season... then lost to the Jaguars in the first round. McD fired his first year OC and O line coach.


    His first year, 4336 yards, 31 TDs, 10 INT. Second year, 5014 yards 38 TDs, 15 INT. This year 4739 yards, 25 TDs, 10 INT.


    My point again is, pretty darn good QB. It takes a team!  That was with the 13th in points scored, 19th in yards offense. 20th in points allowed, 21st in yards allowed. All passing on offense... pass game was 2nd in attempts, 3rd in yards, as their run game was 30th in rush yards. 


    The Bills have traded for Diggs, all pro. Drafted Matt Milano (5th round) all pro. Diggs, Allen, Knox, Milano all in the pro bowl. 


    Regardless of that Bengal beatdown...the Bills are only a few players away from that SB IMHO. Keep the faith! 

    You just made a great case for firing Brandon Staley. (Of course, Anthony Lynn was deservedly fired after Herbert’s rookie year.). I would add that Justin Herbert is no Josh Allen, despite the stats you cite.

  5. 22 minutes ago, Chaos said:

    My personal opinion is that QB and HC compromise about 80% of the formula to win a championship. These are generally the two positions that allow the rest of the talent to produce at a higher level (or lower level) than they would otherwise achieve.  

     It is a common exercise for people to group QBs into tiers.  I think it is widely accepted that Allen, Burrows and Mahomes compromise the top tier of QBs and that everyone else is not at their level. 

    I have not seen people group HCs in a similar manner.  There seems to be an argument for Kyle Shanahan being the magic coach of 2023 making it to the championship game with a rookie 7th round draft pick at the helm.  And his past success maybe justifies him being in the top tier. 


    Seems like parsing HC's is harder than QBs.  I think people separate Aaron Rodgers talent from the team failing to make the playoffs this year.  I think people can develop opions about Tua or Deshone Watson independent of their teams success.   Not sure it is easy to do the same with HCs. Pretty sure that Bill Belichek, the only current coach with more than one SB Ring, wasn't a doofus carried along by Tom Brady only, and that all of a sudden he sucks because he is saddled with Zac Jones.  My take on the top tier is that it is 


    1A) Reid, Belichek, Shanahan and McVay

    1B) Zac Taylor. Nick Siriani, Carroll, Harbaugh

    2) McDermott, Peterson, Tomlin,  Pederson, Vrabel, Lafleur

    2B) Stefanski, Saleh, McDaniel

    3) Campbell, Daboll

    everyone else below that. 

    I am not at all sure my conclusions are correct.  But I am curious  what others think.  I am much more interested overall on where our coaches stack up against the other teams, than how our coaches stack up against past Bills coaching staffs (arguably the lowest bar possible)

    Pretty good list.  I don’t think McDaniel or Saleh have done anything to deserve being ranked ahead of Daboll, and Stefanski is too high, but other than that, it looks about right.

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  6. 44 minutes ago, Sestak4ever said:

    Like one of the talking heads said last year, they are paying a person $100 million to announce games who has never said anything interesting in his life.

    What had Tony Romo done or said during his career to make people think he would be a good television announcer?  No reason Brady could not be very good.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Beck Water said:


    I want to give the Chiefs props for drafting well.


    You're also absolutely correct, that the Chiefs are still winning despite paying Mahomes because they have found rookie production.  They are following a "Stars and Guys" model.


    A couple points though - how do you define "starter"? 


    Some of those guys you have as starters, like J. Williams, only started a handful of games and overall played about 1/3 of the defensive snaps.


    Others like Karlaftis, started and saw the majority of the the snaps early in the season but then fell to 40%-50% 2nd half - which may be injury limitations, or may not be a good sign.  When something like that happened with our 1st round pick Ed Oliver, we were pretty negative about it.  6 sacks and 11 QB hits though, very good.


    We would also be very negative if we drafted a WR in the 2nd round as the Chiefs drafted Sky Moore, and he wound up with 22 receptions for 250 yds.  It's not that far off from 5th round WR Khalil Shakir 10 receptions on 161 yds.  14 PR for 6.1 y/r and 3 kick returns for 16.7 y/r also not


    Pacheco looks like a total late round gem though, and looks like from their 11 draft picks the Chiefs got at least 4 guys who can play well in the league, so that's good. 


    Anyway just a counterpoint that labeling so many of these guys "starters" may be a bit off, depending on how "starter" is defined, and that if the Bills got comparable production from a couple of high round draftees, there would be a lot of carping and criticism from Bills fans



    I thought Skye Moore was a bad pick at that time…undersized and lacks explosiveness.  Seemed to have a reasonably high floor but a low ceiling.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Zerovoltz said:


    I would not have thought so at the time, and maybe I'm still not sure, but perhaps the Bills should have taken OT Tyler Smith?  He went with the very next pick.  Nor really sure what else might have been better than going with Elam.

    Too early to call the Elam pick a miss, but I would have stayed at 24 and taken Christian Watson (who went to GB at the top of the second).  He's exactly what this offense needs and eventually would have freed up Diggs to play in the slot.  Tyler Smith would have been a solid choice, too, but I doubt the Bills would have traded up to 22 for him. 

  9. 1 minute ago, BarleyNY said:

    Absolutely it is what happened. The Bills had a glaring need at one position - cornerback. It was so obvious that would be the position they had to take that I not only called the position, I called the slight trade up we’d need to make well before the draft. The trade up was necessary because everyone with a clue knew we’d take a CB and the Bills knew they’d likely get jumped if they didn’t. 

    I disagree that the Bills “needed” to take a CB in the first round, but I agree that everyone knew they were going to. As it turned out, they probably shouldn’t have.

  10. 16 minutes ago, Nextmanup said:

    Seriously? He's afraid Josh is going to re-injure his elbow playing golf.


    You feeling OK?



    Seems pretty far-fetched…if Josh can survive behind the Bills’ o-line, he can survive an afternoon at Pebble Beach…

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  11. 27 minutes ago, Thrivefourfive said:

    What’s the update on the most important body part in WNY?


    Need our doctors and physical therapists people to help me understand what Allen had/has(?) and how or if it plays into a golf swing.. please. It’s a legitimate question here.


    I don’t know if any of you are golfers, but a damaged right elbow can be no-go. I don’t mind the man doing what he likes doing, but sore tendons/ligaments will 100% get worse with golf swings if in fact his injury is felt during swings. Rest of the only real complete recover for the long term.

    WTF does golf have to with this?

  12. 21 hours ago, finn said:

    I'm less impressed by the Diggs trade than you. Yes, he has performed marvelously. But the Vikes took Jefferson with the pick we gave them. Now they have a younger, cheaper, arguably better player, as well as that fourth round pick we also gave up. 



    This is important context.  It was in many ways a great trade for Buffalo, but even a casual fan could have told you that Diggs was a really good receiver after five years in the league in Minnesota, just like people knew Von Miller was good.  I'm not sure Beane deserves much credit for recognizing that.  Yes, Diggs has exceeded his performance in Minnesota, but that is largely because of Josh Allen and him actually being featured as the undisputed WR1.  As you point out, Minnesota will take that trade all day long.   

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