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  1. The mood of many drunk/blitzed fans after each Bills loss : Suicide Solution by Ozzy Osbourne "Wine is fine, but whiskey's quicker Suicide is slow with liquor Take a bottle, drown your sorrows Then it floods away tomorrows Away tomorrows"
  2. To think we could have had Warner instead of Edmunds....
  3. With Kelces emotional outbursts.....gotta watch out for Taylor. She may have a black eye tomorrow.
  4. Yep. Allen had basically the greatest post season run statistically the year of the 13 seconds game. Brady didn't approach those stats during his super bowl runs for a stretch of post season games and neither did Manning. The difference is both teams had a defense that could bail them out at different points, especially at times when the offenses looked bad (Manning had poor statistical post seasons both years he won the Super Bowl and Brady had some poor statistical games where the run game and defense carried him) , while Allen couldn't even rely on his defense to stop the Chiefs for 13 seconds one year and on his defense to even sack or INT Mahomes once. McDermott still had first round picks playing on the defensive line against the Chiefs this year and our top secondary players playing and couldn't sack or INT Mahomes ones. Year in and year out McDermott is given more resources for his defense than the offense gets and yet without Allen pulling so many wins out of his ass, we would be terrible record wise. Hell Allen left the field 4x with the lead this year for the Bills defense to then blow every game at the end.
  5. Gall bladder pain perhaps? If it's abdominal pain on the right and left it can be...
  6. Hopefully he gets a 2-10 year prison sentence like the average person would get. Being a Mahomes though, dude is probably going to get the same favoritism that Pat gets on the field...
  7. I wonder if the colder weather mixed with Allen throwing the ball hard plays a role in it. Catching a cold football hurts sometimes.
  8. I've been going to anywhere from 2-8 (on average) games a year since 2001 with the exception of 2020 and 2021 due to COVID and 2015 due to being out of the country for a good part of it. The Josh Allen years (I can see in my ticket History) 2018 Season - 1-1 (win against the Jaguars and loss against New England) 2019 Season - 2-2 (Bills wins against Washington and the Broncos and losses against Ravens and Eagles) 2022 Season 1-1 (Bills win at Baltimore and loss at Jets) 2023 Season - Bills 7-1 (wins against the Raiders, Commanders, Dolphins, Giants Buccaneers, Patriots and Steelers. Loss against the Eagles) So 11-4
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Edwards_(gridiron_football)#:~:text=Edwards was chosen by the,Hawaii during Pro Bowl week. Considering players have had their careers ruined due to pro bowl events.....I say golf Allen golf!
  10. Lions going to Lion this game away. As someone who supports the Packers as my NFC team (when not supporting the Bills), I am loving the Lions being put in their place. I cannot stand the thought of that poverty franchise getting a super bowl before us. The Bills are a super bowl team in the NFC
  11. Lamar Jackson. Like Allen, Jackson was largely underrated in the draft and basically blew away the doubters expectations of him, proving that many of the so called draft "experts" dont deserve their jobs. Jackson and Allen were the two QBs I had most highly rated in that draft year (2018) and having lived in the Baltimore tv market for some time before moving back to Buffalo, ive always rooted for him. Ravens are pretty much the team I root for if they are not playing the Bills so pulling hard for him to get his ring. I want him to really out play Mahomes today so I can throw it in stupid Chiefs fans faces that Lamar > Mahomes since all that matters for that fanbase is a QB winning for deciding who's better and not surrounding team (it's my argument Allen out played Mahomes in two playoff games and was the better QB but Mahomes had the better team around him which is why he won). I hate the rest of the AFC. I don't care for either NFC QB playing. Only NFC team I care about is the Packers (was a big Favre fan years ago and really like how Love has come along - Packers are the only other team I root for at all) so if Ravens lose, I honestly don't give a ***** except "anyone but Mahomes" winning.
  12. They weren't all on crutches though. Our first round picks (Oliver, Rousseau) on the defensive line as well as key free agent signing (Miller) all played. Zero sacks on Mahomes. Injuries cannot be blamed there. Hyde, and Poyer key guys. No ints and frequently let Kelce run wide open. Every playoff team is dealing with injuries. What we saw was consistent crap play from a McDermott defense against the Chiefs in the playoffs. In three playoff games against Mahomes, our defense has failed to sack him and failed to intercept him. It's coaching that's the problem. We let guys run wide open just like we did during the 13 second game when we were healthy. McDermott is the constant weak link.
  13. Aaron Schobel. Multiple pro bowler, had a significant games played/started streak, put up consistent sack numbers, and sacked Brady the most out of any player. Dude was the definition of a high motor impactful player that was largely underappreciated during the drought era.
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