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  1. The NFL would really need to consider expanding the roster to say 58-60 players then to account for this. Teams already are struggling to make it through 17 game seasons which is really hurting playoff quality football and hurting the remaining games. I think the draft should expand with this to allow more teams to develop more young talent with the extra roster space so perhaps teams can load manage more effectively.
  2. Endzone sections are really fun if you want the rowdy crowd and want a good chance of being able to launch a ***** onto the field......in case you know.........
  3. I wonder if Floyd will be the Jets Bernard Pollard (Patriot "killer" who took out Brady and multiple other Patriots). (Gets popcorn ready)
  4. Would like to grab Tampa at CB and then either the Wisconsin RB Allen or Notre Dame RB Estime to get a power back. And Johnny Wilson as well at WR
  5. Payton Wilson at LB (in case Milano isn't fully back) or Tampa at corner please
  6. Best part of the draft is the excuse for three solid days/nights of drinking I can give my wife......
  7. Now that is a great pick. 4.45 speed at safety. Hard hitter. High IQ with that dawg in him. Love it
  8. Doesn't have to worry about it too much after Cookie Monster Milano gets to him
  9. No issues with this. If it keeps one of our guys on the field longer, huge win.
  10. Dejean officially broke the color barrier/glass ceiling for white corners in the NFL. This is MLK Jrs dream right here!!!
  11. I have a family member who used to work as a Bills scout and another member who scouted for the Jets. Both worked decades ago though. I know the process some. Unfortunately no ins considering Ralph Wilson is dead and other different ownership in NY Can't give names though as it would out me online.
  12. I had Josh Allen tied with Baker Mayfield as best QBs in the draft. I then had Mason Rudolph third , Lamar Jackson fourth , Sam Darnold 5th (I don't trust USC QBs) and Josh Rosen 6th.
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