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  1. Just send in some third string DT and have them deck the QB or center each time early trying to jump the snap. Even if they change the rule to unsportsmanlike, it doesn't hurt losing a 3rd string guy all that much. Like the Sabres used to do with Rob Ray and Peters, have a designated enforcer on the line to be there simply to settle scores.
  2. John Lynch for the 49ers is another...That team with Allen right now would be a super bowl winner guaranteed.
  3. We did have Native Americans doing a war dance of sorts on the field last week during half time against the Jets....maybe trying to exercise the poltergeist?
  4. Lions lost a game in a similar fashion against the Ravens when Tucker hit like a 62 yarder or something....Bills are in Lions cursed territory.
  5. Yet another reason why we have very poor coaching and why McDermott needs to return to his family as an unemployed father come Monday. Dude's a failure.
  6. If Belichick and Dabol get let go, bring both of them in. Give Belichick a blank check to be head coach and Dabol offensive coordinator
  7. 4x Josh Allen leaves the field with a lead this year where the defense only has to stop a team on one drive to win and a factually McDermott coached defense cannot stop it. This loss is on McDermott and he has a troubling trend of his defenses pooping the bed against good offenses for years now at the end of games. No excuse to lose that game. Dude should be gone Monday. We are wasting Allen. Frazier was a scapegoat. We are coached like the 1980s Browns under Schottenheimer that frequently blew playoff leads. Allen cannot do more to win a game. 4 total Td's and over 400 yards today. Dude has the most combined rushing and passing Td's in the league I believe (more than Hurts as Allen had 29 coming into today and Hurts 25) but his team cannot hold a lead.....Bills are making him a Philip Rivers
  8. Sauce wasn't looking at the ball and had hand on jersey.....I thought early contact and not looking at the ball was a PI? We got nailed against the Broncos....
  9. The Jets really don't have a chance at all this game so honestly the best thing for the Bills would be for the Dolphins to get some of the injury luck we have had. Hill and Wilkins are both scummy people (Hill for being a domestic abuser and Wilkins for molesting /sexually assaulting Allen in a pile in Miami last year) so I wouldn't be sad if the Jets make it very hard for them to finish the season with some well timed and located hard hits
  10. Bills 26 Eagles 23 Eagles look past us a bit to the Cowboys and coming off an emotional high from beating KC, play a bit off/flat. Allen plays mistake free football and leads us to a couple TD drives but mostly field goal drives as Eagles pass rush makes scoring Td's in the RedZone a problem. Eagles use up alot of clock running on us but big plays from Allen to Kincaid and Shakir are the difference. Allen hits Kincaid for a winning TD at the end and then the Eagles miss a game tying field goal , saving McDermotts defense from another embarrassment.
  11. I spent a month in St Petersburg during the white nights one year. Amazing experience coming back from a bar at 2am and it's not dark..... I also lived in far eastern Siberia (Ulan-Ude) for about 7 months, including a few winter months, where I taught English privately (in laws out that way). Lake Baikal is amazing in the summer. -50 degree winter weather is not ...
  12. I'd much rather have John Lynch as a GM (49ers) or the Eagles guy or Chiefs guy...they seem to have hit on more picks and free agents. Their teams have made it to super bowls and not fallen out before like Marty Schottenheimer like teams. Rousseau isn't putting up the sack numbers worth the pick on him. Von Miller has been a huge waste. Oliver isn't either and we passed on much better DTs and other positional players when taking him (Dexter Lawrence was available who is a monster DT, as well as Jaire Alexander (stud corner) and Fred Warner who has been a stud MLB for the 49ers and would have been much better than the failed Edmunds experiment). Elam has been a bust. We took Cody Ford over Metcalf and then had to spend a draft pick to get Diggs which is what Metcalf would have given us (better explosive deep threat). And we took Boogie Basham over Creed Humphrey who is a stud center. And gave up Wyatt Teller. All those moves have been very bad and our offensive line and defense has suffered for it particularly, as well as our explosive deep ball game.
  13. If our offense goes out and lights up at least 4 out of the next 6 opponents (Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys, Chargers, Patriots, Dolphins) in wins and gets us to the playoffs , then I will say there's been a very good change worth keeping. One game against the Jets can be a fluke. Dorsey had his one off good games like the Dolphins game this year. So consistency is key.
  14. If the film Canadian Bacon and John Candy taught me anything....don't trust anything associated with Canada.....
  15. I just don't feel bad about people who make millions of dollars who had to deal with a rare cold shower when many many people lack such monetary privileges and deal with similar or worse conditions....Older generations of football players dealt with worse for much less pay if you read accounts from NFL history.....I still love football but the league has gotten soft since the 70s-90s.....Today's generation of NFL players are the most pampered out of all generations and something like this wouldn't have been a story decades ago (think Ronnie Lott who chopped off part of a limb to play or Emmitt Smith who played with a separated shoulder or Favre who played with numerous broken limbs and concussions would have complained about cold water? No lol)
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