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  1. What am I supposed to do with my Daniel Joseph jersey?
  2. Those holes that Singletary goes thru, Cook will go through faster. We have had two of the slowest RB's in the league and now we have a guy that can make some huge plays.....i believe if he is used to his strengths this will be an incredible player for us. Singletary still has value but this guy is dynamite
  3. wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Just observing what I saw. Go Bills!
  4. Just saw a replay of Cook finding out about who was drafting him. This just may be his personality, but he didn't look happy. And then his press conference he really looked like a guy who is living a nightmare turn of events. First thing to came to my mind was seeing a kid opening a huge Christmas present and seeing 10 pair of underwear or socks. I know I'm probably imagining it, but he looked so unenthused about the situation he is in. Especially, after you see Terrel Bernard speak and realize Cook and Bernard are barely on the same planet, personality wise and enthusiasm wise. i can understand if he was dreaming of being drafted by Tampa or Miami or Atlanta or Tennessee so hopefully, I'm way wrong (and I am quite often) I do Like this draft. Nice having a great group of Exec's running this team. Go Bills!
  5. Not sure it matters WHERE Singletary was picked. IMO we were a Najee Harris away from winning a super Bowl last year. Singletary is just not good enough to be counted on to run out the clock or make key first downs consistantly. We can't have to continue needing Josh be our RB to close the games out,
  6. AndersEn. You don't collect the terrific grand prize if you spell the name incorrectly. His highlights do look interesting. go Bills!
  7. My favorite from page 1! Now back to the prognosticators.
  8. IMO, Booth would start right away. he is far superior to Dane Jackson. Watson would spend a lot of time watching the game from the sidelines. This is the year to win it all. But I respect those who differ. My Dad and my brother coached and I'm a damn teacher, so what do I know?🙈
  9. Have you considered prayer? Or it's possible, Beane trades up if he loves the guy. However, Beane's love for slow, short running backs is slightly concerning
  10. McCreary from Auburn is not my favorite Just don't know how his Alligator arms translate. But he can cover and seems to enjoy the physical part of the game. But, but... I want both Scott. Help a brother out.
  11. I just watched the Clemson N.C. St. game, the Georgia game and the Boston College game. Booth looks like a spectacular upgrade over Dane Jackson, and I like Jackson. I did not read any of your guy's posts. Maybe there is something I'm missing. Great tackler and sticky defender in those games. I will go and read what you have to say. Go Bills!! As i made my first post, I was thinking the same thing. Williams and/or Booth would be so, so nice!
  12. In the unlikely scenario that Lloyd is available, I would draft him and keep both. Because Injuries happen. Competition is good. I don't think we survive really well with #44 as a starter. JMO. Though Dotson will probably get first crack if Edmunds gets hurt, He doesn't look like anything special. Depth in the middle and at CB seems like a logical goal early in the draft. Remember, there could be many cuts of RB's, CB's, and LB's after the draft. Bottom Line-----> I trust our staff to fill those holes with Buffalo type Men/Players.
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