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  1. HaHaHa.. While watching the game with my wife, when I believe Lofton described it as a "pirouette", I burst out laughing. I said that I don't think I've ever heard that word while watching an NFL game.... Spin, twist.. etc... Just made us laugh. But I tried to remind her of Tasker in a playoff game vs the Raiders in a freezing cold playoff game catching a line drive onside kick and nearly taking it all the way.
  2. My take on the defense was that first and foremost , they don't have a backup player for Milano who is an exceptional linebacker in pass coverage... especially on tight ends, It's hard to find a guy like that. I also felt like Levi Wallace was the victim of the refs not calling offensive pass interference a few times. It appeared to me that Miami fully intended to match up a big , strong wr vs Wallace since he's a tall, thin guy. He was often pushed away on the receivers first break and couldn't recover. I think we will see this strategy vs Levi the rest of the year. He just needs a little more muscle , ( physicality) moving forward. Miami game planned those two things in my opinion and were successful.
  3. I too think that the Bills will end up as the wildcard team with the best record. Playing at the Ravens will be a tough task. Agree
  4. Hi to all of you. I've been a huge Bills fan since @1970 . I grew up in Jamestown NY, went to UB, graduated in 1981. Unfortunately , my job took me to NJ where I've lived since 1991. I've had the Sunday Ticket since it first started just to watch my team on Sundays. Exciting times now. I'm a big fan of the coach and his quest to just get a long term system" culture" in place. I know of this after 15 years of coaching high school football down here. I'm sure i'll get crap about my double spacing and skipping lines while posting. It's ok. I've been a lurker for a long time so I know the drill. The only person I ever replied to is Yolo and that was because he noted that the bills were scouting a kid I coached that went to Lafayette College ( ended up in Canada for a couple of years. Anyhow, as an old guy that watched film forever to get my QB ready every week , I can add something maybe to this, ( besides just reading Yolo and agreeing. thanks
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