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  1. This past season a number of drafted players on defense didn’t perform up to expectations. Ed Oliver. Excuse: was playing out of position at one tech. Harrison Phillips. Excuse: was recovering from injury. Tremaine Edmunds. Excuse #1: was compensating for bad DL play. Excuse #2: was too young. A.J. Epenesa. Excuse: was a rookie. Most of the above excuses are pretty solid. That said, they all go away this season. By the end of the year we should know what we have or don’t have with all four players.
  2. I could be wrong about this, but I think there might be some Dolphins fans who also see 1972 as a “year to cheer.” Just a guess. 😶
  3. If it’s a weak draft then it’s a weak draft for all teams, not just the Bills. The question is: what should the Bills do with that information? Several options: 1) Look for strong positions in this draft, such as WR. 2) Trade picks in this draft for picks next year. 3) Identify promising players who may have been overlooked. I’m sure others could add to that list. Bottom line is that if this draft is weak, that’s all the more reason to focus on BPA over need. You need to come out of a draft like this with something of value, regardless of what that
  4. A good WR, preferably a guy with a lot of speed. Beasley and Sanders are on the wrong side of 30, and Sanders is on a one year deal. This is a great draft for WRs. Draft a WR this year, give him his rookie year to develop, then have him take the place of Sanders.
  5. Agreed. But, that’s a big ask of a guy in his early 20s.
  6. Last season + last postseason the Bills’ defense only had one good performance against a good passing QB: Justin Herbert. The coaches or front office are wrong about something on defense. If they were right about everything they’d be producing much better results. Is an overestimation of the value of Edmunds one of the things they’re wrong about? Maybe.
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